10 Pros and 5 Cons of the Nexus One

Early this morning I wrote about the hardware issues I’ve had with my iPhones. I already have a T-Mobile SIM card and I’ve been eying the Nexus One since they were announced a couple of months ago. Judie, Larry and Dan have each had a chance to use a Nexus One for an extended period of time and they have a lot of good things to say about the device. They also list five things that they don’t like about the device, including three things that would prevent me from buying one.

There’s no shortage of Nexus One reviews, but I really enjoyed reading the Gear Diary team’s review. I like the fact that they focused on issues that average users would like and dislike rather than getting overly geeky or talking about how opensource is the future of mobile. For example, “Customer Service was Awful” is pretty easy to understand.

The Nexus One isĀ  a device that I really want to like, but mixed reviews like this one are keeping me from pull the trigger. That and the $529 no-contract price tag.

Head over to Gear Diary for the full rundown.