13 Android Sleep Apps for Quicker, Better Sleep

Noise cancelling and sleep gadgets are growing in popularity, but if you have an Android phone there’s no need to buy an expensive dedicated device. Check out our top picks for Android sleep aid apps that claim to help you fall asleep quicker, sleep better and feel more rested.


Sleeping doesn't always come easy, these apps can help.

Most of these apps will work with or without headphones, but if you need to listen without bothering your significant other you may need to grab a set of headphones. For a more comfortable private listening session, put on this headphone headband or lay your head on this headphone pillow to listen more comfortably.

Ambient Noise Android Sleep Apps

sleep aid appRelax and Sleep Plus – $2.04 (Free version) – Choose from over 35 ambient noises and mix them together for the sleep sound that works great for you..

Sleep Now! – $1.41 – 12 sounds are included in this sleep app including heartbeat and beach. You can also add your own music to the mix and choose from modes including relax, sleep, wake up.

Pure Sleep | AmbiScience – $1.99 (Free version) – One of the most feature rich apps, Pure Sleep includes Noises, long tracks, nature sounds and Binaural tracks to help you relax and sleep.

Thunderstorm Sleep sound – Free – As you may have guessed, this app helps you drift away with the sounds of thunderstorms. The app claims real noises and no loops.

Sleep Dream Relax – Free – If Thunderstorms aren’t your thing, try this Dream app, which delivers relaxing noises to help you relax and sleep.

Epic Sleep ULTRA Pro – $1.03 – In addition to the standard ambient and white noise sounds Epic Sleep ULTRA Pro has delta sleep induction sounds, which makers claim can help you clear your mind and sleep better.

Sound A Sleep – $.99 – This app varies the sound to “mimic the time dilation (things seem to slow down) and time dispersion (things seem to become less distinct),” which it claims can help you sleep better.

Deep Sleep – Free – Deep Sleep claims to get you to a state of deep sleep faster, so you can wake up more refreshed. Users reviews are mixed, but some swear Deep Sleep has helped.

Brainwave / Meditation Android Sleep Apps

Music Therapy for Sound SleepMusic Therapy for Sound Sleep – Free – Music Therapy uses Alpha waves to help you sleep better. This app also includes a sound mixer so you can pick and combine ambient noise as well.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson – $2.99 – This app claims to help you meditate your way to sleep with guided meditation from Andrew Johnson.

Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition – Free – Restful Sleep claims to allow you to self hypnotize yourself to beat insomnia. The user comments include mixed reviews, but if you need sleep it could be worth trying out.

Sonic Sleep Brainwave Audio – $4.99 – Sonic Sleep uses brainwave technology to battle insomnia. The app makers claim that it, “targets a low alpha and theta brainwave state by Utilizing PsimatiX™ proprietary audio technology.”

Choose Your Own Music Sleep App

Sleep Music – Free – Sleep Music is a simple, free app that lets you use your own music to go to sleep. The app will reduce the volume until it is muffled so you can fall asleep without the need to fiddle with your phone right as you drift off.


These apps may be able to help you avoid $50 white noise machines or $400 white noise earbuds, which are the traditional ways to deal with night-time noise that interrupts your sleep. Stay tuned for an iPhone and iPad version of this list.

Photo –  Daniel Morris