15 Gadgets That Changed it All. I’d Add One More

Silicon Alley Insider is running a column featuring 15 Gadgets That Changed Everything This Decade. I bet without too much trouble you could name most of them. So take a moment before you take the jump or follow the link, jot down your list, and then see how well you did.

Again, I don’t think this is too hard a list to suss out. You’ll find the iPod, the iPhone, GPS, the Blackberry, Flat Screen HDTV, The Kindle, the DVR, Thumbdrives, and more on the list and is tough to argue with any of the gadgets included.

I’ll offer one more and I’m sure I’ll be laughed at derisively for suggesting it. That one gadget is the Tablet PC. Why? The Tablet PC, even with its difficult and journey, proved that you didn’t have to be tied to your desk, or to your lap to get work done or have some fun on a computer. Microsoft’s early vision was a correct one, but they didn’t have the leadership, the marketing, the chutzpah, or the desire to follow that vision to reality. Call me silly, but a lot of what we’re seeing today and being promised tomorrow sprang from that early Tablet PC vision.