15 New Madden 16 Features

The new Madden 16 features promise amazing upgrades to gameplay and to the realism in EA Sports’ new football game. In this highlight we’ll look at what’s new in Madden 16, with specific upgrades from Madden 15, fixes for complaints gamers lodged last year and exciting new additions to play.

Thanks to the exciting new Madden 16 gameplay videos that show off early versions of the game we now know a lot about what you can expect when you play the new Madden this fall. We don’t expect a Madden 16 demo, so this is as close as most gamers will get to the new features for the next several weeks.

In this early footage we don’t always see perfect execution of the new Madden 16 features, which is something we hope EA Sports will polish in the run up to release.

Here are the most exciting new Madden 16 Features

Here are the most exciting new Madden 16 Features

The Madden 16 release date arrives on August 25th for Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360. Xbox One owners with EA Access can play Madden 16 five days early. We are already seeing Madden 16 deals that cut the price to $38 with Gamers Club Unlocked and $49.99 for any buyer.

EA Sports offers Madden 16 and Madden 16 Deluxe Edition. The Madden 16 Deluxe edition includes 36 Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs and a Playmaker pack. This version is $69.99 and players need to log in to Madden Ultimate Team each week to get the full value.

Here are the most interesting new Madden 16 features that you will be able to test out in August.

New Madden 16 QB Features

Here are new QB features in Madden 16.

Here are new QB features in Madden 16.

Quarterbacks get a major upgrade in Madden 16 with various new features and tweaks. The videos appear to show a more tuned QB inaccuracy rating in play with misses that make sense based on real life weaknesses.

The new body relative throw lets the player choose where to put a ball for the best chance at a catch. This can include a jump ball or a low ball that the receiver can reach, but defenders cannot. The touch pass is reworked so that a double tap of the receiver icon can place the ball between linebackers and safeties.

When playing against the computer a new Quarterback AI called Behavior Coordinator will tailor the play style to that quarterback for a realistic feel. There are also upgrades to play calling, pressure awareness and game management.

See the Best Players on the Field

A small star identifies the best three players on each team. Image GameTrailers YouTube.

A small star identifies the best three players on each team. Image GT Reviews YouTube.

In Madden 16 there is now a star below the three best players on each team. This brings more intelligence into the game, similar to what a coach might know before a big matchup on Sunday. With this option you’ll know your three best players on the field, but you’ll also know the opponent’s three best players which will allow you to play accordingly. This is on your roster, not on the field, so you may not always see three stars on the field.

Madden 16 Playbook Shot Plays

Pick a Shot play in the new Madden 16 playbook.

Pick a Shot play in the new Madden 16 playbook.

One new addition to the Madden 16 playbook is a Shot Play. Here you can choose to take a deep shot to a specific receiver so that you can connect on a long pass when you need it. When you are in the pre-snap you can also pull up the Coach Cam to see a better breakdown of the player matchups so you can see who has a better chance against their defender.

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