New Fujitsu LifeBook B6210 Notebook With Tablet OS Option

Fujitsu has just annoucned a new model in its ultra-portable line, the LifeBook B6210 Touch Screen Notebook. It can be ordered with the Tablet PC OS or just XP Pro. Equipped with the Tablet OS, the price is $50 higher coming in at $1649 instead of $1599. You’ll notice that the B6210 isn’t a typical Tablet PC […]

Microsoft “Mobile and Tailored PC Division”?

According to one Microsoft employee, Hilton Locke, the Tablet PC team is undergoing a name change to reflect the addition of the Ultra-Mobile PC activities going on.  The new name (confirmed through Microsoft MVP sources), will be “Mobile and Tailored PC Division”  Hilton noted this new monicker on his blog in a post about his […]

Tatung’s new Tablet PC sports detachable keyboard – Engadget

Engadget is reporting this little tidbit on a new Tatung Tablet PC with a detachable keyboard, but Electrovaya has this keyboard already.  “Seems like it’s never too late to reinvent the whole keyboard/hinge relationship, and Tatung is giving it a pretty good go with their new TTAB-A12D Tablet PC. The unit stores a thin, detachable […] – Free Web-Based Collaboration

We love it when a GottaBeMobile reader sends us a tip that is useful, and we like to pass it on.  GBM reader Ric Brennan came across this item and shared it with us.  The application is a realtime sharing client that is web based and works with a pen on a Tablet PC.  Ric had […]

Winners Announced in NoteTalkers MindJet Mindmapping Contest

The winners of the NoteTalkers Mindjet MindMapping Contest have been announced and a hearty congratulations to all the winners and all the participants. I was one of the judges and there were some great entries and tough calls. It was privilege to be a part of the contest. Winners: Note Taking – Barry A Cunningham What’s […]

MOTR NYC Meetup: Gadgets And Geeks Galore

The MobileTech Rounderuupers, James Kendrick, Kevin Tofel, and Dave Ciccone, held a meetup for their MobileTech Roundup podcast fans in NYC last night. I was at one point hoping to attend, but real life does intrude on these things, so I have been looking forward to enjoying the after-action reports. And by the looks of […]

Tech and your workouts

I’ve been struggling in the past several months with gettng my workouts back on track. Three years ago, I was sporting a healthy 170 – 180 lbs. Now, I’m at a thick 215. A lot of reasons factor in to that. Needless to say, though, I’ve reached my “fed up” point. I’m getting a physical […]

Desktops vs laptops vs companion devices

BusinessWeek is taking a look at a recent trend: desktop replacement laptops that are highly customized with paint options, etc- you know those 17” powerful laptops, as well as the Q1 as a desktop companion: The ideal partner for a desktop-replacement system may actually be another in-between portable like Samsung’s Q1, one of the so-called […]

New Developments and Advances In Chip Speeds

The New York Times is reporting that there have been some new advances in developing faster chip speeds. “Researchers at I.B.M. and the Georgia Institute of Technology are set to announce today that they have broken the speed record for silicon-based chips with a semiconductor that operates 250 times faster than chips commonly used today.” […]

What’s In My Gadget Bag InkShow

Well this started out as a simple InkShow answer to James Kendrick’s question that he asks frequently, What’s In Your Gadget Bag? But once my wife got involved it turned into, well, you’ll see for yourself. So, have fun, come along for the trip as I answer the question, What’s In My Gadget Bag? Watch the […]

New Front In The Browser Wars

Everyone has their favorite dog in the Browser War battles. Now it looks like the respective browser icons are battling it out as well. Of course since this is a Firefox commercial, you can guess who wins this round. Check out the video here.

Screen Rotation Utility For Samsung Q1 UMPC

If you need to rotate the screen on your Samsung Q1, (as I recall this is the one UMPC/Origami that came with a form of screen rotation-someone correct me if I’m wrong here) you might want to check out Boris’s nifty little utility URotate. Apparently, according to some reports, the rotation isn’t always perfect on […]

CNET: Samsung Q1 Now Available in Stores

CNET is reporting that the Samsung Q1 UMPC/Origami is now available in all 32 Fry’s Electronics locations in the U.S as well as some Best Buy locations in Texas. It’ll be interesting to see how this tracks.

Toshiba Portege M400 – Core Duo in my hands!

Okay folks, get ready for another InkShow, this time on the Toshiba Portege M400 – Core Duo.  Thought I would go ahead and give out a heads up so you can help decide coverage. Once again, our friends at Allegiance Technology Partners have come through for us.  The model provided is the PPM40U-0TR00E, so […]

Australia Sees First Software Designed Specifically For The UMPC

Down Under Tableteer Hugo Ortega is trumpeting some UMPC/Origami News from Australia. ApexMobileTech has developed and released some screenshots of Australia’s first UMPC/Origami specific software, designed for the Home Valuation Space. ‘ An Apex MobileTech representative explains, “Each valuation firm will have an interface with our web server. They will enter jobs onto the server […]

Alternate Input Methods For The UMPC

Matt Miller of ZDNet’s Mobile Gadgeteer has been looking into alternate text input methods for his Samsung Q1 UMPC. As a long time PDA user he examined Tablet OS editions of Fitaly and MessageEase (pictured here), as well as RitePen, which gives you write anywhere capability. For the shortshighted among us who think a computer isn’t a computer […]

Samsung: Initial feedback mixed on ultra mobile PC

Looks like Samsung is giving us some honest info on the realities of the hype that the Origami teaser campaign created vs what their customers are actually experiencing. Feedback from customers who have bought Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.’s Q1 device suggests that a pre-launch teaser campaign by Microsoft Corp. might have backfired, a Samsung executive said […]