SanDisk: Vista and SSD’s Don’t Mix

This is an interesting bit of info. SanDisk CEO Eli Harari told folks during an earnings conference call that Microsoft Windows Vista is not optimized for solid state drives (SSD). This is causing a delay in the delivery of optimized drives until next year. I’m not sure if this is just more piling on Vista […]

Golden Shellback Waterproof Gadget Coating

This is an amazing video – and I would pay the money to get this done to any of my phones/computers.  Imagine the feeling of not having to worry about getting water or anything else on your device.  Watch the video and be amazed (at least I was…). Golden Shellback Waterproof Coating from on […]

Microsoft Decides To Fight Back About Vista

It looks like Microsoft is getting ready to fight back a bit about Vista and its reputation. Apparently a new ad campaign is in the works that will seek to diminish the hard knocks that Vista has taken. It’s about time, and it might actually be too late, in my opinion. Microsoft for some reason […]

Right on Cue: Jeff Moriarty Looking To Make Some MID Noise

Yesterday I blogged a post asking “Are MIDs still on Targer for a Fall Release?” This morning I see in my feeds that Jeff Moriarty, the Community Manager for the Atom Software Developer Community is blogging that he is going to be attending OSCON this week in Portland, to talk with and learn a bit from […]

End-User Thoughts On The HP tx2500z

GBM Forum member Katysax just got an HP tx2500 Tablet PC and has offered up some really good opinions from an end-user point of view that prospective buyers will definitely find helpful – both the good, the bad, and the ugly. Bottomline – she loves it! HP has a tx2500z enroute to us, so stay […]

Mike Arrington Wants a $200 Internet Tablet. Doesn’t Everyone?

I find this fascinating. Mike Arrington of TechCrunch fame is asking for folks to help build a “dead simple web Tablet” that will cost under $200. The other specs on his wish list: The machine is as thin as possible, runs low end hardware and has a single button for powering it on and off, […]

Color Me Impressed!

TabletKiosk is breaking out the paint brushes and introducing one-of-a-kind color tablet pcs!  These special color tablet pcs will be available for auction via TabletKiosk’s website sporadically throughout the year. Unfortunately, the first of the bunch, a bright red one, has already been claimed by Martin Smekal, TabletKiosk president. Come on, Martin – where’s the […]

Windows Live Mesh Beta Client Now Available for Macs

This is good news for those of us who are platform agnostic and cut across the great Apple/Windows divide. Windows Live Mesh now has a client in pre-beta for Apple’s Macs. The news comes from the folks at LiveSide. Here’s the download link. I’ve got things up and running on my iMac and all folders […]

Netbooks Creating Worry for Industry Giants

Matt Richtel at the New York Times has written an article discussing the impact netbooks are having in the tech industry.  Here is a brief summary: Industry analysts are commenting that low-cost notebook devices could cause trouble for industry giants.  These companies have catered to the notion that consumers want loads of power and tons […]

Are MIDs Still On Target for a Fall Release?

Flashback to January 2008. All the talk in the mobile computing space was about Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) that were coming this summer. Jump forward to April 2008 and we got word that Intel was pushing things back until fall. Meanwhile, Apple has released the 3G iPhone, RIM is prepping to unleash the Storm, Nokia just […]

Buddy Flamingo Microphone, A Quick Review

Today’s microphone, for review, is called the Buddy Flamingo microphone. It is another model from InSync Speech Technologies. This is a very different style of microphone than the stylus microphone we have previously shown although it is from the same manufacturer. I found the Flamingo to be very accurate over all with approximately 97-98% accuracy. […]

A Tale of Two Tablet PCs and a Theatre

As many of you know, for the last month or so I’ve been extraordinarily busy with the renovation and re-opening of the Wayside Theatre where I work. I hope it goes without saying for GBM readers that while I was in the middle of construction, rehearsals, and dealing with building inspectors that I had my […]

Wi-Fi Hotspots Are Hot

A recent report by ABI Research says that Wi-Fi hotspots will grow by 40 percent from 2007 to the end of this year.  They say that the greatest growth and largest Wi-Fi availability continues to exist in Europe.  What does this say about current Wi-Fi availability in the US?  A recent layover in the Atlanta […]

Tips For Travelling With Your Mobile PC

One other great features of mobile PCs is that they are a mobile.  You can take your PC pretty much anywhere you care to go, and work while you are travelling there and when you arrive. There is however an art to travelling well with your gadget bag.  This is especially true when you are […]

RMT Duros Rugged Tablet PC Reviewed

Back in February, RMT released a resistive touch rugged tablet for the vertical market. Rugged PC Review finally got their hands on a review unit and posted an in-depth look on their site. One of the most intriguing aspects of the Duros is the option to run Windows XP Embedded. The advantage of having XP […]

An Interesting Trip

Well, no dice today as far as purchasing an iPhone 3G, but it sure was an interesting look into human nature and retailing. We pulled into the mall about 7:40am and entered to find a line of about 100 folks or so already. That line eventually grew to about 300 or so. Although the store […]

Importing Virtual Disk Images

GottaBeMobile reader, Taxman, sent a few questions about virtualization.  He writes, “Can you tell me more about how virtual box compares to the commercial products (VMWare and Parallels) on a Mac?  Does it work the same?” VirtualBox offers basically the same features, although it may appear to be a little rougher around the edges.  With […]

Off For a Drive

The wife and I are off for an early morning drive to the Apple Store. Yep, we’re 3G iPhone hunting. We’re heading out planning to wait around for a bit until the closest store to us at the opens, based on info from Apple’s iPhone locator. Of course who knows if that info is accurate […]

AT&T Got Some Splainin’ To Do

It’s on. It’s off. It’s on. It’s off. It’s leading to someone getting fired, I’m guessing. For some time now we’ve been hearing that AT&T was going to offer free WiFi to iPhone users at Starbucks. In fact, it was prematurely announced in May and apparently prematurely working before it disappeared. Then this morning there […]

Outlook and Gmail Go Head to Head

If you’ve been having trouble deciding between Outlook with hosted Exchange and Gmail, then you need to read Lifehacker’s head-to-head to comparison. It is one of the most thorough reviews I’ve read in quite a while. Jared Goralnick does a really good job comparing different features, addresses mobile users needs, hosted Exchange, and brings out […]