Do-It-Yourself Mac Tablets

Think there isn’t a demand for a Mac Tablet beyond the Modbook? The Unofficial Apple Weblog is linking to a Hack-A-Day article with some pictures and links to folks who have created their own Mac Tablets. Some fascinating stuff there.   Tags: Apple, Tablet+PC

Mobile Tech and Social Tools Upset Some Congress Folk

It was only a matter of time before members of the US Congress began to really take advantage of mobile technology and some of the social media tools that are sweeping the Internet, Twitter being one example. Of course in the venerable halls of our national legislature we’ve got those who are up on what’s […]

Tom’s Hardware Apologizes For SSD Gaffe

Tom’s Hardware issued an apologetic update to their story regarding the battery life of current-generation SSD’s. The authors admitted their testing protocol did not take into account the workload placed on an SSD versus their HDD counterparts. Retesting various drives in an expanded 12 page review, Tom’s Hardware concluded that there are variations between solid […]

First Looks: Fujitsu T1010 Gets Hands-On Mini Review

Fujitsu is expanding its tablet line with the T1010 (see page 36). Announced at the same time as the T5010 that is to replace the venerable T4220, the T1010 serves as Fujitsu’s budget tablet and is available now. Main features of the 5.2 pound tablet reviewed include the latest Centrino 2 processor, Windows Vista Home […]

First Looks: Lenovo’s New X200 Ultra-Portable Notebook

Lenovo has just announced their newest ultra-portable, the X200, which is sporting the new Intel Centrino 2 processor and a whole slew of additional changes. I’ve been fortunate enough to have used the X200 over the last several days and let me tell you – it flies!!! If this is any indication of the future […]

Dell To Offer 128GB SSD As $600 Upgrade Across Notebook Lines

Dell is full of upgrades today. Alongside the Multi-Touch functionality added to their Latitude XT, Dell is announcing that the Latitude, XPS, Precision, and Alienware lines will all have a 128GB SSD as a $600 option. Starting tomorrow, Dell customers can add 128GB’s of Solid State goodness to their orders. For reference, the same $600 […]

Intel Officially Releases Centrino 2 Mobile Platform

Intel has finally taken the wraps off of the Centrino 2 Mobile Platform, its latest efforts to bring better mobility to the marketplace. The Centrino 2 Mobile Platform features a new chip seat with a 45–nanometer processor and wireless support for 802.11 Draft-N and WiMax. There are two flavors, one for consumers and the Centrino 2 […]

Better Touch for the iPhone

One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone and iPod Touch are difficulties mastering the touch interface.  Although the touch interface is very easy to operate with your finger, Apple could do more to improve its functionality.  AppleInsider has learned of new patents that suggest Apple might implement fingernail recognition into their future touch interfaces.  […]

New Service to Track Lost Laptops – Free

This looks like an interesting development.  Like many mobile workers the thought of losing my Mobile PC is incomprehensible.  But it does happen – rather more than you might think.  According to one article over 10,000 laptops are lost in the 36 biggest US airports every week! But if the unthinkable should happen you may […]

Quick Review: Buddy Stylus Microphone

Hi everyone! The latest microphone for review is very interesting. It is distributed by a company named InSync Speech Technologies. This Canadian company has obviously been thinking about tablet computers for quite a while. The microphone is called the Buddy Stylus Microphone. This truly is a stylus and microphone combination. It is a USB device […]

Multi-Touch Arriving Tomorrow for Latitude XT Owners

Dell has announced that multi-touch will be coming to current Latitude XT customers via a software update beginning tomorrow, July 15. The update will be free. If I’m not mistaken, this will make the Latitude XT the first laptop / tablet pc that actively supporting multi-touch through the screen. The update will allow for the […]

Backup Your Outlook Signatures

When transitioning from one computer to the other, an item that frequently gets lost is the email signature. People spend a ton of time creating signatures – ink-enabling their signature, listing all sorts of contact info, and including a quote here or there. So, how do you transfer all of that information to a new […]

Are Watches Going the Way of the Paper-based Planner?

I’m a people watcher. Drop me in the middle of a mall or a bookstore, and I would be one happy man. I love to watch people interact with their family, grandparents play with their grandkids, teenagers use technology, people read, etc. I really enjoy imagining the story behind the smile, the worried face, and […]

Mobile (Oh My Oh!)Me – Initial Experiences With Exchange For The Rest Of Us

In my opinion, the bigger story coming out of Apple’s June event was MobileMe – offering Exchange-like functionality to the every-day user. Who better to bring some insight into this new offering than one of their targeted customers.   Gary Harrision, a good friend and long-time GBM reader, has been digging deep in to MobileMe […]

Talk To Toshiba: Are They Your Go-To OEM?

Toshiba has been in the Tablet PC space from the very beginning, coming to market with the Portege 3500 in November 2002, quickly updating it to the M200 / M205. Since that time, they have introduced various configurations and form factors, targeted at the consumer and the business person. Their current Tablet PC offering is […]

HP TouchSmart Now Available at Traditional Big Box Stores

You know that awesome touch-enabled TouchSmart PC that Sierra brought us news and video on from Berlin? Well, HP today announced you can now go “touch” it at traditional consumer electronic stores. Pricing starts at $1299. HP today announced that the latest HP TouchSmart PCs — the only touch-enabled, all-in-one PCs in the marketplace — […]

VREO Tablet PC Versus Laptop Video

VREO, a real estate software company that focuses on Tablet PC e-signature software, has a brief 4:36 minute video outlining the differences between a Tablet PC and a laptop.  This is a good video for people new to the Tablet PC arena or anyone who might use a Tablet PC in real estate.  If you’re […]

Fujitsu Siemens Expected To Release Amilo Netbook Amid Joint Venture Uncertainty

Liliputing reports that Fujitsu is jumping onto the Netbook bandwagon soon with the release of an 8.9" screen notebook. Details are scarce on the specifics, but price is expected to be between $475-$650. From the pictures, it seems to be running Windows OS. Fujitsu has made ultraportables for as long as I can remember, but […]

Applebee’s Learns to Read Your Mind with ESP

A recent trip to an Applebee’s Restaurant in Ft. Wayne, Indiana yielded a great 100% Angus burger and a new mobile technology experience.  Applebee’s has implemented a pager system for their patrons to improve the overall quality of the dining experience.  The system, developed by ESP Systems, requires the use a small pager at every […]

AMEX Digital Releases Portable Super Multi Drive

Responding to the ever-increasing number of netbooks and tablets without a dedicated media drive, AMEX Digital released their latest go-anywhere DVD-R/W on July 8th. The new PD-K06e supports writing to DVD-R/+R in both single and dual layers, DVD-RW/+RW as well as all CD-R/RW media. The $89 list price is extremely affordable for a very compact […]