Japan Gets World’s Fastest Broadband at $20 per Month, We Get… Excuses

Saul Hansell on the NYTimes Bits Blog details how Japanese consumers enjoy the world’s fastest broadband for the whopping cost of about $20 per month. He lays it out nicely, and as he said, it might make you scratch your head, or perhaps get a bit angry.

I didn’t realize that an American Company, Liberty Global, operates Japan’s largest cable company, J:Com, but that’s irrelevant on some levels. What’s interesting is the quote form Liberty Global’s CEO, Michael T. Fries:

““To me, this just isn’t an expensive capital investment”

Here’s another interesting excerpt from Hansell’s post:

The industry is worried that by offering 100 Mbps, they are opening Pandora’s box, he said. Everyone will be able to get video on the Internet, and then competition will bring the price for the broadband down from $80 to $60 to $40.

An interesting read. Some of the numbers will indeed make you scratch your head.


  1. Joe says

    To be fair, Japan is a lot smaller of a country to wire for things like that, but I agree that prices and speeds here are pretty ridiculous… especially when it seems like I can’t go more than two weeks or so without my Comcast cable going out. (Currently out now, and we just had someone out a week and a half ago to fix it).

    I wish we were able to get FIOS around here, that’s for sure.

  2. Ben says

    wow, i wish i lived in that part of japan. here in the country side, i pay 40$ a month for pretty slow service (though it’s fine for most things). also, the ISP thought i had some kind of virus or something when i was using bittorrent, because of all the connections. they didn’t like that, because i was using up all the bandwidth for the area. =P

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