Who Paid $4,500 for an OQO Model 2+?

OQO never got around to actually selling the OQO Model 2+ that it introduced back in January, but that didn’t stop someone from picking one up on eBay for $4,500. I know a lot of GBM community members were waiting to buy an OQO Model 2+, but I hope none of you plunked down that much cash for a used one with no warranty or support.


The “Virtually New” OQO Model 2+ had a starting bid of $4,000 and it looks like not one, but two bidders were actually willing to pay $4,500.

I have to admit that I sometimes overpay for gadgets since I’m an early adopter, but this is just ridiculous.

Based on the seller’s location and eBay history of selling OQO accessories, this Model 2+ probably belonged to an OQO insider.

via Engadget


  1. I don’t necessarily believe everything I see on eBay. The auction may have closed at $4500, but the bid may not have been genuine. Some people just enjoy screwing with auctions (and with other bidders)…

  2. I hope you’re right Steve and someone is just messing with OQO for placing the starting bid @ $4000, but it looks like the bidders both have solid eBay reputations.

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