That’s One Juiced Up Touchscreen Netbook

Via UMPCPortal

Via UMPCPortal


Chippy at UMPCPortal has really pimped out his touchscreen netbook Gigabyte Touchnote. He’d already thrown in an SSD and 3G WWAN, and now on top of that, he’s added an extended battery that’s giving him up to six (6) hours of runtime with Internet activity. Coupled with the regular battery as a reserve, he’s boasting up to nine (9) hours of netbook activity. Sounds like just the ticket to answer James Kendrick’s call to “cut the cord.” Brings to mind a couple of other thoughts too.

First, all the add-ons and customization he’s done reminds me of the Toyota Scion business model in which they offer base unit automobiles and let the customer decide how they want to customize it. Makes me wonder if we might one day see a company step forward to offer such a service with  a  slate tablet base unit and a variety of peripherals to complement it.

Second, I find myself missing my  the super-long battery life of my Electrovaya Tablet PC. Nine hours is great, but I used to go twelve hours on the one battery in my SC-500 with 10″ screen. Mobility was fantastic.  Very tempting to go back to something like that for my next tablet.