CES 2010: What worked and what didn’t

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Waiting to board the plane home, half dazed from an exhausting week, I looked back at the week, thinking about my mobile setup at what worked and what didn’t. Here’s what I came up with.

WinnerScottEVest worked! Through airport security, just kept anything normally in my pockets in the ScottEVest and pushed the whole thing through the scanner. Through the show, I picked up a ton of flyers and freebies that all got stuffed into my many pockets. And of course, it easily carried my handheld gadgets. Only problem was that the sheer volume of pockets made it difficult to find things at times. Needed to make a concerted effort to put thing in their places.

iPhone mostly worked. I missed a few calls from my brother the first day, which he says is normal in and around the casinos, but we traded calls just fine through the rest of the trip. And it was quite speedy from my suite, high above the bustle. My biggest woe was not hearing the ringer or feeling the buzz alerts in the busy events. I might have to rethink my padded holster. Tethering via Netshare was adequate, but I’ll need a simpler solution next time. (Everyone else had Mifi’s).

Tablet PC didn’t. I should first point out, my choice of mobile PC works for my life, which does not normally include covering events at the world’s biggest tech show. I need something smaller if I go next year or a specialized machine. More thoughts on that later. More importantly, I ran into several sleep and resume issues that took a chunk out of my work flow. I’m seriously looking at a completely fresh upgrade.

Gorillapod worked! As seen in my “Sumocat Does” photo (Xavier got a great photo too), I mounted my camera to my sling pack strap (which also worked) for hands-free recording. Got several positive comments on it. Look for it to catch on next year.

Digital camera worked adequately. I wasn’t too concerned with photos since Xavier is the photog, but I really should have hustled with upgrading my camera before CES. Most shots were sub-par. Video was mediocre (but plentiful). I’d call it adequate at best.

Backup batteries worked! I ran into one battery problem with my camera the whole trip. My Tablet PC batteries held up even with the sleep issues. My USB battery pack got a huge boost with the PowerGenix NiZn batteries I got.

Finally – luck worked! I didn’t hit it big at the slots, but I walked away with a Droid, so no complaints from me.

Alleged Apple fanboi, accused Android apologist, and confirmed Microsoft MVP for touch and tablet Mark Sumimoto a.k.a. Sumocat dabbles in all areas of mobile computing with a focus on Windows-based Tablet PCs and pen input. A mobile computing enthusiast since 2004, he pioneered the field of ink blogging via his personal blog, Sumocat's Scribbles. His current tools include a Fujitsu Lifebook T900, TEGA v2, and iPhone 4. Email: sumocat [at]

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