Android Market at 50K this week and rising


Our hats off and hardy congrats to Android!  It looks like as of this week, the Android Market will hit 50,000 applications available for download.  This is only after a few months back of being at 20,000.  Not too shabby for only a few months work.

The Android Market is constantly adding new applications, slowly trying to get to the status of the Apple App Store, which is over 150,000 and climbing.

Will Android ever catch up? Unknown, but its definitely worth a try.  With all of the new Android phones coming this year, the Android Market needs to be ready for consumers to find all the apps they need to make using Android as fun and useful as the iPhone.

In order for that to happen, I have to agree with what GigaOm has to say about changing how Android apps are updated (one at a time vs the Update All of the iPhone)and better ways to search the Android Market.  Maybe some changes will be announced at the Google I/O conference.

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  1. I am about ready for the “total number of apps” to stop being a metric by which the public determines a mobile OS’ success. While it is a measure, one of the reasons I felt no loss going away from my iPhone was because I had no desire to go through the thousands of shovelware, worthless apps that there were. I am not an app-fiend. If I find a dozen or fewer apps that enhance a device, then I am happy. I see no need to constantly return to the app store buying every app that finds its way into the top 50.

    To me, a mobile OS is successful when it works and does not need a lot of 3rd party apps to make it worthwhile. And I’m not saying that is what Amy is saying, just indicating my general dislike for this trend. That all being said, I like what I have seen of Android so far and am looking forward to the delivery of my first Android device. I am much more concerned about Google allowing access to the Android Market by non-mobile phone Android devices than I am about the market breaking 50k apps.

    Good to hear Android is doing well, regardless.
    – Vr/Zeuxidamas..>>

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