Taiji Slate with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard

The Taiji Windows 7 Slate being shown off at Computex adds an interesting twist to the “here come the slates” entry. It has a small detachable Bluetooth keyboard. The Slate is running Windows 7 on a VIA C7 M processor so don’t look for a speed demon here. Check out the video below.

Shanzai.com via Engadget


  1. I saw this on jkOnTheRun last night and thought… cool. If the battery life is outstanding, then it can certainly beat the iPad for a lot of users. I certainly think there are a lot of us that want the familiarity and functionality of Windows, and I think Windows 7’s touch/pen interface updates are up to the challenge.

  2. Goodthings…I agree with you…very cool design and Windows 7 goodness is nice. But where’s the pen ): Until they add a pen, well, I’m not all that excited. If they had, imagine how cool it would be!

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