Sign of the Times: Netbooks at CVS

This isn’t really new news, as we’ve seen this before. This weekend when I was down visiting my mother in Richmond, I noticed this ad flyer in the local CVS. I think this says more than any analyst’s approach to what’s going on.


  1. Yes, I read about this happening a few weeks ago. The system is really scaled down though. It has about 256Meg of ram, about 2Gig of hard drive space, and not a lot of ports. This is more of a email/web browser/light office system.

  2. …by the way…keep up the good work. I visit everyday, as you are listed as one of my feeds.

  3. I got one, actually, and am using it now. After all, it was only 99 dollars. It’s pretty neat. The keyboard takes a little time getting used to.(It’s so tiny!) The battery life isn’t too great, but I’m not really a 24-7 computer person.

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