Windows Phone 7: Ok, here comes the Software

Last week, I made a post asking where the software is. The shelves were pretty empty in the App Market place when I checked last week. Today, it’s looking a little more beefed up. Rumor has it that Microsoft expects more than 1,000 apps when the devices hit the streets officially. This number is down from an earlier tweet I ran across earlier this month that estimated 2,000 apps. Keep in mind, rumors are just that, rumors.

Rumor or not, compared to last week, the shelves look a little better:

The game section is filling out nicely. I wonder though, what’s with 2 of the same app 2 different times? Weird.

Where’s the official Twitter and Google Voice apps? Get there! I need you to be there soon.

This has me quite a bit more optimistic than I was last week. There is still time to get even more apps in there too!


  1. Great to see the store beefing up. Hopefully by the time the phones actually arrive this will be a non-issue.

    Hey Chris … remember your rant about adding HD to everything? Now we have Uno … HD! hehe

    Tetris for $5 … I know it is not cheap on iTunes either ($3 for iPhone, $8 for iPad) … I just can’t wrap my head around that though …. jeez, I probably paid $10 for it on my Mac Plus 25 years ago …

    Speaking of ‘phones arriving’ … does the long delay between the cool launch event and actual phones hurt the chances of success? What do you think?

    • I don’t think the time between hurts too much as long as it’s not months between. Tonight, Windows Phone will get another big burst of buzz. Can’t say more than that, but watch.

      I noticed the HD and almost said something in this post about it, but this readership hasn’t witnessed my HD rant unless they follow me on Twitter too.

      • I work in TV production, and even though a lot of channels broadcast in HD (1920×1080 resolution), there is still a significant number of channels / shows that are still in SD (720×480).. so for us, the distinction is important! for apps not so much so! :)

        • The rant is about how companies use “HD” to make their product name sound cooler. Several have done this. A tweet I once made asked when we’d see the Big Mac HD at McDonalds.

      • No. A week ago they accepted 2000 devs who can now submit to the marketplace. Everyone else has to wait and will be accepted progressively over the next few weeks. I have already paid for the AppHub account but I can’t submit WP7 apps yet (only WP6.5 and Xbox).The marketplace won’t be completely open to all devs until the end of November or early December.

        • There is a surprisingly large number of devs making WP7 apps and they don’t have the time to approve them all. Right now, they only want to publish must-have and really high-quality apps which is why they are reviewing each dev personally (I had to send them lots of info about my app etc. and they are now reviewing my application). Later on they will open the marketplace to everyone and possibly slightly loosen the approval process as well.

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