LG E-Note H1000B Tablet Gives Koreans Alternative to HP Slate 500

LG’s release of the E-Note H1000B Windows 7 tablet may be a little belated, but the timing of the 10.1-inch slate’s launch comes at a time when there is renewed interest in Windows tablets. While the success of previous generation Windows tablets relied heavily on the convertible form factor–offering an easy way to convert between a traditional notebook form factor and a slate for use as a tablet–newer generations of slates are transitioning towards the slate form factor. Those looking for an alternative to the recently released HP Slate 500 can now look towards LG for another alternative, although the LG model eschews the active digitizer support of HP’s model.

Like the HP Slate 500, the LG E-Note H100B is essentially a tablet with netbook internals. The E-Note runs on an Intel Atom Z530 CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz and runs on Windows 7 Starter Edition. It comes with 1 GB RAM, 16 GB SSD storage, 2- USB 2.0 ports, SD card reader, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n support, Bluetooth 3.0, and a 4 cell battery priced at the equivalent of U.S. $850. The asking price includes a WiMax router.

Rather than the active digitizer support, it seems that LG opted for a capacitive touch stylus instead for the E-Note.

Via: Netbook News

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  1. 10 inches is too large. Part of the appeal of the HP Slate is that it’s the dimensions of a steno pad, which is portable and perfect for note taking.

  2. No active digitizer = not for me.

    FUll specs please.

    Looks like less capable that the HP SLate and more expensive.

  3. hate to sound repetitive, but $850 and no active digitizer ?? Are they insane? Jobs has so poisoned the water w/ his ignorant rant against the stylus, that these manufacturers think they can ignore it. For OneNote & Drawing alone, I need a “real” pen enabled device. If not from Wacom. Then N-Trig would probably do.

  4. most reviews for these tablets are from people who want i giant i-pod.

    they should be marketing these things to people who know what active digitizers are,….artists !!!
    if you compare the hp slate 500 to something like a wacom cintiq – most people would go for the slate. it is the perfect device for alopt of artists.

  5. To get digitizer experience, Windows 7 Slate Pcs need customized applications. Here is one example of that, StNotepad Touch with multi-touch gestures for all text editing actions like cut, copy, paste, delete, space, backspace, enter, tab, undo, redo, selectall etc… This will be helpful for editing text without traditional keyboard and mouse.

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