Complete List of 2010 Black Friday Laptops

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Josh Smith has put together a comprehensive list of Black Friday laptops over at There are a lot of mediocre laptops on the list, but some of the prices are pretty unbelievable if you’re in the market for an affordable laptop. Just about every manufacturer and retailer is getting in on the Black Friday game. Some are selling machines that don’t have a lot of guts, while others are offering pretty impressive discounts on build-to-order machines so you can get exactly what you want. There are some gems scattered in there, but as always there’s limited quantities.

The good news about Black Friday is that it’s become much less of a brick and mortar phenomenon and much more of an online ordeal. Apparently, retailers have recognized that not everybody enjoys camping out in freezing parking lots to save some cash.

I’ve already blown my Black Friday budget on a new HDTV and MacBook Air. If I end up getting thing else it’s going to be purchased online in between bites of turkey sandwich.

Click here to view the fully sortable list of Black Friday laptops. You can catch all of the Black Friday deals we’ve covered on here.

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