Motorola Atrix 4G Update Can Be Manually Installed

For those of you with a Motorola Atrix 4G that don’t want to wait for the update with HSUPA support to roll out OTA, well, you’re in luck because there is a way to snag it from Motorola right this instant if you so choose.

Motorola Atrix 4G

If you head over to Motorola’s support page, you should be able to lift the update by using Motorola Updater and following a couple of steps. Sure beats waiting for the OTA update, we’d say. A couple of things though.

The update is going to take up to 35 minutes to finish and you will need at least 2.8GB of free space in order to install it. And if your device is not detected by Motorola Software Update, you’ll want to do this:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > and then disable the USB Debugging setting.

After that, you should be golden and on your way to faster speeds and a better overall experience using Skype.

For a full list of what’s coming with the update, be sure to head here.


  1. Skip513 says

    They roll out the update in blocks of IMEIs. So you won’t be able to get the update until your IMEI is in the update queue. First they throttle our upload speed, then they throttle our ability to get what we have been paying for for the past few months… :-(

  2. Alexnn says

    i installed motoupdater and it says my device is up to date…. how did you guys updated it??????

    • Skip513 says

      Your IMEI is not in the queue yet for updating. Once it gets into the queue you will be able to update your phone via OTA or the Motoupdater…

  3. Alexnn says

    btw it doesnt even say on the moto site about the 4.1.83 and even the pdf file there is for 4.1.57…. where did you get it from????????????

  4. Alexnn says

    oh ok thanks.. any idea how long it might take? today, tomorrow? next week month? this is just f…d up… i f../.ng hate att.. should’ve switched to verizon instead….

  5. Jwolfe99 says

    Same here says I am current with the moto updater and thru the system update on the phone. My IMEI starts with like 353 so I wouldl think that I would be in the queue by now. Will try it again tomorrow and see.

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