Top Ten OSX Lion Features

At WWDC today, Apple announced more about the new features for Mac OS X 10.7, or OS X Lion as it is also known. Of the 250 new features which Apple is announcing in OS X Lion, Apple is highlighting the following Top Ten OSX Lion features.

Apple - Mac OS X Lion


Top Ten OSX Lion Features

1. Better Multitouch Gestures – Momentum based scrolling, new gestures and more integration.

2. Full Screen Apps – iLife and other apps are optimized to go full screen and deliver a better user experience.

3. Mission Control – Put Expose and Spaces together and you gain the new Mission Control which gives you fast access to your open apps and desktops.


4. Mac App Store – Apple will be moving more and more of your software purchases to the Mac OS X App store. The App store is built right into OS X Lion.


5. LaunchPad – With a simple gesture, you can gain access to your favorite apps. In Launchpad you will have a collection of app pages, similar to your iPad homescreens.

6.  Resume – When you are using applications, and need to close them or restart, the apps know where you left off and will open right back up to that same location, even keeping your text highlighted.

7. Auto-Save – You no longer need to save every ten seconds. In OS X Lion, the operating system will autosave your documents for you, preventing lost files.

8. Versions – In addition to saving your documents atuomatically, OS X Lion will also save versions so that you can hop back and forth between versions of a document in a Time Machine like interface.


9. Air Drop – easily share documents with your friends by dragging a document to their image after you choose Airdrop from the menu.

10. Mail – The new Mail app is optimized for OS X Lion with a full screen optimizations and conversation view.

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