HTC Scribe Digital Stylus Now Bundled with Flyer at Best Buy

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Perhaps responding to user outcry at the costly price of the HTC Scribe, an optional accessory priced at a whopping $80, Best Buy is now bundling the Android 2.3 Flyer tablet with the pen. Now, the $500 asking price for the tablet will include the pen so you can annotate your e-books (via the HTC Reader app that’s pre-loaded), capture and caption your screenshots, and doodle fake mustaches on your friend’s favorite mugshots.

Unlike the European edition of the HTC Flyer, the U.S. release’s less expensive starting price omitted select accessories from the tablet purchase to keep the entry price low. The active digitizer pen and the pouch case accessory were two items left out of the U.S. release.

Via: Netbook News

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