Motorola Droid X Gingerbread Bug Fix Update Now Available

Droid XMany of you out there with a Motorola Droid X have been having issues with your handset ever since Verizon rolled out the Gingerbread update at the end of May. Almost immediately afterwards, we heard about all sorts of bugs and we also heard about the update bricking phones.

Not good. And until a few days ago, there was silence in regards to when a fix would arrive to get rid of the bugs.

At the beginning of August we heard about a rumored mid-August release date which probably got many of you hopes up and luckily, you’re not going to be disappointed. Verizon and Motorola have rolled out an update that should take care of most of the bugs that Gingerbread brought along with it.

So, if you own a Droid X and you’ve been having issues – and hey, even if you haven’t – you should probably take a look and see if your phone has an update waiting to be installed. It’s about 11MB and won’t take up too much of your time.

It took awhile, but it appears that the nightmare for some of you has finally ended.

Or has it? Let us know.

Via: Droid-Life


  1. Not sure what it fixed but I installed the update. VZW Central Florida area got phone day it was released so not sure if everyone can go out and get the update. Details are.

    update (4.5.602.en.US)

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  2. I’ve installed the update, and it’s fixed the WIFI, but that’s the only thing I can see a difference with.  I still have problems with the keyboard disappearing mid-type, and then hiding what I am typing.  And the GPS still doesn’t work.  It’s too early to tell if the random rebooting is cured, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  So hooray for them fixing the WIFI, but I’m not holding my breath that another release will come any time soon.  I’ll be loading CM7 in the very near future.

    • I actually had the same problem with the keyboard disappearing.  I did a factory reset and the problem went away.  Not sure exactly what caused it or how it was fixed, just glad it was!

    • Go to settings then applications then manage applications touch the all button at the top and go to multi-touch keyboard and clear the data.. I have to do it about once a month but it fixed the keyboard problems

  3. I was hoping this update would fix the Dialer issue. No Luck… When I try to open the dialer it just closes.
    I am using Touchpad Dialer it’s not the best but it works. It can’t dial 911 though that’s not good.

    I hope they come out with an update soon to fix the dialer problem. It’s like a virus that is spreading. All my friends are slowly joining my group. NO DIALER!.

    Now that Google owns Motorola, maybe we can get some help. C’mon Google!

    • Did your phone ever go into cool down mode? If so, and you turned the phone off or pulled the battery, it’s probably “stuck” in cool down mode(won’t allow calls through stock dialer) The solution I found was putting it in my car to heat up in the middle of the day. It went back into cool down mode, then I let it cool down on it’s own. Worked like a charm. Otherwise people have done a factory reset which isn’t always ideal. Hope that helps someone.

  4. Update didnt do anything for me.  Mine still goes on a resetting spree.  pissin me off.  Hate droids, not gettin another after this one.

  5. I just downloaded it, and I noticed one fix.  Now, when your on a webpage and see a phone number, you can click it and it not only opens up the dialer, but it once again pastes the number you clicked into the dialer.  Glad to see that finally back again.  Besides that, haven’t seen to much more yet.  As I said, just downloaded it.  So I’ll be checking to see if I still drop down to one bar, or have random resets in the next few days.  Never had the problem with the keyboard disappearing though.

  6. I had to reset my Droid X twice after the May software update, i just downloaded the newer update, hopefully everything is fixed, the older update kept rebooting my phone, Verizon guaranteed me a new phone if the problem constists. You guys should talk to a representative. SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA

    • I used to have this problem and had to switch to Swype just to type anything.  BUT, I read on another board that all you have to do is clear the data for the Multi-touch keyboard.  I did it, and it worked.  No more problems with the keyboard disappearing.

      Settings | Applications | Manage Applications | All | Multi-touch keyboard

      and then, press “Clear data”

  7. Hate this! . its still messing up. only got better like 2% thats all. please do an update that will actually work. dont rush it!!!!

  8. Gingerbread has not been pushed to my Droid X and I still cannot download Gingerbread manually. It was pushed to my wifes Droid X and the new bug fix is showing up as available however we are waiting to see how it the fix goes since we use our phones for business.
    Alan S.

  9. I had no issues with the Gin update, in fact it made the whole phone faster and better in many ways. My brother had a camera issue with losing photos he took though. Sounds like this fixed it.

  10. Still can’t type using the space bar…I have resorted to voice to text at least it gets it mostly right most of the time.  Is this a motorola issue or a verizon issue?

  11. Just  installed update and uninstalled/reinstalled skymaps. All problems with accelerometer/ skymaps have cleared up

  12. Just  installed update and uninstalled/reinstalled skymaps. All problems with accelerometer/ skymaps have cleared up

    • Hi Joe,

      Did the compass not work without reinstalling skymaps? I am the developer of a planetarium app (SkEyE) and need to advice the Droid X users of my app, when they complain about the compass.


      • I had the same problems with the gps….it was not gingerbread related. To fix it, uninstall google maps (more accurately the updates) then reinstall. Reboot and you should be good. I had to do out twice to get it to work, but our works fine now.

        When the gps wasn’t working, there was never any problem with the compass that I noticed.

  13. Downloaded update today.  It messed up my volume.  It wont let me change the volume with the rocker buttons.  If I go settings, sound, volume, I can increase the ringtone volume and media but it won’t stay!!.  It constantly changes it back to 0.  The Alarm and notification volume are ok it’s just he ringtone and media.

  14. After upgrading to Gingerbread i had a lot of problems. My 3g would disappear, my phone would freeze, my  internet would force close and it would also restart by itself. In mid august i got the update to fix all the problems, but really it only fixed the problem with my internet force closing. My droid x still freezes, i have to pull the battery at least 2-4 times a day which is very annoying. Im on my 8th replacement phone and Verizon isnt doing a thing about it. Im so annoyed and frustrated!!

    • mine does the same, droid x. mine wont  allow me to hit space on keyboard and auto correct eventhough i have auto correct off. reboots on its own, have 3g failure, have text msgs failure,people have told me they text me and they get a return msg stating im not available. this phone is  great when it works,,that was the 1st two months, and now its a piece of cr@p. also when i want to dial someone in recent calls it dials a different person..

  15. @Ryan Degen
    Yes and Thanks, that works!
    Glad I found this page and didn’t listen to Verizon. Factory reset unnecessary.

  16. It STILL has NOT fixed my text problems!! I have to stay in swype mode just so I can text! I hate swype mode. for as much as I paid for this phone and as much as I pay monthly for it this is bs!

  17. Phone randomly crashes, freezing all the time, keyboard always leggy and malfunctions, everytime I load camera up it freezes, I’ve rebooted 3x, the update did nothing , battery life is awful , never had more problems with any phone more in my life, motorola hardware is garbage

  18. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. It messed up my camera (no quick delete option) It messed up my music player- now there’s no next/pause/prev icons unless I double tap or slide when I press the top button. 

    My internet switches between being the same, a tiny bit faster for some pages or just straight up not working or being slower than regular internet. (I’ve had to set it down and just wait for pages to load.)  

    I think my battery life is actually worse, before it held a charge all day at least. It also messed up several of my downloaded apps.  Not to mention that I hate the clunky white look ( I already downloaded the apps to change most of that though.)  The texting is still annoying. The update kept bugging me every 4 hours and I finally gave in. Really wish I hadn’t, this is dreadful. If it doesn’t improve I’m going to Verizon to complain because this is no longer worth what I paid and still pay for. Unless anyone knows a way to downgrade w/o wiping the phone and possibly getting a brick? 

  19. Based on all of the problems I’m reading about, I don’t want to download the to my DroidX but I get a reminder every 12 hours. How can I stop the reminder from popping up?

  20. My droid X is garbage i hadnt even had it for more than 1 week and the phone froze on me as soon as i turned it on im deployed to iraq and this phone has made my life hell after the verizon store did a hard reboot the phone worke fine and then i get to iraq and the phone wont stay on for more than 10 seconds without turning off which in turn means that the phone wont charge so i cant connect to wifi to try and download the new update.

  21. Before gingerbread my droid x was the best phone in the world for the last year. Then gingerbread was forced on me after repeatedly refusing it. My phone is now a hugh piece of crap, the worst phone I have ever owned. What is worse ;I Motorola and Verizon are absolutely no help at all.
    I don’t see how they can legally hold me to my two year contract

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