State of Mobile Malware Shows Rise in Attacks [Infographic]

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Malware is no longer confined to your notebook, over the past year we’ve seen a big jump in the number of mobile malware attacks that attack your smartphone .

Hackers are going after your phone via unofficial app stores and copycat apps in order to access your information and cost you money by dialing and messaging premium numbers.

BullGuard pulled together a collection of information about mobile Malware to help educate you about the dangers of malware on your smartphone in this handy State of Mobile Malware Infographic.

If you want to avoid getting infected, you should be sure to pay close attention to the “How They Get You” section of the infographic. There is also a good collection of what you should and shouldn’t do to stay protected.

Mobile Malware infographic

Mobile Malware Infographic from BullGuard

While Android is the target of many recent malware attacks, other mobile platforms aren’t in the clear. The BlackBerry platform has seen a fair share of mobile malware threats and old versions of Symbian and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software are also favorite targets.

The iPhone and iPad are in general safe from malware, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk of data being handed off to third parties or for a hacker to access data through nefarious means.

If you are looking for a mobile security app, there are a growing number of offerings, but right now I recommend the free LookOut Mobile Security app.


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