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  1. Scotty Braun

    Adam. How does one get the information that this pic has been taken with Motorola Dinara in the first place?  Is there something embedded inside a picture? Because a normal person looking at this sees a crappy picture of what looks like blue jeans to me, and could of been taken with anything.  

  2. Jon

    A whole new level of stupidity. 13MP is completely useless and will only serve to slow down the camera function, greatly reduce image quality (smaller pixels on a sensor = less light = more noise) and make resizing a PITA.

    At least the rumors show that Google / Samsung is getting it right with the upcoming Prime’s 5MP camera.

  3. Thejdu

    Wonder if this will ship with ICS or Gingerbread. I’m betting on Gingerbread and then the usual ICS summer cycle after the next incarnation is announced in June 2012. And then thats it, EOL as usual. One upgrade cycle/18 months and you’re done every Android device except the Nexus.

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