Samsung Galaxy S II Misses Supposed Release Date on AT&T

We had thought that AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II device would be rolling out today, September 18th, but it appears  that that won’t be happening. Not surprising considering Sprint’s variant of the device went up for pre-order at several places while we haven’t heard nary a peep out of AT&T since the device was introduced back in New York at the end of August.

No word from AT&T on what’s going on and the product page for the Galaxy S II over on Ma Bell’s website reveals nothing but a ‘Coming Soon’ sign.

When is this thing going to launch? We haven’t a clue. And as Android and Me reports, AT&T retail locations are claiming that the phone hasn’t even shown up in their systems yet and that doesn’t seem to bode well for a quick appearance.

Galaxy S II

That being said, you can hold off on going down to the store today to try and pick one of these up. You won’t find anything. Hopefully that changes this week.

Bummer, folks.


    • Kmace395 says

      I’m sure you’re a real winner with many life accomplishments.  Feel free to list them just to make ATT look bad.

    • Kmace395 says

      I’m sure you’re a real winner with many life accomplishments.  Feel free to list them just to make ATT look bad.

        • Guest says

          it’s okay dude. we know you’re kmace’s gay lover and you don’t have to be bitter about having your ass pounded by him daily.

      • DinoBurke says

        AT&T sucks when it comes to updating their android devices compared to VZ and Tmobile.  I am on the fence may leave them for Sprint’s Samsung galaxy s2 device.  Went to the Sprint store and checked it out.  Will give ATT until this weekend if not then oh well new Sprint customer here

      • Guest says

        not sure why you would so quickly take to insulting people.  AT&T is notoriously late to the party.

      • Anonymous says

        lol ok?  
        1. why the insults?
        2. what does that even mean?  this person should feel bad because they haven’t achieved as much as… AT&T?  

  1. Machinegod says

    What a load of horseshit. I’ve been waiting for this phone for so long and AT&T goes and pulls a fucking stunt like this. Stupid jews.

    • Machinegodlicksthestinkstar says

      You are a horrible person.  Jews? What does that even mean? You are a moron. It’s just a phone. AND not at@t’s fault. They pulled NO stunt. It is Samsung’s fault for NOT getting the phone out. WHY do you think that it’s at@t’s fault? Truly it is the fault of sites spreading rumors of release dates…the date has never been verified.

    • Machinegodisateabagger says

      Who cares you idiot. I’ve had one for 6 months and really…it’s nice but…not the greatest. It’s sort of clunky with transitions and the camera is mediocre. Why are you so eaten up with it? You are a an enema stain. You should burn in an oven…

        • Machinegodsucksdonkeydicks says

          Hahahahahahahahah you got my opinion…and I HAVE the phone. YOU do not! and won’t for quite a while!!! Hahahahahahah!! Pretty funny. eat glass? really lame.

      • Funnyshit says

        Oh now that’s funny…you called him an enema stain! Funny shit!! I bet he has NO life except for his penis pump and donkey sucking porn.

  2. Anonymous says

    This phone is the stock version sold all over the world, not a special larger screen or a 1.5 ghs processor, there is no excuse for this delay. Their marketing strategy is really sad.

    • Anonymous says

      Well the Galaxy SII did not get FCC approval until the end of July so the government is a large part of the problem for all of the carriers. Packaging, marketing and shipping then also comes into play.

  3. TQV says

    at, they show a picture of the samsung galaxy s2 but it’s actually the impulse 4g…

  4. Kalanizam says

    Ohhh ya,
                 Waiting SU***S, waiting 4m a long time to get this ph. If ATT still makes me wait longer than this weekend, oh yaa SPRINT will get new customer.

  5. Fgood says

    How did you people live before you had a cell phone? Do you think the world will end if you don’t get what you want immediately?

    • Machinegod says

      Imagine that you are a pedophile that has kidnapped a child. Then imagine their reaction when you tell them you’ll take them home next week. With all that excitement built up the week finally comes for the child to return home only to have you tell your victim that you killed their parents and burnt down the home. 

      That’s what we feel especially since most of us have waited since May for this phone.

      • Guest says

        WOW.  what at analogy.

        Sadly….I kind of feel like my parents were just killed and AT&T still wont stop touching me in bad places….

      • Machinegodistinyandswallows says

        It would be nice if Dexter paid you a visit.  You win d-bag of the month.

      • Kalexandra20 says

         Wow, that’s awful, i am sorry, you have your opinion and i respect that, but make that comparison is just awful, a child is a person, a human being. and for you is the same, a phone is just a piece of technology that one day you will get tired of it and will replace it with a new one, a human being cannot be replace. i myself was waiting for the phone, as well as you, for sooo long, i am very disappointed with ATT, i am also tired of that company, i call yesterday and one of the customer service personnel told me that the phone was available already and that i have to check out in the stores, however when i call today to make and order the other customer service told me that the phone was not available and they do not know when the release date is, what make me really mad.

  6. Guest says

    Not sure it’s worth kicking and screaming over, and actually switching phone companies all together just to get a phone a week or two earlier as a statement?  C’mon…  AT&T may be a bit on the slow side when it comes to releasing phones, and as much as I want the GS2 (been waiting since before the original’s release date), I’m not going to talk about switching services in hopes of a head hancho at AT&T reading it.

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