Most Amazing iPhone and iPad Keyboard Tip Ever

If you type more than a word on the iPhone each day, you need to check out this amazing iPhone keyboard tip that saves you tons of time.


Instead of tapping the “.?123″ button tapping your number or punctuation and tapping”ABC” again and again, you can simply slide your finger across the keyboard to access your common punctuation marks and numbers.

To use this on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, just hold down the “.?123” button on your on-screen keyboard and swipe your finger up to the number or punctuation you need.


iPhone keyboard tipI just discovered this tip, which works in iOS 4 and iOS 5, last week and have already saved a lot of time by cutting numerous taps out of my iPad typing experience.


I couldn’t believe this wasn’t explained to me when I bought one of these devices or in conversation with veteran iOS device users, until I showed this tip to them and they didn’t know it existed.

This still isn’t as nice as the long press for common functions on Android devices, or a substitute for the ability to use a different keyboard on Android, but it does make the iPhone keyboard much more usable for me.