HTC Sensation XL Caught on Video Showing Off 4.7-Inch Display

Remember the phone with the funny name? The HTC Runnymede? Turns out, that won’t be its name when it hits shelves. Shocking, we know. Instead, according to Pocketnow, the HTC Runnymede will be known as the HTC Sensation XL and not the HTC Bass as was originally thought. In addition to the branding, the HTC Sensation XL has leaked out on video courtesy of Engadget, showing off its gorgeous form factor and massive 4.7-inch display.

Make no mistake, the Sensation branding doesn’t mean that its specs are close to the original Sensation or the HTC Sensation XE. Instead, the Sensation XL is rumored to feature a massive display, single core 1.5GHz processor, and of course, as you can see in the video, Beats Audio support.

HTC Sensation XL

It has also been rumored to include an 8MP camera capable of putting out 720p video, a 9.9mm design, and 16GB of internal storage.

As for the video, it gives a brief tour of the device’s design including its white coloring. We also get a glimpse at its software although we aren’t entirely sure which version of Gingerbread it will have on board when its released.

Look for the Runnymede, ahem, HTC Sensation XL to debut in October.


  1. I’m all for good audio on phones, I just don’t ave the feeling that beats is more than a marketing gimmick and a dumb equalizer.
    I’ve never seen any serious test of them ?

    • From an HP Envy review: “Where the Envy 15 really shines is its Beats audio system. HP took extra care to isolate the audio components on the motherboard to avoid the interference that can result in static on some PCs, and it also added an amplifier and DSP to boost and enhance the audio. The results on the built-in speakers are good—volume and clarity are above average. Plug the Envy 15 into external speakers or a good set of headphones, though, and you’ll find the audio is nothing short of astounding for a notebook.” There could be something to these HTC Beats phones if they do in fact isolate and upgrade the audio components. 

      • That’s a good start, but hardly a review, and hardly beats-specific. Knowing how objective reviewers are (or not ?), an explanation of what beats stand for, and a few measurements would set my mind at ease

        • Until the phones are released, I think we are out of luck.  Hopefully, then somebody will do a review measuring actual audio performance like people have done with mp3 players.  My main point was the isolating of components in the notebook.  Not so much about how they sounded.  The horrible hissing in smartphones makes them impractical to use with my headphones.  So that alone would be a nice step up from non-beats phones.  I think we are in the minority for people who really care about the audio quality from our phones so we may never see a traditional audio review.  I carry around a Cowon J3 to listen to music and will continue to do so until some smartphone manufacturer starts to take audio seriously.

  2. that wouldnt make sense for them to use a single core when the original sensation 4g for tmobile has a 1.2 dual core snapdragon. but whaetver.

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