5 New iPhone 4S Features That Android Already Has

Underwhelmed by yesterday’s iPhone 4S announcement? You’re not alone. Aside from the fact that the world didn’t get the iPhone 5 it was expecting, many of the new features included in the 4S aren’t all that exciting or revolutionary. Sure, they’re new for iPhone users, but the Android fans in the house have been there, done that.

I’d say with the exception of Siri (which is admittedly very cool), the bulk of the iPhone’s upgrades merely bring it to the same level as the hottest new ‘droid devices.

Apple A5 and Nvidia Tegra 2 Chips

Dual-Core Power — Apple announced with glee that the dual-core A5 chip that powers the iPad 2 is now also the muscle behind the iPhone 4S (backed up by 1GB of RAM). That’s nice and all, but the LG Optimus 2X and the Motorola Atrix 4G long ago utilized the dual-core chip from a tablet (Nvidia Tegra 2) for speedy performance and gaming prowess. Not to mention the Motorola Droid Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy S II phones which utilize different dual-core innards.

Speech to Text


Speech to Text — One aspect of the Siri personal assistant is the ability to press a mic icon on the keyboard to dictate text to the phone. I’ve been using the voice-enabled keyboard on Android since early 2010, which works pretty much the same way.

Find My Friends and Google Latitude

Find My Friends — This feature, which locates your friends and family whether they’re in the immediate vicinity or across town, is just like Google Latitude. No one I know uses Latitude because it feels unnecessary and stalkerish. I wonder if Apple’s version will get wider adoption?

iPhone 4S and Droid Bionic Cameras

8MP Camera — Once again several Android phones, including the Droid Bionic and the HTC Thunderbolt, beat the iPhone to this feature by months. And the Bionic records 1080p video, too.

4G — I know, this one isn’t really fair, is it? Because the iPhone 4S doesn’t really have 4G, it just has a theoretical maximum speed that “some people call 4G.” I bet those people do not include owners of the HTC Evo 4G, Nexus S, Droid Charge, or LG Revolution.

The 4S may be the most advanced iPhone ever, but it’s not quite the fanciest handset on the block.


  1. Wow… it seems like Apple is running after Android. But I prefer iPhone. I found some naughty apps for it earlier here: http://reviewz.tumblr.com/ ;)

  2. I wish articles like this would stop using Mega-Pixels as the only metric for cameras.  Multiple studies have shown that the number of MP is but one of many qualities to consider in a camera, and that beyond 5MP increasing the number of pixels has very marginal returns.  Better things to include would be the aperture, or the quality of the light sensor.  Or at least a subjective appraisal of how the pictures look compared to the earlier camera or that of other phones.

    • I see where your going but sorry a few Android handsets have better than f2.8 cam on them and they do take better shots. Also noise is notisably less on at least the EVO’s and the Galaxy S II than the iPhone 4S.

    • I agree. It would be better if they just said its got a really neat phone that’s finally just as good as the other new phones.

    • Months ago it was a blatant copy of Android; now it’s a blatant copy of WebOS with the swipe to dismiss the notification.

  3. At the end of the day, the iPhone4 is a piece of art that passes for a cell phone and a computer at the same time. There are cars that run as fast, or faster than Ferraris, but a Ferrari is still a Ferrari.
    The thing Android phones have not achieved is the chic factor. Cheap plastics and looks overwhelm their tech prowess.
    The iPhone is an experience. Androids are just cell phones.

    • I agree with you. I wanted the iPhone but was stuck with getting the HTC Eris on Verizon. The HTC started to do some weird things with the phone and calls. I then went to the Motorola X. Thought I liked it but it still wasn’t the iPhone. I had to reboot the phone every day. Then finally, I got the white iPhone on Verizon. The screen is fantastic, the movement is smooth, the phone itself feels great to hold, and the experience in unmatched by any Android. I’ll never go back. (:o))

      • Basically everything else out there is a wanna be IPhone, which has style, cool factor, and a great overall experience.

      •  Yup, I had 3 droid phones in 2 years, and they ALL fail within 6 months of ownership.  I have no idea why.  I was really careful not to over download and cram the memory.   Now I can barely talk on my my touch 3g slide. (it takes 15 seconds to go to dial screen, and master reset 4 times within 3 months.)
        I guess I am unlucky, but I’m done with droid phones. 
        I am also sick and tired of comparisons.  They are both neat phones.  They aim for different needs and I need Iphone for me(I’m a mac user).  That’s all.  I’ve seen new android phones and they all seems super cool, but I don’t want one. 

  4. I think this whole competition between Android and iOS needs to stop. These operating systems at their core (AKA Vanilla Android) are geared towards different users. If you are not very technology inclined, then of course you’re getting an iPhone, if you are, then Android becomes an option to seriously consider. 

    HTC and many other companies have added their own skins to Android phones so they have more eye candy and appeal to the average user. This seems to have backfired though in many ways because Sense, MotoBlur, and older versions of TouchWiz are plagued by lag problems. This, and the fact that the Android OS still doesn’t support full hardware acceleration. The only phone that I believe has been optimized for H.A. is the Galaxy S II, which is obviously the best and fastest Android phone out in the market right now. 

    So yea, for the most part, iOS and Android have been geared to different sets of people – until now. I believe the Samsung Galaxy S II has and will continue to change that so Android can further exceed.

    • I have the HTC Evo 4G, and I’ve never had any lag in the past year f owning it.  They happen (can’t speak for other manufacturers) to be really good about updates.  I can’t5 speak to the hardware acceleration, as a) I’m not that technical and b) my phone is plenty fast enough (for now).  Although I’m sure I will upgrade when a quad-core phone comes out.

  5. Android was created in 2003 .. Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 .. Apple has been coping Android from the start.

  6. Going by specs shows the op doesn’t get it.Every dual core Android phone I have seen is slow and laggy compared to the current iPhone 4.The 8 megapixel camera on Android phones is not as good as the 5 megapixel on the iPhone 4.Siri blows away Androids minimal voice recognition.

  7. Dude, the A5 chip is significantly faster and more powerful than anything we have in the Android world. Don’t minimize the competition in an effort to bolster your own ego.

  8. The iphone 4/4s are the best phones (literally) ever to hit the market. Like another posted said “it is a piece of art that passes for a phone and a computer” it can literally do anything you want and than some. With out all the useless clutter. This comes from a guy who has used a cheaply made and always faulty android. (for a head dropping, 3 weeks) before it broke and i returned it. Apple makes solid, durable, sexy products. I’m already gearing up for the iphone 5 though! it’s suppose to wash my cloths, grill my chicken and steam my broccoli while im in the shower!

  9. Don’t forget the amazing features like Twitter integrated in OS, wi-fi sync, calendar now displaying also horizontally or a possibility to delete songs WITHIN the mobile! :-D

  10. This is a great article but is it fair that you are compairing 4 different android phone to just 1 iPhone? Every phone has its great but we all know we can’t all have the best smartphone there is!

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