AT&T Not Listing iPhone 4S on Web Store Yet

As it turns out, if you’re lucky enough to make through AT&T’s website debacle in the early morning hours as Apple has finally lifted the gates for iPhone 4S pre-orders, you can’t even pre-order an iPhone 4S through AT&T. The sole GSM carrier that’s offering the iPhone in its product lineup has still not even updated its web store to show the iPhone 4S for pre-order, but apparently you still can get an iPhone 4.

With Apple’s store under maintenance as pre-orders are already under way at Verizon and Sprint, this pre-order launch is now a major disaster.

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  1. WRONG, and stop your silly whining.  And I’d hardly call it a disaster, you drama queen!  Grow up and whil you’re at grow a pair of real b*lls.  AT&T went live with iPhone 4S pre-orders at approximately 2:50am CST as I just placed two upgrade orders via the AT&T website and I’ve already received order confirmation emails from AT&T.  so, as usual some putz is jumping the gun and calling a late online pre-order start a disaster.  Perhaps the real disaster is the writer of this post is allowed to publish his nonsense online at all.

  2. As soon as Apple’s store went live at about 3:50 EDT, it was immediately bogged down, via either my iPhone or a browser. I tried the ATT site just to see if they had it, and they did. Five minutes, I was done and dusted.

    I don’t know what kind of “debacle” to which you refer, because I didn’t see anything but fast page loads and a quick transaction.

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