Samsung Galaxy Nexus Won’t Have Gorilla Glass

In what will probably be a little bit of a disappointment for some of you looking to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon (or AT&T and Sprint), Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, has confirmed via Twitter that its damage resistant screen technology will not be found on the upcoming Android 4.0 powered Nexus.

Those of you who have a tendency to drop your phone are probably shaking in your boot and those of you that take good care of your smartphone are probably shrugging. Yes, it would have been fantastic to see Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus but this isn’t and shouldn’t be a deal breaker for those of you interested in picking up this phone.

Remember, there are plenty of products out there, like Invisishield for instance, that can act as a fairly suitable replacement.

Galaxy Nexus

Now, we will say this. The news is a little bit odd considering Gorilla Glass was listed on the press release that we saw right before the Galaxy Nexus announcement. Was there a last second change? A typo?


We’ll probably never know.

Anyone crushed by the news?

Via: Phandroid

Update: As reader Gus vs. Walt points out, Samsung confirmed that it won’t be using Gorilla Glass with the Galaxy Nexus but another kind of fortified glass. No elaboration.


  1. That’s just outright foolish. In a phone this high-end, that’s surely to be used as the ICS flagship for Verizon and Samsung, why not go one step further and install Gorilla Glass? Screen protectors are not as reliable as GG (they can and do peel off), pasting on a protector is an unnecessary hassle with current glass tech, and GG is also impact resistant — something a screen protector doesn’t buy you!

    This might be a deal-breaker for me. I can always wait a couple of months for another 4.0 phone that does have Gorilla Glass. I’m sure Motorola will have something out in short order.

    • It appears that samsung used their own “fortified” glass for the screen. Probably equivalent to “Gorilla Glass” which is just a name brand, really.

      • i hope that’s the case. i’ve had a string of bad luck with my phones screens recently which is weird because i always take such good care of my devices. i dropped my Galaxy SI in the super market (missed my shirt pocket) and the screen basically exploded, which is the reason i’m in the market for this anyway. lets hope they’ve improved the tech since then, if only for piece of mind’s sake.

      • say that to my samsung continuum with “fortified” samsung glass…………….screen shattered from one drop…………

    • If that’s true, no GG might not matter. If it’s just the same old glass, I know too many people who managed to crack screens just carrying phones around in their pockets or purses.

      • Here’s a GREAT video that shows Dropping and iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy S2………. just goes to show how tough Samsung screens really are……..

  2. Samsung is using another fortified glass. This is old news. It was posted on their Facebook page last week …..

  3. We all need to calm down about these things.  I am SURE that the phone won’t simply implode upon dropping JUST because it doesn’t have Gorilla Glass!

    • those work but they are so friggin wonky looking. a lot of my coworkers have them on their iPhones and Blackberry’s and they just look like they add so much size to the phone. i’d much rather have a silicone skin and the piece of mind knowing the phone itself is drop resistant.

    • You go right on ahead and get yourself that IPHONE 4S. Those things break apart on the first drop. Enjoy your permanent jig saw puzzle wallpaper.

  4. My GG on my galaxy I has viturally no scratches after a year with no screen protector and much abuse (skiing, biking, camping, etc), but my mom’s 1 month old nexus S is full of scratches!! I dont trust samsungs glass!

  5. Ahh, well I’ve seen alot of people break and scratch their gorilla glass, myself included.. So its good, but not perfect. If the G-Nex wasnt announced not having Gorilla glass I’m sure no one would notice..

  6. Well the iPhone 4S also has “fortified glass” and in the drop test comparing it to the Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy S2 the screen of the iPhone shattered.

  7. a lot of the things they skipped on with this phone are starting to add up in my opinion… i break every phone screen i own.

  8. I’m disappointed no gorilla glass no sd card i am going for motorola droid razr or wait until next year for samsung galaxy s3

  9. Just plain dumb. How many more of these “I’m sure it won’t be a deal breaker” type of scenarios are we gonna see before the phone is actually released? There is way too much B$ marketing that get’s in the way of someone actually releasing one bad A$$ phone.

  10. Samsung confirmed there is fortified glass on Galaxy Nexus.  Hope it’s Dragontrail from Asahi Glass.  That’s even better than Corning’s Gorilla Glass. :D

  11. Actually, YEA I AM. That being said, I’ll once again wait for all the cell phonies mfg’s to get it right with things like Battery Life, and now Gorilla Glass before making a move.

    • Before i was ericson fun than nokia took it place and now, i am driving crazy with galaxy s2.
      In coming days i ll try nexus also.
      About i phone: you need more muscules to care it,ha. My galaxy s2 felt from 2m. on beton and it spring as ping pong but nothing happend to it. that why i like galaxy s2 too mutch.
      I pay 700 bax but its already pay me back with android market. i can read and fallow all the newspapers or anything else. thanks to samsung.
      What i want in next phone beter reich, battery and faster. its already beter than i phone but i believe it can be more.
      Zaza from DERSIM

  12. I care. As long as it works I don’t care but I know that the “fortified glass” on the iPhone 4S is sh*t compared to the Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy S2. If it is comparable to Gorilla Glass then I don’t care what brand it is, but past experience says that there is a good chance it will be little better than the glass on the iPhone and that just doesn’t cut it for me.

  13. Hopefully this “fortified glass” will be a good replacement.  I guess to keep the costs down with LTE and maybe the curved manufacturing, the Gorilla Glass had to go.  But man, seeing this is the new flagship Android phone, they should put Knight Rider’s (KITT’s) molecular-bonded shell on it!

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