Samsung Mocks Apple and iPhone in Latest Galaxy S II Ad

Samsung has been on an absolute roll lately in the mobile advertising world. First, it released a fantastic ad for the American version of the Galaxy S II and then Google put out an equally awesome ad for Sammy’s Galaxy Nexus. Today though, the company has taken it up a notch as its latest Galaxy S II ad mocks Apple, the iPhone 4S, those who love Apple products, and more.

I had been waiting for someone, Motorola, HTC, Google, someone to lace into the competition because of how flooded the market is right now, but it was Samsung who decided to go all-in and it did not disappoint.

I mean, it even managed to include the hipster barista in there.

The ad could not come at a more volatile time for the companies either as both are pitted against in litigation over patents.


And this should only add fuel to the fire.

Via: Mashable




  1. One might expect and actually look forward to the kind of petty, immature “my phone’s bigger than yours” mentality that exists on tech nerd forums, but to stoop to this level in an ad campaign makes Samsung look, well, petty, immature and remarkably pathetic.

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