Verizon Tortures Galaxy Nexus Buyers with Droid RAZR Announcement

It appears that Verizon has decided to play a cruel trick on those waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as the carrier has announced that the white version of the Motorola Droid RAZR will be launching tomorrow, December 15th, for $299 on-contract. If you recall, December 15th is the date that many, us included, have pegged for the launch of the Galaxy Nexus.

The white Droid RAZR, as we’ve told you before, is the exact same device as the black model. It just has a different paint job. Same hardware, same software, same exorbitant on-contract price.

In addition, the carrier has announced that customers buying the white Droid RAZR can take $100 off of a new Droid Xyboard tablet. Both will require a two year contract if you wish to take advantage of that offer.

Droid RAZR

Even though the carrier has made the white Droid RAZR official for the 15th, it’s still possible that the Galaxy Nexus will launch tomorrow as well.

Yeah, we’re optimistic.

In any event, make sure read our review of the Motorola Droid RAZR before you shell out your money tomorrow.


  1. Love the title of this blog. They are torturing us.  Big Red is the Big L. They suck. I’ll be leaving Verizon in a year or two.  I say “Occupy Verizon”.  I think they WOULD announce it, so unless there’s another announcement later, this shit’s not coming. 

  2. I don’t know if they would announce it because they won’t make as much money as they would off the razr and rezound.  They don’t care for the phone but we all do!

  3. I was just at my VZW store during my lunch break, and they said tomorrow the GNEX will be available.

    My fingers are crossed, but I am not holding my breathe…..

    • I stopped by my store, today, and I asked a sales guy if he could confirm the rumor the GN would launch tomorrow. He said he couldn’t, and said they didn’t even have the phones yet, but to try calling the store later in the afternoon to see if had an update yet.

  4. Just came from local (San Diego) Verizon store. Was told they just got an email that they can sell Nexus beginning in the morning. Promised me if I get there, they’ll be selling them. He said they had EIGHTY in stock.

  5. I’ve talked to multiple Best Buy stores and they all said that they will be selling the SGN starting tomorrow!!…………*fingers-crossed*

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