iOS 6 Jailbreak: 2012 Ends with Hope, but no iPhone 5 Jailbreak

iPhone 5 jailbreak update

After more than 3 months the iOS 6 jailbreak is still missing, leaving iPhone 4S owners stuck on iOS 5.1 and no iPhone 5 jailbreak for the millions of new iPhone owners. We’ve seen progress on the iOS 6 jailbreak over the past few months, with small successes in the hands of the experienced jailbreak […]

HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich Update Missing Into 2013


The HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update, which was originally promised to be out by August and was said to be coming soon will apparently not be arriving until at least 2013 as the update remains missing heading into next year. Read: HTC ThunderBolt ICS Update Held Back by Connectivity Issues. Since August, HTC ThunderBolt […]

Happy New Year: A Wish List for 2013


A Wish List for 2013 Happy New Year! Many of our GBM readers are already celebrating the arrival of 2013 while the clock ticks down on 2012 here in the states. Each new year brings hope of things new, or different, or changed, but if you’ve lived long enough, you know that much will stay […]

Official Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Almost Here, Stays Thin


It appears as though the official Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery release date is almost here with Amazon seemingly set to release the highly anticipated accessory in Germany in early January. Read: Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 Update Rolls Out to LTE Model. According to a listing from Amazon Germany, found by Android Central, the […]

U.S. Cellular Galaxy Note 2 Update Brings Multi-Window View


Just short of the end of 2013, U.S. Cellular has seen it fit to update its Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a killer feature called Multi-Window View which allows users to split their display into two parts running two separate applications. Read: AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Multi-Window View Update Rolling Out Now. The update, which […]

Galaxy Note 2 Review: Great, but Awkward to Hold

Galaxy Note 2 review - S Pen

When showing the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 to people over the past two weeks, the most common question was, “Isn’t the Galaxy Note 2 too big?” The Galaxy Note 2 is one of the largest phones we’ve reviewed, measuring in at 151 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm, with a 5.5-inch display which earn the device […]

New BlackBerry 10 Device With AT&T 4G LTE Passes Through FCC


A new BlackBerry 10 device from RIM recently passed through the FCC for approval with radios in place for AT&T’s network according to an Engadget report. The new device doesn’t have a name beyond its model number which is RFF91LW. The phone has radios for AT&T’s 4G LTE and GSM networks and runs BlackBerry OS […]

New Galaxy Note 2 Ad Shows Off Business Savvy Multi-Window Feature

Galaxy Note II ad

The latest ad for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 shows off the phone’s Multi-Window mode for work and for play. The ad shows two workers both using the Galaxy Note II talking about how they use the phablet. The woman in the ad talks about sending a text message while viewing a video of puppies, while […]

New York Mayor Says iPhone, iPad The Cause For Rising Theft Numbers

iPhone-5-review best of

The rate of major crimes in New York City was up for 2012, and Mayor Bloomberg blames Apple device theft according to a New York Times report. In 2012 New York City saw an increase of 3,484 major crime incidents throughout all five boroughs. The increase in the number of stolen Apple devices increased by […]

Five Most Affordable Music Streaming Apps


The way users listen to music has changed. And with advancements in mobile technology, streaming music has become particularly more commonplace. Streaming music can be cheaper for listeners than buying music from iTunes, and also offer more variety. With an audio stream the user can change what they are listening to, as opposed sticking to […]

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 (Rumored)


Back in September, Apple released its new iPhone 5, the first iPhone to feature a larger display and 4G LTE data speeds. And as we head into 2013, future competitors to the new iPhone 5 are already dotting the landscape with one of those devices being the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, a device that should […]

Best Tech of 2012

Nike-Fuel-Band-Review-best of 2012

Here’s a look at the best gadgets and services of 2012.  We still haven’t found the perfect gadget, but the following 21 items are as close as we saw in the past 12 months.  While we saw thousands of gadgets, apps and services in 2012, these are the ones we recommend to our friends, family […]

5 Thoughts on Google’s Motorola ‘X Phone’


While there are rumors aplenty regarding several big name smartphones for 2013 including the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S, HTC M7 and more, we hadn’t seen anything leak about a high-powered Motorola device, that is, until about a week ago when a device from Google and Motorola , dubbed the ‘X Phone’ partially revealed itself […]

New Nexus 4 Batch Shipping Out

Nexus 4 Bumper Review - 10

It appears that a fresh new wave of Nexus 4 orders have shipped out today, a great sign for those who ordered the new Nexus smartphone, and a sign that Google and LG might be making progress in ironing out their supply issues that have plagued the device since November. Read: Nexus 4 Launch Remains […]

Black Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pictured


If an image is to be believed, Samsung might be cooking up a black Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to add to the two colors that it already offers for the 5.5-inch Android phablet. Read: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 (Rumored). An image, dug up by Android Slash courtesy of SamMobile, depicts what […]

ZTE Rumored To Debut New Grand S Phone at CES 2013

ZTE Grand S

Unwired View is saying that at CES 2013, ZTE will likely debut its new 5-inch Android smartphone, which could capture the title of thinnest 5-inch 1080p smartphone. The smartphone, called the ZTE Grand S, will take the title from ZTE’s other recent “phablet,” the Nubia Z5. Like the Nubia Z5 the Grand S will have a 5-inch […]

How to Know When the Nexus 4 is Back in Stock


As we head into the New Year, Google’s latest Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 4, remains sold out completely through the Google Play Store with no return in sight. Those who still wish to buy it might be waiting a few weeks before it comes back into stock but that doesn’t mean that you’ll need to […]

iOS 6.1 Release Date Could Arrive in January


Apple still has not announced an iOS 6.1 release date though it has been rumored to be coming after the holidays. And according to one reliable source, the iOS 6.1 release date could be getting extremely close as it appears either the next beta or even the gold master version of the software could arrive […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Pegged for April with S-Pen, Jelly Bean


The Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor mill is at it again and this time it has produced a series of interesting possible features for the Samsung Galaxy S4 including a 5-inch display that has 1080p resolution, S-Pen support and Android Jelly Bean. Read: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mock-Up Video: Beautiful Design, Rumored Specs. The report, which comes […]