Ford Unveils the 2013 Fusion Energi Plug In Car (Video)

At CES 2012 today Ford CEO Allan Mulally officially unveiled the 2013 Ford Fusion Energi, a plug in hybrid sedan that is capable of 100 miles per gallon, well the equivalent in electric power, and features the connectivity you would expect from a new Ford electric vehicle.


The new Ford Fusion Energi is the official car of CES and includes goodies we would expect such as Ford Sync and MyFord Touch, which will connect you to apps and services in your car without the need to constantly fumble with your phone or take your eyes of the road.

2013 Ford Fusion Energie

The 2013 Ford Fusion Energi

In the video below you can see Allan Mulally take the covers off the new 2013 Ford Fusion Energi in Las Vegas on day one of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.


Mulally shared that you will be able to use your smartphones and tablet to connect and interact with your 2013 Ford Energi. We are looking forward to checking out what the company has in store for the connected driver when the 2013 Ford Fusion Energi hits the streets.


The 2013 Ford Fusion Energie includes many of the additional features that you come to expect in a new connected Ford like;

  • Lane Keeping System: This class-exclusive technology consists of three elements to help a driver maintain proper lane position. Using a small, forward-facing camera behind the inside rearview mirror, the system “looks” down the road, monitoring lane lines to determine that the car is on course. The system will alert a driver if drowsiness or erratic lane-keeping is detected. The second element warns a driver with a steering wheel vibration if the Fusion drifts too close to lane markings. Finally, lane keeping aid will actually apply pressure on the steering to help bring the car back into proper lane position
  • Adaptive cruise control: Using forward-looking radar, this system “looks” down the road when activated, slowing the Fusion when slower traffic is detected ahead. Adaptive cruise control enables collision warning with brake support to help slow the car if the potential of a crash is detected
  • Active park assist: Employing sensors, this technology can identify a suitable parallel parking space, calculate the trajectory and steer the car to properly position it within the spot. All a driver need do is operate accelerator and brake pedals
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with cross-traffic alert: Sensors in both Fusion rear quarter-panels are able to detect traffic in a driver’s blind spot, providing both audible and visual warnings if traffic – unseen by the driver – is detected. BLIS technology enables cross-traffic alert, warning the driver of oncoming traffic when backing out of a parking space with obstructed views, such as between two large vans

What do you think about the new Ford Fusion Energi and connected cars? Are you ready for an electric car with apps that help you manage the experience?