Instagram’s Android Launch Appears Imminent

Popular iOS photography app Instagram’s launch on the Android platform is said to be very close. Notification for the app was seen on a user’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, but when the user tried to download the app, the link was broken and the download could not be initiated.

Instagram developers have stated in the past that they are working on porting their app to the Android operating system, and given the growing number of Android users, the move will definitely serve to help Instagram grow its user base. On the Android platform right now, there are other third-party substitutes to Instagram.

Instagram has still not provided a specific date as to when the app will be available on Android. Given that the notification is now beginning to pop-up, we’re hoping that the launch will happen sooner than later.

Via: Android Community


  1. Revd Lovejoy says

    There was a fake Instagram app on the market that was removed a few days back. Could it have been this that your source saw?

  2. Costas Themis says

    I don’t understand why theyre making us wait so long.. It would help the company grow so much, plus would make alotta Android users very happy.. A little confused & irritated @ the delay…

    • Sam says

      According to CrunchBase, Instagram is a company of only 6 employees. To develop a high quality app, let alone port an existing app, takes an incredible amount of time and resources to pull off. I’m sure they’re hard at work with the talent they have to make this happen.

  3. Yalevanessa says

    pleaseeee…make it possible as soon as possible please…I’m dying for this app!:((

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