No Windows Phone for Verizon Until Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)?

Things are not looking good for me and other Verizon customers wanting to get their hands on a Windows Phone. It doesn’t seem like it will be happening any time soon. I didn’t really think I would have to pay up on my  “Windows Phone Tattoo Bet” that I put out there shortly before MWC, but I didn’t think I would have to wait until Fall/Winter 2012 either.

According to The Verge yesterday, Verizon is rumored to have had a Windows Phone 7.5 Nokia phone lined up that was cancelled. Tom Warren wondered if it was AT&T announcing the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II or just the LTE support excuse. Either way, it now seems that Verizon is sitting it out until Windows Phone 8 (Apollo). This is very disappointing for those of us that actually want a Windows Phone but choose Verizon. Sprint users are in the same boat apparently.

Verizon is now expected to stock at least one Windows Phone 8 device, thought to be a future Nokia handset, once the operating system update is available later this year. We are hearing that no Windows Phone devices will be made available with Verizon LTE support until Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” is ready later this year. – The Verge

This means that I will have to continue using this tired old Samsung Galaxy Nexus unless AT&T, HTC, or Nokia decides to hook me up with a Windows Phone review unit with AT&T service included. Bummer.

The article on The Verge mentions that this rumored model that got the axe was code-named the Nokia OM and was expected to be available this past January. If that date is right and this rumor is indeed true, this would have been pretty big news at CES 2012, if not earlier. Currently Verizon only has the HTC Trophy running Windows Phone and this is the only Windows Phone model they’ve offered. The equivalent phones on US GSM carriers have been basically phased out already.

Attention Microsoft, if you want to succeed with Windows Phone, YOU HAVE TO get Verizon and Sprint involved. It’s that simple.


  1. JP says


    I don’t disagree with your sentiments, except I think it’s still a little early to describe the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as old and tired. It’s only a few months old, and still the only phone being sold with ICS!  Other than that, totally agree that Verizon and Sprint need to offer a Windows Phone handset before Apollo.  C’mon, Microsoft, throw some money at them and make it so!

  2. gorkon says

    Tired old Galaxy Nexus??  Seriously?  If you don’t want it you can send it to me.  :-P

    Personally?  Windows Phone has yet to make much noise other than the noise at CES.  I don’t think Microsoft has any traction.  At all.  With that said, I think that you are right.  If they want to make it in the US, they WILL need Verizon and Sprint.

  3. J Hornstien says

    There’s more going on here than meets the eye. Verizon has taken the Trophy out of most stores and hasn’t had any extended batteries in stock for ages. There’s some kind of pissing contest going on. No secret that there’s a good amount of animosity from Verizon towards Microsoft but you’d think with the high user satisfaction ratings that Verizon Trophy users are posting on Verizon’s own website, that they’d warm up.

  4. guest says

    Ive been holding out for a Windows Phone on Verizon,
    Not sure if i will make it,  my old phone (Imagion) has a crack on its screen, its still working but not sure for how long.  REALLY REALLY want a 4g Windows Phone.

  5. Truth says

    I wish ATT had a better network cause they have all the devices..   That HTC TitanII looks pretty good to me..  Come on Verizion!!!

  6. JesusSaves says

    Verizon, GET WITH THE PROGRAM! You are going to make us switch carriers if you don’t provide us with decent Windows Phones, and soon!

  7. ImpatientUser says

    This is painful to read. I’m still using my palm pre plus (thanks hp… For nothing). I was really hoping for a WP by summer. I refuse any and all Apple and I’m sick of verizon whoring out androids, and blackberry, don’t even get me started. I may just have to jump ship and go with AT&T.

  8. worleyeoe says

    Um, Microsoft. You need to purchase Sprint and Nokia and take first mover’s advantage with becoming an integrated smartphone / wireless carrier. Use your deep pockets to reduce the costs of owning a smartphone and other wireless devices like W8 tablets. If you do this as you continue to build your applications ecosystem, you will stand a much better chance of increasing your market share significantly.

  9. Lausangio says

    Microsoft’s OS Is the best I’ve seen. Less complicated than android and more complicated than iOS. It also has the best looks. It’s a shame it’s not selling that well because everything about it is so nice. They have to take notes from HTC phones or other companies. It seems like they come out with a new phone every month and never wp7. I’ve never met anyone with wp7. Can’t wait to replace thunderbolt in march 2013 with a wp8.

    • JD says

      I have my Windows Phone 7 from Verizon – HTC Trophy – I love my phone, but waiting patiently for win8 at VERIZON,, I am great with the phone down on Verizon for not stepping up to the plate with Microsoft.

  10. Jhartsb says

    Gosh freakin damnit why Verizon why!!!!!!! I would love to just jump ship to AT&T and get the lumina or Titan 2 but I can’t cuz I’m stuck on my parents Verizon plan. Ahhhhh I am tired of ios (iPhone 4) and android gets on my nerves. Wp was going to be my nextt choice. Holy frekin crap I am mad. I HATE VERIZON!!!!! Their service isn’t even that great for the money they make us pay.

  11. Sarajoswee77 says

    i think this is finally the push for me.  i was dragging my feet about leaving verizon, but i have to have the nokia lumia 900.  have to, have to, have to have it!  i guess this is the final straw, big red.

  12. Stacy says

    I am waiting too. I hope they get Verizon on board with the new windows 8 phones. I do not want to buy an iphone. I do not want to buy and iphone. I do not want to buy an iphone!

  13. JD says

    Verizon is supposed to come out with 3 new WINDOWS PHONES but they wont say when, or they just don’t know. I hate being the last to get a new windows phone. Verizon has the best coverage areas, but the worst selection of Windows phones. It’s getting very frustrating running around with old technology. Windows Phone 7 is awesome, Windows phone 8 will be amazing, bring it to us VERIZON!!!!!!!!

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