RIM Doesn’t Want You to Jailbreak the BlackBerry PlayBook

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  1. Serge333999

    I bought a Playbook…it will be the last one. ¬†Good luck RIM

  2. Rico

    Why jailbreak it ,,,,,,,playbook is broken already ,,,,piece of garbage,,that’s what happens for not doing research before buying,this is like having an atari,,,,,,,go pacman don don don

  3. Naman

    Playbook a piece of shit…!!! Dont know how long will the blackberry survive!!!

  4. Black buried

    Piece of junk. Just hate it! Should give it to my dog so she can chew on it and bury it somewhere in the yard!

  5. enrique

    Piece of shit playbook, last upgrade…piece of garbage with the new,
    lines across the screens and crashes a lot… 1st and last one… NO SUPPORT FROM THIS SHIT COMPANY… WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY FOR THIS 32G SHIT…
    Can only do one screen at a time

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