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  1. Brenden ‘Woody’ Wood

    I can’t wait for Instagram mainly because of the social network aspect. The image filters can be done on heaps of apps already but Instagrams sharing service is growing like crazy. A lot of people I know are saying that they use it more than Facebook.

  2. Josh

    Can someone please contact me and let me know why my comment was deleted? It was relevant to the article and opinions expressed within, but for some reason it’s gone… I just want to know so that I can make an informed decision as to if I shall be participating in this site any longer and even more so, if I’m even going to bother checking this site out any longer.

  3. Du7chz

    so much for a march release. april fools suckas. im gettin tired of waiting. not so much for the effects.. but the bundle of features and effects + social network AND post to facebook and twitter all in one. that has really captured my imagination, its the complete photo editing/sharing app. and its taking forfcknever.

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