Big Phone Haters To The Left

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  1. Kxc1279

    Thank you KT Bradford for putting in print what i am thinking! I love gadgets, big or small and i love having choice! From my iPhone 4S to my new GSM Galaxy Tab 7.7 Phone it doesnt get any better for me(until the hexacore smartphones arrive that is:)) Btw my friends and coworkers are hilariously rioting over how GIGANTIC AND RIDICULOUS my 7.7 Galaxy Tab Smartphone is, its crazy funny that i have to send you a twitpic!

  2. Jeb Hoge

    Sorry, but I agree with the phone size thing. Every time I’ve gone and looked at newer phones, I’ve always come back to being glad that I’ve got a keyboard phone with a smaller screen (LG Ally). It’s annoying that the options seem only to be trending to bigger screens at the expense of innovating in a more compact footprint.

    • K. T. Bradford

       which phones have you looked at? Off the top of my head I;d say that HTC Rhyme is a good smaller phone, as is the Droid Pro/Motorola XPRT (and those have keyboards). HTC Status is fun, is odd.

  3. Dale Strauss

    EXCELLENT article K. T.!  I thought we were past this when we started calling our desktop masters PC’s because they were PERSONAL computers. Same goes for phones. If you like (or need – presbyopia) big screens, go for it. In fact, the Galaxy Note reminds me of the near perfect fusion of a cell phone and Daytimer Junior (oh man, that really dates me, doesn’t it).

    Some writers need to “get over” themselves!

  4. Tim Davies

    The larger screen that the Galaxy Note Offers is the ONLY thing that drew me away from the iPhone. I really do not care for android as an OS, but I have been willing to put up with it because of that wonderful screen. I have large hands…I like a big phone. Had it for 5 months now and I’m not sorry.

  5. ubuniz

    Sad isheeps. Take the icock out. Now

  6. Draenar Dubrovna

    I find it surprising that anyone is complaining about Jordan’s plea.  The underlying article is about not having consumers decrease choice, voluntarily, by considering the advantages of smaller phones, not any limitation on choice itself.

    There are a lot of reasons why a smaller phone may be a good thing.  It’s good to see those mentioned along with the advantages of the mini-tablets we are beginning to see marketed as phones.

    • K. T. Bradford

      Considering that in the first or second paragraph Jordan says: stop buying big phones, I don’t see how the article can be interpreted as being about greater choice.

  7. HildyJ

    Another point: as one who uses a phone primarily for surfing and one who hates mobile versions of websites I find the larger screen invaluable for hitting the right link.

    I read Jordan’s article and a couple others of the same ilk and all I can think is that they see larger phones (or smaller tablets or, god forbid, styli) as desecrating the holy name of Steve Jobs.

    • K. T. Bradford

       Pretty much. As soon as an iPhone with a 4 or 5 inch screen comes to market those same people will go on about how anyone could have ever lived without it.

  8. Lauren George

    Beating a dead horse/ Preaching to the choir: l <3 my big phone!  I've essentially subbed it for my Kindle and the extra room makes a BIG difference. l'm a little  lady standing tall @ 5'2", but my phone is still perfect for me. It's not for everyone, but the Note is still a great phone and I don't appreciate the oh-so-knowledgeable tech community treating me like l can't determine that for myself. Thanks for the rebuttal, K.T.!

  9. Ankit

    I have galaxy note and I love it…

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