Straight Talk Review: Affordable Pre-Paid Wireless for Smartphones

Straight Talk is a pre-paid cell phone service that offers unlimited calling, texting and data usage for $45 a month and allows users to bring their own phone.

This means that the Nokia Lumia 900, iPhone 4S and many Android phones work with Straight Talk Wireless.

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AT&T compatible phones deliver amazing speeds on the Straight Talk network, in the “4G” range that many iPhone and Lumia users would achieve on AT&T’s network.

Update: While Straight Talk provides good coverage, their customer service department is incapable of handling any request that is not part of a strict set of problems. When we tried to reactivate the SIM card to use in the LG Nexus 4, customer service representatives, were unable to provide any assistance.

Straight Talk Wireless Lumia 900 Review
The Nokia Lumia 900 on Straight Talk Wireless

For the past week I have used the Nokia Lumia 900 on Straight Talk Wireless with the bring Your Own phone plan. This requires the purchase of an AT&T compatible Micro SIM for $14.95.

The Lumia 900 does not need to be unlocked to use with Straight Talk. I opened the Lumia 900 box, popped in the Straight Talk SIM, entered the provided apn settings and started talking.

Coverage & Service

Straight Talk Wireless offers wide coverage area, but does little to educate potential customers about coverage.

The map below shows the coverage for the United States, but breaks it out into Android and Non-Android coverage, which is to say smartphone and non-smartphone.

Straight Talk Coverage
Straight Talk Coverage Map

During my time with Straight Talk I enjoyed the same coverage as I would with a regular AT&T phone in Ohio. There is good coverage for smartphones in many areas, but before ordering I suggest users check coverage in their area.


While using Straight Talk call quality was good and I had several bars of “4G” coverage wherever I tested the phone.

Texting works just like any other phone, Windows Phone does not allow users to change the settings to turn on picture messaging without a network program that is currently unavailable for the Lumia 900.

On the Lumia 900, do not enter the APN proxy settings, otherwise the Marketplace will not work on a cellular connection.

Data & Speed

Contrary to many online comments, Straight Talk Wireless does offer 3G and 4G service on AT&T’s network with the AT&T SIM card.

This means that users can expect to see download speeds of 4Mbps.

Straight Talk Wireless Speed Test
Straight Talk Wireless Speed Test

During my use on the AT&T 4G network I saw download speeds of 4Mbps and upload speeds of around .57Mbps.

This is much slower than AT&T or Verizon 4G LTE, but noticeably faster than Verizon 3G on the iPhone 4S.

Straight Talk advertises Unlimited service, but includes a long list of activities not supported, which includes streaming music and movies. The restrictions are quite troublesome because Straight Talk advertises these features in the nationally aired commercial below.

I’ve reached out to Straight Talk for clarification, but have not received confirmation on the restrictions listed deep in the Terms & Conditions.

For what it’s worth I can stream Rhapsody and Spotify as well as watch Netflix movies on Straight Talk, but that’s no guarantee that the company won’t decide to cut my service off without a refund.

Straight Talk does not support wireless hotspot or tethering on the Lumia 900. I would be very surprised if it worked on any other phones offered.

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S should work with Straight Talk without being unlocked, but will not support picture messaging unless jailbroken. More details on using the iPhone 4S with Straight Talk  found here.


Straight Talk Wireless offers an unlimited plan with unlimited calling, texting and data for $45 a month without any contracts.

Straight Talk SIM CardThere are no set limits to usage, but Straight Talk can suspend service for “abnormally high” calling, texting or data use.

Unlimited plans on competing nationwide carriers are much more expensive and come with a two-year contract.

  • Sprint – $109.99
  • Verizon – $119.98 (4GB Data)
  • AT&T – $119.98 (3GB Data)

These plans come with subsidized phones, which is another price factor to consider. Users can buy the Straight Talk SIM card and use it with an AT&T iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or the Lumia 900, but up-front costs will be higher.


Straight Talk delivers great coverage in many locations, including access to the fast AT&T “4G” network that is four times faster than Verizon 3G in my tests.

The price is right, and the ability to use the latest phones, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and Lumia 900 as well as many AT&T Android phones, is incredibly attractive.

Unfortunately the ambiguous data usage terms and conditions detract from an otherwise impressively priced plan.

Users willing to risk the ire of Straight Talk by streaming music or videos can enjoy fast speeds, good call quality and great prices.

Until Straight Talk delivers straight talk about the data usage terms, users must be careful of investing large amounts of money in a phone to use with Straight Talk.

Josh Smith is Editor of GottaBeMobile and He's always looking for ways to help you get the most of your gear and loves to talk about tech on radio and TV. Josh uses an iOS and Android devices as well as Mac and Windows Computers. Josh Smith on Google+ Email: [email protected]


  1. Thank you for showing this.  I have this service and have had it for about a month now.  It has been great! I use it on AT&T in an iPhone 4s.  I used to be on verizon and paid about $150 a month for two phones with 700 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data.  I switched to straight talks bring your own device and am saving so much money.  Now me and my wife pay 90 a month…if you pay for 3 months in advance it works out to $41 ($82 for two)!  That’s a savings of $68 a month or $1632 over a two year contract! People say that prepaid customer service is bad, but I had to call straight talk because I was having a problem getting the data to work.  Got straight through to a rep who re-provisioned my sim and had it working it 5 minutes! Honestly that was faster than my calls have ever been to Verizon!  As long as it continues the way it is now, I will be a customer for a long time! I will enjoy my unlimited everything on my phone. I write this in hopes that more people will do this and send a message to our mobile providers that we don’t like getting raped! 

  2. The customer service issue is important.  Which is to say, there is no possible way that StraightTalk could be worse than AT&T.  I will not sign up with AT&T ever again.  Too many billing nightmares and CSRs who hung up on me, lied to me, etc.  I’ve even been in an official AT&T store with ‘bill paying services’ to get an issue corrected and they couldn’t find my account, when I had the paper bill in hand.  No joke, they were like “sorry sir, nothing we can do”, manager and all.  Shameful and pathetic.

    • I agree! I would NEVER EVER sign up with AT&T for those very same reasons. I would go phoneless before I would sign up with them. UGH

    • Had the same experience with AT&T and have been with Verizon for 2 yrs now. Once I had paid to switch everything over the honeymoon was over and they were as worthless as AT&T. Had around $3000 in the first 3 months due to billing errors with Verizon. Shameful, contracts up and I’m looking for a new provider.

  3. Josh Smith Where all did you use it in Ohio? I have been thinking of getting a att phone, and trying the service, but I have been reluctant. Currently I am with Virgin Mobile, and while the Voice and Text are fine, the Data is abysmal.


  4. This is a great article. I just have one question, does mms work with the Lumia 900? Can you send picture messages with straight talk?

  5. I have been using ST for a month now and couldn’t be happier.  I ported over from
    Verizon Wireless to save some money on my monthly bill.  I purchased a Samsung
    Captivate Glide, activated online with the $45/mo. plan, updated phone settings, and
    within 5 mintutes I was up and running.  One other note…I am about 1 hour outside
    of Verizon’s LTE coverage, but in AT&T’s HSPA+ coverage and it is so much faster
    than Verizon’s 3G service.  I highly recommend this service if you want to cut your
    phone bill in half plus some! 

  6. I have been on Straight talk for 2 months on an Iphone 4. Service is AT&T no difference. Data is the same speed as i tested with an AT&T on an iphone 4 as well user with the speedtest app. Customer Service is fine at most i have ever waited was 2 minutes if that. they are professional and courteous and get it done fast. Called about 4 times mostly in the beginning while porting (it was AT&T fault porting took so long) I pay monthly and do it over the phone, fast and easy. Data speed fluctuates depending on area and time of day. In other words, right now in the suburbs of NYC. northern westchester, bedford/pound ridge to be exact. AT&T is not the strongest i have 3 bars at the moment and its Saturday 12:25pm, slow traffic at this time. My download speeds are 1.51Mbps down .14Mbps up in strong areas i consistently get 4 Mbps down.

    • Question: Now that ATT factory unlocks out of contract iPhones do you know if it makes a difference if you buy a Straight Talk “unlocked” sim or “ATT” sim? Really it’s a question of speed differences.

  7. I’ve been with straight talk for almost a year, first with a nokia e71 and now recently upgraded to a SGS2 and the service on my phone has been satisfactory. I saved hundreds of dollars changing my verizon service and have enjoyed all the data I needed. Recently when I upgraded to lthe new android phone i honestly abused the system streaming all my music, when I received the fatal call I was using too much data.

    StraightTalk basically is looking for users who abuse the data system and in order for them to continue providing quick and friendly data service they need cooperation from all users to enjoy “unlimited” data. The call was very educational and basically they want the users to be stewards of their service. Because it’s not fair that for the fault of a few users, they can clog the network and leave everybody hanging with useless service. Some of the things I did include loading all my favorite songs to my phone. If I want to hear a song on the road and I can wait to get to a place with wi-fi I wait for a wi-fi connection to download, but if I’m on the road like in a trip, I download the song. Same thing with videos. I also installed an application called 3g watchdog that I can use to turn off and on the data as needed. Like if I know that I won’t need the internet or I will start using apps, that connect to the internet for ads, the watchdog blocks them. They also taught me about thee back button which is the way to close apps on android. I didn’t know, and I always pressed the home button leaving applications running on the background. So the “unlimited” service is unlimited, but it’s not a resource that can be wasted unnecessarily. Setting my daily limit to 150mb and 2gb per month helps me enjoy the internet and the phone all that I want. Facebook, emails, browsing, banking, gaming and some occasional streaming, or music downloads from my clouds (amazon, google) They encourage users to read ST TOS of service and pay attention to sections 5 and 6 which talk about what is allowed and not allowed.

    • Excuse me? They shut my phone service off for excessive usage because I watched one youtube video and streamed pandora (low bandwidth streaming) for an hour.

      They are using false advertising and claims and then stealing peoples money by turning off their phones and not refunding anything.

      • For $45 you’re getting the essentials of a mobile phone. If you want to have the essentials for a great price, don’t abuse the strict guidelines. It’s a very straightforward policy. We all have to play by the rules. That’s life.

      • In their terms of service it says you can’t use the phones for uninterrupted streaming (ie: youtube and pandora) because it can affect other users on their network. Read the details before you get mad! If you’re over WiFi that doesn’t matter though.

  8. Josh,
    you say you tried tethering Lumia 900 on Straight Talk. Could you please share as to how did you manage to do that? because I can’t figure it out for the life of me, along with a plethora of other frustrated Lumia 900 Straight Talk users out there. Please share, we’ll all benefit. Thanks in advance.

  9. Just wanted to note what the “Android” and “Non Android” coverage maps actually refer to. The Android phone Straight Talk offers directly through them relies on Sprint. Mean while most of their other phones rely on AT&T or T-Mobile. Meaning the “Android” coverage map is actually their Sprint coverage map while their “Non Android” coverage map is really just their gsm(AT&T+T-Mobile) coverage map. When you use their BYOD(bring your own device) service you will be covered by their GSM service.

    Summary: If you use their SIM and bring your own device you will be covered by their “Non Android” coverage regardless of the phone’s OS.

    • Many thanks for this, I have been trying to figure this out for weeks! I want to put my Nexus onto ST but I travel weekly for work and often into small towns. That Non-Android coverage map has had me quite concerned.

    • So just to make sure I have this right, if I got a GNex from google and activated it with the StraightTalk SIM I’d be using their (really AT&T’s) GSM network, the coverage of which can be seen under the “non-android” map?

    • I emailed ST about using a sprint phone on their network. They said Sprint phones aren’t covered since it’s GSM. That they use CDMA.

  10. i just got a call today that ive been using too much data with my nokia e5 unlimited talk txt and web. If we get calls like this when its truely not unlimited, why are the selling $45 unlimited cards?! I havent streamed vids or music, just used apps and searched mobile web to play games etc. They threatened to suspend my service if i didnt cut back… But from where do i cut back??? This is crap, can they really suspend service for using too much data on an unlimited plan that youve already paid for?? Terms of service is a jumbled mess. First straight talk didnt have the 3g equipped on my phone, no web apps or pic msgs till i had my hubby call and give them a piece, then it magically worked. Now they want to limit me? Ive very unhappy with straight talk right now!

  11. I’ve used an iPhone 3GS for 3 months.

    My advice, just get it. It’s unlimited AT&T service with better customer service.

    Another poster was correct, prepay 3 months and it’s $41 per month plus tax $45 total.

  12. I’m all for ST, but I foresee a Class Action coming soon because of their vague & deceptive ads. You can’t call something “unlimited” when in fact, it’s not. Their TOS will not stand up in court. I think if they just came out & said “Unlimited Talk/TEXT/2GB Data”, @$45/mo, they’d still be crushing it!

  13. ok im very confused if i baught an at&t smart phone and switched to straight talk id still be able to watch utube? or stream videos? can someone help pls?

  14. I have a question. I was using a Straight Talk Android phone before, and the coverage was horrible for me because they were using Sprint towers. I switched to At&T, my coverage was fantastic, but you have to buy a separate data plan plus pay $50 for unlimited talk and text. That sucks for an android phone. So, my question is, if I get the Straight Talk sim card for my android (Huawei Fusion), will my coverage be the same, or is it going to switch to Sprint? Is my coverage still going to be with AT&T?

  15. I just took over my wife’s iPhone 4 from her old AT&T contract, unlocked it and am now on Straight Talks $45 dollar plan. The APN setup was a bit tedious and fortunate there is an app that is super comfortable that sets it up for you ( So far, the experience is very good, call quality etc. I AM streaming all kinds of music and used Skype video. Let’s see how limited unlimited is.

  16. The above about you can only get mms working on a jailbroken iPhone 4s is incorrect. You can get mms working on straight talk by editing the plist. That’s how mine is no jailbreak required.

  17. Ok, we are payin almost $400 a month with AT&T for 4 lines. There are always magical charges. I was seriously considering switching to straight talk.. 2 of us have iPhone 4, 1 has iPhone 4s.. And dad trails behind with an iPhone 3. Could all of us use the phones we have, and get picture messages? Then I read thy are limiting Internet? Just new some advice before switching my family over. Thanks :))

    • FYI: Yes you can get pic messaging, no need to jailbreak or unlock, just change some APN settings. Data is another story. Honestly I dont use much data, WIFI is usually faster.

    • I have been on ST for almost 1 year and half, to answer your questions about mms/picture message or even video message is “YES” you can get all those just as if you were with ATT (just need to adjust your apn setting). Everyone has been complaining about getting cut off because of internet users (i call them mostly internet abusers). I am a techy guy and loves to be on internet, my daughter watches youtube on my phone, and i browse whenever i have free time. I have never been cut off, just be considerate on your usage. those people are exceedingly abusive. for 45 a month “we” cant be expecting an all out unlimited plan…common sense would be useful with some users.

  18. I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 (ATT). FYI, ATT is unlocking these if they are out of contract!!! I know that I can buy a micro sim from Straight Talk for $14.99 + shipping. But they currently have free phones with a purchase of a pre-paid plan. Can I just get the free phone, take out the sim, cut it (using my handy sim cutter) and pop it in my Factory Unlocked iPhone 4? I was told by customer service “no, they are locked to the exact phones”. But I dont know if this logical. Anyone had any experience with this?

  19. i read above that it says when you buy the 45$ a month card its actually more than 45 it ends up being like 50 something.. IS that true or is it 45 plus tax which here would make it 45.75 ???

  20. Its 45 plus tax. I’ve had straighttalk for over a yr now with zero complaints. I currently use an iPhone 3GS with their services that was once used on AT&T contract. Hope this helps. :)

  21. That coverage map is not accurate the “android ” map is CDMA that was off of sprints service straight talk supports lte which means its off AT&T service for gsm t-mobile doesn’t support 3G for AT&T phones so it’s not there service

  22. I use the samsung galaxy precedent. it has 3g capabilities at $45 month.
    internet usage is faster when you turn on the wifi. But battery usage is much greater.

    In general it is great. From regular usage to gps it works well. It is on the trac phone Sprint network. Almost no dropped calls.

    Pixtal quality is great in most cases if source is good.

    Voice search feature is great. Just like in the commercial.

    I will get a 4g version when available.

  23. OK, for those of you contemplating whether to get this service or not, it is a no brainer (for any phone off contract). I recently bought a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and installed the straight talk SIM. Simply put, I am impressed with the service I have gotten. Fast 4G Data Speeds, Good Call Quality, MMS, SMS, email sync, etc, etc… Once you configure the APN settings, you are set. Think about how much you’ll save over the big carriers and you are literally using the same AT&T or TMOBILE networks (with the bring your own phone plan). I don’t know about you, but I like having the extra $500 in my pocket a year. Plus, you have your choice of many high end / premium GSM phones (offered on the other carrier networks). I used to be with MetroPCS for years but was irritated by their lack of higher end phones (at the time), but yet offered at a premium retail cost. Yeah, I still pay retail for a GSM phone, but my choices are now MUCH greater. I can literally take my phone to almost any other SIM network (I bought an unlocked phone but it’s not necessary to do so) and I am getting great service (which again, is the SAME service you’d get if you went directly to AT&T OR TMOBILE (depending on the SIM you select and/or your phone capability). I don’t have any complaints here in California and I feel great knowing that I pay $45.95 for the same exact service that people pay $90+/month for.

    • Thank you for your informative comment, I was very confused at first, yet now I know this is the way to go! I think I’ll just buy a sgs3 from at&t and use it on straight talk (so my phone will be paid off in 13 months when compared to the att individual plan prices I would have used, afterwards I’m only paying 45 a month! This is incredible.). I live in nyc, so I’m confident connectivity won’t be an issue. Cheers!

      • No problem. I also suggest shopping around for your phone. You don’t necessarily have to go through AT&T to get a brand new phone (branded for and to be used on the AT&T network). You likely can save a few more bucks buying it from Amazon (or a third party vendor). Just make sure that it carries the same warranty from the manufacturer. Good luck!

    • What part of California are you in? I live in northern California where cell service is spotty. Verizon is the best coverage, but it is too expensive. The Straight Talk coverage maps are a joke and I can’t tell if there is coverage where I live. I guess I’ll have to call and get better coverage info.

      • @Laura – I live just outside of Sacramento. I agree, the ST coverage maps are confusing. Please see my post below somewhere in regards to STRAIGHT TALK COVERAGE and some coverage assumptions that I’ve made. I am using the Straight Talk SIM for an AT&T Phone which means (I believe) that I am using AT&T towers, which leads me to assume that I am getting the same exact AT&T coverage. So, I suggest having a look at the domestic AT&T coverage map if you are looking to get a Straight Talk SIM for an AT&T phone. Conversely, if T-MOBILE coverage works best for your area, maybe consider the Straight Talk SIM for a T-MOBILE phone? …I hope that info helps.

  24. I’m sorry but got the people who have read this article and still do not understand CDMA vs gsm and what it means to have a unlocked phone this is not for you… Do your reshirch just like the rest of us did… By the way you can teather with straight talk you need a jail broken iPhone 3G 3gs 4 or 4s use cidia surcharge for PDA net you can dl it for free by adding scorces to cidia I’m not telling you the scorce by if you surch google for “PDA net repo” you will find it ;) also free apps from the app store “installous repo” enjoi

    • Apparently that’s the only thing that you may have researched. Your spelling and grammer are absolutely horrendous. Correct spelling and at least some punctuation used correctly are completely neccessary, that is if you want people to actually consider your comment informative. Instead people are going to read this and figure you’re a country bumpkin, and no I’m not downgrading country bumpkins. I’m actually a country bumpkin myself, I’m just an educated country bumpkin.

      • but you are still a jack ass
        and who appointed you the spelling police
        oh you did i was right the first ti,e you are a jack ass

        • You should have at least a 6th grade edjamacation to post to blogs. Your grammar and spelling, rants and raves take away from the task at hand.

      • Hey, Grammar Queen, you need a frigging comma after: “that is”, “Instead” and “no.” The comma you did use in your last pathetic whining sentence should be a semicolon. You are a POORLY educated ridge-running yellow-hammer!

    • How can you read this article, understand it, and still write words differently?? Copy the correct spelling of words you dumb ass.

  25. the coverage maps are a little misleading.. The “android” maps, is as Darkshado87 says, CDMA. It’s because Straight Talk’s android phones (the ones they sell) run on Sprint’s network. If you buy a miniSIM or a microSIM from them, you’ll be using the service shown on the “non-android” map. My Galaxy S2 is obviously android, yet I have phenomenal service everywhere. It’s because you are only buying a SIM card, and then using it. They don’t know what phone you have, so they can’t place you on an “android” coverage.

    However, you must watch what you do. They can cancel your service if you tether or go abnormally high in data use, as the article says. your best bet is to install a data usage app and watch what you use.

    • Is anybody using the GSM – ATT version of the service in Los Angeles?

      How is the service around town, in buildings?

      I have Sprint now and in the last 3 months, their in-building service has been the worst.

      Looking to improve my service and reduce my costs.


  26. Obviously they don’t allow streaming videos per their contract, which is actually quite clear on the matter, even providing examples of what is and is not allowed. What they’re trying to do is prevent their data network from getting bogged down by people streaming music and movies, and that just makes sense for a low-cost data provider. If you want to use your phone for stuff like that, pony up the money and get a data plan from one of the major carriers.

    • That is not true at all.

      Their FAQ section states:

      Can I download music, photos and videos to my phone?

      Yes, depending on the specific capabilities of your device. All services may not work with every device.

      It isn’t until you drill into their Terms of Service that it then contradicts the very thing that is listed CLEARLY in their FAQ.

      If a user goes to the FAQ and sees “Yes you can download music., photos and videos to your phone” and then gets their service terminated, phone deactivated and money not refuded, WHO IS AT FAULT?

  27. You can teather with PDA net if you are useing a iOS device that is jail broken all you have to do is use the “hide tether” option this keeps your phones apn carrier profile the same (it doesn’t show teathering on ther data server) as far as data…I use over 5 gigs a month and have not ever ha a issue that includes YouTube pandora radio facetimeing with 3G unrestrictor threw cidia basically what it comes down to is that you can do it all on this network if you have any questions email me anything about jailbreak unlocking good scorces for cidia (free paid cidia apps) or installous ( free apple app store apps) tweaks or any other iOS questions sorry no android… Rooting a android is like wiping your butt before you poop… Just a ease of time lmfao [email protected]

  28. Straightalk customer service is a joke. Just try activating a new phone while porting your previous service provider phone number.

    • I wish I had read this earlier. I ordered two phones last week, tried to port my phone # (ONLINE) and haven’t had cell service since last Friday. Customer Service is ignorant, rude, and downright worthless! Switching to Straight Talk was the LARGEST mistake of my life. I would much rather paid 4x as much at T-mobile and have service then have to deal with these a$$hats another day! I will be switching to Virgin Mobile, or any other service for that matter once I have the funds saved up to buy ANOTHER new phone.

      • Don’t switch to Virgin Mobile they are pathetic and when they decide to work on their towers you may have no phone service for days until they are finished. I am looking to switch from them now thus the reason I am reading these reviews.

  29. i currently am running from verizon wireless… i pay 188 for 2 phones.. my husband wants to choose a different carrier.. is straight talk the way to go or what are your thoughts.. we have been with this carrier for over 4 years and we are getting shittier service every year. please guide us down the right path…

    • Go Straight Talk if you don’t need picture messaging or group messaging, which are both under the MMS standard that Straight Talk does a poor job of supporting on many phones. Other than that, you should be good.

  30. The lack of picture messaging (and likely group messaging) is a huge barrier. My circle of friends uses those features heavily. Facebook would be a solution if we all used it, but few of us do. MMS needs to be fully supported by Straight Talk before I got that route.

    • I have straighttalk; bought a six month card so am paying < 42.00/month for 6 months for unlimited phone, texting, data. I receive photo texts with no problem all of the time…really, buy the six month card for 250.00. activate it online and enjoy the savings. Im next going to get an iphone 4(used) from my daughter, buy a sim card from walmart straighttalk, another 6 month card and be very happy I do not pay for verizon anymore.

      • if you buy a 6 month card you will get ripped off just like i did . no i do not stream nor do i use u tube or none of that other crap .but streight talk still killed my phon for over usage .
        DUH unlimited my a$$

  31. I love it. Bought the sim for my Tmobile Cliq xt and popped it in. Took 1 day to port my number over and instant 46 bucks richer each month. Service is better and I have used pandora and video just fine. Best day ever, throwing my tmobile final bill in the trash.

  32. Well, I had a straight talk phone for anywhere from 4-6 months and it was the Samsung R451c slider phone that had the slide keyboard out of the left side with a QWERTY keyboard. The phone was working properly the beginning time or you can say when I first got it and my first months of having it.It ran off of Verizon Wireless towers in my area. It was working fine then, it never dropped calls or was roaming, I always got my texts and picture messages and everythying- so you can say a good working phone THEN!!! Well after that EVERYTHING went DOWNHILL!! I could no longer get my picture messages, it dropped calls and completely stopped working correctly. After that my mom took it back to Walmart for me while I was at school one day and ask for the money back because the phone was not working, we also still had the receipt where we bought it. The people at Walmart DID NOT want to give her the money back so she ask for a replacement phone, the replacement phone was not even the same phone I had gotten previously and I really wanted a touch screen….To make a long story short I gave the new phone to my dad since he needed a new one and bought a touchscreen lg vortex through Verizon Wireless, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH STRAIGHT TALK-GO THROUGH VERIZON WIRELESS, SPRINT, AT&T(Something)And get a better phone and service!!

    • chaney my husband and I are truck drivers we drive the 48 coast to coast. We have had ST for 3yrs, there has only been two places that we did not have service. One in Ky. and one Az. we both have slide phones take pics. and send messages. You must have just gotten a bad phone and a lazy walmart employee. Sometimes you really have to look them the eye and tell them to fix this, nicely ha ha. We live in the san bernardino mts.above 5000 ft. and our phones work when the land lines don’t

  33. ignorant People like the last poster should read before posting if you buy a android phone from Walmart you will have crappy service it’s CDMA and is off of sprint network it’s the “android” map the “non-android” phones (simple texting and picture messaging simple web browser) is off of versions CDMA network it has good service! ALL of the phones you buy from Walmart (aside from contract smart phones) are junk!! Junk! Junk! That’s why the gsm sims exist like I said… Incase you still miss the biger picture this service uses AT&T towers and service for you to take your out of contract phone ( iPhone other nice smart phones that use gsm service) and use them on a unlimited plan with no contract and not get raped on the price

    “there is no knolage that’s not power”

    • Someone set me straight! (No pun intended) I have had Sprint for 15 years, as soon as they came to town (Louisville,Ky.) Data speed are horrible!! I understand I need a GSM/at&t phone,G2 Skyrocket would be my choice.
      Will I be able to use YouTube, send & recieve MMS pictures,group text, stream Pandora??? I would love to do it but if these services are restricted, I’m not sure it’s worth it.
      PLEASE!!! Someone set me straight!!!


      • I use a Straight Talk SIM in my own GSM Android phone and those services are NOT “restricted” BUT buried in the ST contract, they prohibit use.


    Many of you have mentioned this already but I thought I’d chime in on my own understanding of Straight Talk coverage because I too initially found it very confusing. I made a couple of phone calls to ST customer service, took the little bits of info, read a little, and deduced the following. Now, I could be very well be wrong here but I think of it as FOUR different tiers:

    Staight Talk NON-ANDROID coverage map – should be used for those indviduals that buy a NON-ANDROID phone directly from Straight Talk.

    Staight Talk ANDROID coverage map – should be used for those indviduals that buy an ANDROID phone directly from Straight Talk.

    Staight Talk AT&T SIM users (Android or non-Android) – could possibly use the AT&T coverage map to determine coverage

    Straight Talk T-MOBILE SIM users (Android or non-Android) – could possibly use the T-MOBILE coverage map to determine coverage

    Why the different coverage maps? It is because ST partners with different carriers and coverage is directly applicable to which ST service and/or which ST phone you intend to use.

    DISCLAIMER – I have no affiliation with ST or any wireless phone company nor am I (or think I am) any kind of authority on this information. I could be way off base here. I am just a guy that tries to educate himself on the options that make sense and perhaps save a little money in the meantime :) For what its worth, I personally use an AT&T Straight Talk SIM and get the same exact signal strength and coverage as an actual AT&T SIM here in northern California.

    • So,
      What you’re saying is that everything that worked on an Andriod phone with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint,etc. will work just as well on ST?
      Not losing any conveniences??


      • @Dutch29, I have only had the Straight Talk SIM for 3 months now but can honestly say that I have not lost any “conveniences” in comparison to my last carrier and Android phone. I suppose some of this has to do with the current phone I brought in (Samsung Galaxy 2 Skyrocket). I can’t think of anything that doesn’t work for me but you MUST configure the APN settings correctly to get Internet and MMS to work properly. You can do that upon initial setup and then forget about it (or until you reset the phone back to factory). You also need to make sure to keep your data usage in check (or SO I HAVE READ, so I do)… and that could be considered an incovenience. I have never used a couple of the carriers that you mentioned but have tried a handful of some of the others. Thus far, I am happy with the ST service. …if you have access to used GSM smart phone, maybe try out the ST service for a month to see how you like it (before you invest in any cool new phone)??? Depending on what you pay now, it could be worth the $59 challenge. I took this same approach and initially tested the Straight Talk SIM (ATT option) in an Iphone 3G and and then a generic Android phone before I settled in. Good Luck!

  35. Thanks Louie B! Sounds like you were in the same boat I am in now. I was thinking of doing that very thing, trying ST before I cancel Sprint. Does anyone know if I will have any problem porting my number a month or two after I activate ST? Will I need to buy a second sim to port the number?


    • @Dutch29 – No Problem. I didn’t try but read somewhere that you had to port your number over when you first create and activate the ST account. That wasn’t ideal just to test but I took the chance thinking that I had a couple of work around options if it didn’t pan out. For you, buying a second SIM when you are ready to port should work (if you truly can’t port your number later).

      As an option (to get around having to buy a second SIM), you could have them create a new number for you now (while you test) and then when you are ready to fully switch over, you can port your current Sprint mobile number over to Google Voice. Within Google Voice, you can set multiple numbers for it to redirect to. It even forwards SMS messages if you enable it. It’s literally a check box. There are some minor inconveniences but workable. …just a suggestion, but not as good as just having a direct port over. I like your SECOND SIM idea best if you don’t mind paying the extra money.

      As for porting and someone mentions it above, you can do that online (assuming you have all your Sprint account numbers including any applicable passwords, etc, etc…). ST had to call me to complete the PORT because the password that I provided didn’t work for them. FYI. I hope it works out for you.

  36. If I get the straight talk service to use with a T-Mobile phone (with the ST tmobile compatible sim), will I be able to get 4G service? I’ve seen that it works with AT&T 4G, but have seen nothing about the Tmobile 4G.

  37. We are looking to cancel our sprint contract now as opposed to when it expires in dec. We both have the HTC Evo 4G and have never had 4G anyway (hudson valley NY about an hr from NYC). Will these phones work for ST? It would be great if we didn’t have to buy new phones!!!

    • Hi Cathy,

      I also have an Evo 4G and I’m looking into switching to ST using a SIM card and buying the Google Nexus… But to answer your question… No, all Sprint phones use a network technology called CDMA and ST requires you to use a phone that accepts a GSM SIM Card. So you can basically use any AT&T/T-Mobile or other Unlocked GSM phone that you can find, but not a Sprint phone.

  38. Hi – Trying to do some research here before I make the switch. I have an iPhone 3G through AT&T and am trying to lower these insane monthly bills. I am not very cell phone savvy and hope someone can clear up some questions I have.

    My data usage generally runs around .7GB/month. I do send and receive picture texts (but not very often), I use GPS and my apps pretty frequently. Would the cheapest $30 plan work for me?

    How do I unlock my phone? Just bring it to an AT&T store and then cancel my plan?

    Are there instructions somewhere explaining what to do to switch over, installing the SIM card, etc…?

    Can I still use my iPhone as I do now (the iPod feature, email, etc..)?


    • Jennifer,
      I’m just like you I haven’t switched to straight talk yet but am going to soon. I have Sprint service now,the data speeds are terrible, so that’s why I’m switching. I’ve done a little research myself. I know you need the $45 plan. You do not need to unlock your phone and you do not need to go to the AT&T store to cancel your service. You need to start the process with straight talk and have them port your number over from AT&T. If you cancel first at the AT&T store you will lose your phone number.
      Keep in mind that I haven’t done this yet,I’m just going on what I have read on the Internet. Yes everything should work and there are instructions on how to set things up on your iPhone. You will buy a Sim from straight talk for 14.95. Just continue to research this on the Internet and you will find more information . Good luck!

    • @Jennifer – In addition to the information already provided by Dutch, I wanted to add that with an Iphone I BELIEVE you have a couple of extra steps to make picture messaging (MMS) work correctly. I don’t know if that involves an unlock on not specifically, I just remember it not being straight forward when I was testing with an Iphone 3G. It is possible and somebody here or around can guide you. Now, if you do need to unlock your Iphone, the AT&T store can do it or you can do it online for free BUT since you after a specific functionality (MMS), you might be better served finding somebody or a store to configure it for you quickly. Various cell phone stores, kiosk vendors, or people on Craigslist (please be careful) offer that kind of service. When I installed the Straight Talk SIM into the Iphone 3G, Phone and Text (SMS) worked right away. I had to configure the APN settings for internet to work (2 minute configuration, the settings are made available to you by Straight Talk). I vaguely remember having to use a specific keystroke or process to get to the Network and APN settings screen on the IPhone. I am sure any Iphone guru can help when you are ready. As for GPS, I believe it was functional once internet was configured. Email will also work once the Internet is up as well. The Ipod features are not affected. You really only need to make these settings one time (or until you reset your phone back to factory which most people don’t) and then you are set … and saving a lot of money :) I hope that helps. Good luck!

  39. Can anyone tell me if the Microsoft exchange server email will work with straight talk? I called straight talk and they said they do not support it. I don’t know if that means it won’t work or they just don’t want you to set it up on their network because they’re afraid you will use too much data . It’s how I get my email at work so I really need that to work in order to switch to straight talk . Can anybody help me out with this?

    • Hello again Dutch29 – I synchronize Exchange and Yahoo email on my Android device now with no problems. If this was not possible for me, that would be a deal breaker too. I believe our Exchange server is set to push. Exchange synchronization worked equally as well on the Iphone 3G.

      • Thanks Louie,

        Why do you think ST told me they don’t support Exchange email?
        Do you think it’s because they think it uses an excessive amount of data because most people do choose to push their email??


        • No problem Dutch29. Honestly, and no offense to anybody close to the carrier, but maybe first level support isn’t privy to that information (if anything is blocked, ports, services, etc…). Also, maybe stating that they “don’t support Exchange” gives them an out if they ever need to clamp down OR maybe it means the exact same thing as them not supporting streaming audio or video. I guess to a certain extent, the question becomes: Would a carrier that is renting service from another carrier go in and further block functionality OR would they just limit it by overall usage and contract stipulations? I obviously don’t know the answer to that but I do know what works today. My last theory is around their hardware (though I know you are talking about the Bring Your Own Phone SIM service) but not all of their own phones are smart phones that have the ability or the app to support Exchange. Perhaps THAT factors in to their answer too??? All that said, I just upgraded to Android 4.0X (ICS) and have been watching my data usage CLOSELY with a built-in ICS app. I am VERY surprised of how little data is used for EMAIL in comparison to other apps, and I would put my Exchange usage up against the best of them (approx 35 to 70 real emails per day from Exchange NOT including SPAM). Now, I don’t always respond to them from my phone but they are always pushed immediately and viewable from my device. Still 9 days into my billing cycle, normal Web Browsing (approx 41MB) and apps like Word Feud (similar to Scrabble, approx 34MB) are higher for me with Email coming in at (approx 11MB). LOL… maybe those metrics are more indicative of me needing a life :) Good Luck to you!

          • Louie, I know you’re a big fan of ST. But after having it for about 3 weeks, there are data issues . When it works it’s great, but half the time the data won’t connect! It’s getting really annoying. I’ve had customer service check my APN settings and no difference. I want to stay with st but this is almost as bad as being with Sprint! HELP!!!!

  40. I consider myself an educated consumer & bieng the father of a household of 5 (me,wifey, 3 kids), i am forced to be frugal. Heres my situation. I LIVE IN NYC. My wireless service is with AT&T. For credit reasons, MY service contract was under my grandmothers name and SS#. I have 3 lines, a 1 month old IPHONE 4S (LOVE IT- best device ever made), my wife has an HTC Inspire 4g, & a 6 year old samsung sync. My bill (without insurance, roadside assist, & taxes) is $180 monthly. I happen to be one of the few who are happy (enough) with AT&T service. HERES MY DILEMMA>>>>>>> The contract holder sadly has passed away and (by reason of medling family) we are forced to either request a primary account holder accountabillity transfer or have the account closed and look for a new service provider. Obviously cost is a major issue. And i will do whatever i can (within cost) to keep my iphone 4s, & htc inspire 4g & keepa comparible level of voice, data, & messaging service. Esp speed & call quallity. While the account holder tranfer seems to be possible, it is contingent on a credit check and has unknown transfer fees involved. I will not pass the credit check and do not wish to donate any “security deposit”. Virgin mobile has fantastic monthly prices but any decent phones cost a kings ransom.(650 for an iphone 4s & 300 for a comporable htc evo 4g) And of major note, virgin mobile service is terrible in nyc. My 9 year old sons angry birds phone (x-mas present) 3g was unusable. Speedtests in mid-town manhattan were 120kbs down 35 kbs up??? Sprint has offered me free android phones and 199 iphone 4s’s (400 for 2)but from what ive read sprint iphones run on their aweful 3g networks that virgin mobile uses. Metro pcs has improved alot in nyc, as ive read and been told by friends. They offer a 4G android for $149 -$179 which is a HAEWEII? and has recieved decent reviews for their excellent monthly prices (however as with almost every carrier ive researched, unlimited data is capped at 2GB then throttled). This is certainly an option because the monthly on the 2 phones i plan on keeping is 100 monthly plus tax. However, none of these actually are cheaper options or better options than simply assuming my current AT&T service with my current phones even if this require a security deposit of $150 to $500 dollars). Then 5 hours of research and im here, asking about STRAIGHT TALK. The price is a no brainer, porting my iphone 4s & htc inspire 4g are no brainers as long as they work as well as ST claims. Running on the current At&t network i currently use now is a plus or at worst-the same service speeds and quality i current have….. So heres my biggest concern, will my 1 month old iphone 4s work with ST as advertised. Without jailbreaking? Or can AT&T block the phone when its current contracted plan is closed? I guess i can always use ST SIM in another 4g at&T android if this plan fails but as you can see, I relly want to keep my iphone 4s or have another iphone 4s. Also, If AT&T can disable this iphone, are there ways to get it back? Can it be jailbroken once At&t shuts it down? Thanks for your patience.

    • Tony,
      From what I’ve been told, gsm phones, which are at&t and t mobile, cannot be shut off. I don’t think they can even be traced if they are stolen.
      I am a current sprint customer and yes I would steer clear of sprint and virgin mobile do to a horrible 3 g network. Yes, Your iphone needs to be jailbroken for everything to work.
      My straighttalk sim is supposed to be on the fedex truck today. I’m going to use a samsung s 2 skyrocket on at&t. I’ll let you know how to transition goes!
      Good luck!

    • If you leave ATT and you have fully paid off any of your phones, you can request them an unlock code BEFORE you decide to leave them. dont tell them that you will transfer your # to ST, just say you are going out of the country and will be using your phone there. second if its not fully paid off yet then you have the option of buying the unlock code on ebay or any cellphone stores. ATT is not allowed to disable the phones at any cost unless it is stolen.

  41. Ive had ST for like 7 months now and i have to say i hate their customer service. I just bought another phone (actually 2 of them) and received them yesterday, only the phone wont work. When i turn it on its say SIM CARD NOT VALID. I was told yesterday that i will be receiving new Sim cards before the end of the week. Today i receive a call from ST saying that they still processing the request for the SIM cards and i should receive it no earlier than next tuesday. WTF?? I flipped out on the manager then i hung up on him. Im just so tired of all the excuses.

    • I received the exact same error message when i ordered two phones from them. I contacted them on Friday when my # transfer cut off my t-mobile service and my ST phone didn’t work. They told me I would have a new SIM delivered Saturday. Nope, It’s Wednesday and I still don’t have it. In fact, I have received the SIM card for the other phone which I didn’t try to activate until Monday already, but still no sign of my SIM card! It’s been 6 days since I have had a working phone service.

  42. I’ve had ST for about a week and it seems to be great! No complaints ! Data speeds are fantastic, getting between 2 – 7 MB down most of the time! Just did a test and got 3.1.
    phone service seems to be good as well. texting is great.
    Setting up the phone with the sim was a breeze. The instructions provided by ST were very easy to understand. I did it online and highly recommend that, as their CS reps can be a little hard to understand . Everything was working in 10 minutes!
    Gotta love 45 bucks a month and much, much better service! My data speeds WERE hardly ever above 1mb down, and usually less than half that, no kidding! Good Bye Sprint.
    Ohhhhh… this is how a smartphone is supposed to work. :-)

  43. FYI
    I still have my Sprint account (but not for long) . I just did a data speed test and got .62 mbs down. It’s Sunday morning in Louisville, Ky. pretty lousy for no one on the network.

  44. Ok, I see people are saying you need to watch your data usage and you get phone calls from ST if you use too much. What is too much? I currently use less than 2Gs a month. Is that too much? Just wondering. I am wanting to switch from Verizon but just wanted to get things clear before I do.

    • Chris,
      I don’t know from experience but I hear that about 2GB is the limit per month. I’ve also heard that if you use more than 100 MB per day you will get a text message or a voice mail warning you of your usage.

  45. What I am about to say is absolutley true.
    My phone was stolen, i went through the hoops to get a report on the calls made and received after it was stolen..well, i didnt complete the long list so they called me to get more info…Here is where it gets insane: after speaking with their rep who calledme i decided to just get a new phone/new company…i then hung up the phone to make a call…their rep would not hang up…i said “hang up the phone i need to make a call” he replied “sir, i just need to ask u a few more querstions” I replied…”I am no longer wanting your services, now hang up the phone, i am disabled and i need to use my phone for reasons regarding this”…i hung up my phone and he was still on…I said “what the f-ck are you doing, i need to make an emergency call now hang up your phone or i cant call fromthis home phone”…i then hung up..waited 5 seconds, picked it up…and HE WAS STILL THERE…I said (which i really wasnt going to call 911) i need to cal 911, (cough, cough) now hang up the phone”…he then replied, no joke either, this is 100% true: “sir, i need just 3 more minutes of….” I cut him off and said hang up the phone u f-ckin #$%%# I need my phone now!!!….I hung up, he was still on, i hung up and let it sit for a minute, and i got a dial tone…then i hung it up again because i was too ticked off to even make my call, i am disabled and my anxiety lev was just too high from his idiocy to talk to anyone after that.
    As far as the service before this went, the service was maybe a 3 star, the phone itself a 1 or 2…but it was worth the 30 bucks a month if all u want the phone for is emergency calls or talkin with some friends herea nd there…though i saw a commercial the other day with 10.00 a month plans, dont know what they cover, but i will look into it before i look elsewhere.

  46. I have an iphone4, gsm, unlocked phone. I only want to use it for 2 months while I am in the States. Do you know if I have to do anything “tricky” to my phone other than just changing the apn information to get it working? Thanks

  47. After having ST for about 3 weeks, there are data issues . When it works it’s great, but half the time the data won’t connect! It’s getting really annoying. I’ve had customer service check my APN settings and no difference. I want to stay with ST but this is almost as bad as being with Sprint! HELP!!!!

    • I was following your post Dutch29. -What type of phone did you end up using on straight talk(gsm or cdma) and what particular phone is it?

  48. I’m a straight talk csr. I work in the byop dep.

    CDMA: A phone that does use not a sim card.
    GSM: A phone that uses a SIM card.

    You cannot activate a cdma since there’s no way you can put a sim in the phone and it is.necessary to get a st sim.

    About the steaming, you can watch videos and also download em, the problem is when you dont close.the browser properly. If you just go to the home screen the browser will,still working and it will seem like you are using the data the whole day. So the only thing you need to do is to go the menu of the browser and close it.

    You can use your att, T-Mobile, or.any other unlock phone. You just need to get a st sim for 14.99 and a service card for $45 to activate it, set your apn settings with the values that you’ll find on the back of the activation card and that’s it.

    You will have the same coverage as with your old service provider. If you want a better coverage get the att sim. You can get this cards online, from a byop rep, or from walmart which is the one I recommend since the bundle includes three cards, (att, T-Mobile, and a micro for iPhones att compatible card).

    Please ask me if you have any further question. PS. I’m sorry for my bad english.

    • I have an Android phone now, but use very little data, generally under 20MB/month. Do you have to get the $45/mo plan with a smart phone, or can I get a new ST SIM card and still use the $30/mo plan?

  49. No internet limit.
    You will have the same internet speed as in att. Actually you will use the same network.

    • I hope this is true because I heard you only get 2GB a month. If not straighttalk is false advertising.

  50. Since updating to ICS 4.0.4 on my Samsung galaxy S2 skyrocket (at&t) I am noticing not as many data issues as I was having previously, but sometimes the data just still does not work! I wish someone could figure out this issue. I will keep you posted as I am entering my second month on Straight Talk. If anyone has some solutions please let me know.

  51. I travel back and forth between the US and Europe. I’m looking for a way to use my European unlocked iPhone in the States without a contract, since I’m only there for a month or two at a time. Would this be a good alternative to AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid service? I don’t use the phone that much when I’m in the US. Would Straight Talk work with a factory unlocked European iphone (3rd generation)? Thanks.

  52. Okay, the data issues are still present. Does anyone have any solutions to this? How about a straight talk representative?

  53. I started ST a little over 24 hours ago, and ported my number from my previous provider. The port was successful but every time I try to activate my new phone it tells me ‘Programming failed”. Is there a 24 hour period that your supposed to wait in order to activate it or something?

  54. When I lived in Syracuse, NY, I had no problem with Straight Talk. The Coverage was Great!! But since I moved down to Kingsland, GA, which is Southeast Georgia, just north of Jacksonville, Florida, I can hardly get any bars. Infact, certaim times of the day it says “Emergency Calls Only”. I was on the $30/Month Plan, which I loved. Now I will need to get a more expensive carrier just to have a Cell Phone.

  55. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. It’s so bad I think an extended, extravagant practical joke is being played on me. I would explain, but it’s just too complicated, ridiculous and long. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Plus, I don’t get reception in my house. HAHAHAHA. Terrible.

  56. I have to agree on customer service issues. I was porting out of straight talk to a regular carrier because I hated the phone options and asked the rep if they could assign a new number to the phone and allow my daughter to add time to the plan. Sure, no problem they said. Two days later sim is still inactive!

  57. I live in a large city in Southern Wisconsin, & a-year ago I bought into the Straighttalk Hype, & purchased one of the their worst phones, I’d ever owned.. the Samsung SGH-T528G ($99.99 + $45 + tax). The Samsung SGH-T528G, IS Not a phone for men (or women) with big fingers! (IMO) it’s just a big cluster piece of garbage. Right off the bat after opening up the package I could tell the phone for little kids, & or petite women (& petite men ;), but I used the phone for a couple months anyways because I didn’t want to make a uneducated assumption about a product. To make this long story short, I could use the phone most places inside my city, but if I went to the North side where my wife worked, as soon as I pulled behind the building where I pick her up, I’d go from 4 bars to 0 bars. When I’d go anywhere outside of the city, I also couldn’t get a call out because 0 bars. I know the signal problem had to do with the cell service, but I’m just throwing this out because this review is on my whole experience with straighttalk, & it saves time. Anyways.. I was right about the dial pad, & keyboard for texting… Only little fingers could text, or dial this phone. So, I went back after a couple months of fighting with texting, & dialing with the keyboards on it, so I purchased The, Samsung Galaxy Precedent for $149.99 + $45 + tax). OH.. I always paid for the replacement polices for both these phones (Important later). I loved this phone, & it worked fine for about 3 weeks. After three weeks, after charging the phone, & unplugging the charger from the port on the phone… the phone would make a double (blip-blip), over, & over.. as if the battery was dying… & the 100% charge quickly went down to 70%.. as the battery icon in the upper right side of the screen kept indicating the phone was still charging.. When it wasn’t even hooked up at-all. I didn’t want to call tech support right away because I thought maybe it was a bad battery. So I got a new battery, placed in the phone, charged it.. And that didn’t fix the problem. So I tried resetting the phone to the factory default settings. That didn’t fix it. So I started doing some research on this phone to see if others were complaining of the same issue with this same phone, & I found that in straighttalks support forum.. & no one from straighttalk would answer any customer’s questions regarding the problem on said forums, anyone that brought it up on the forum was given the answer, “We need to take this discussion off-forum.. bla, bla, bla” I’m a computer technician, & I service hardware, software, & networking trouble, so I know what it means when a company won’t talk openly about problems with a product.. (Manufacturing Defect!). After finding a forum where phone techies hang out, & seeing a thread on the Samsung galaxy precedent, and a battery pin defect.. it all made sense, so I called straighttalk support, & spoke with “Martin” (in India) *wink*. Martin explained to dumb ole me.. that “I had been over-charging my phone… its easy to do, & that I needed to just buy a new battery.” I told Martin, I had already done that! So what’s next.. Martin, now wanted me to, “Reset the phone to factory default.. that should fix the problem”.. I said, “I already did that Martin, but I can do it again if you’d like”. So.. by now I’m feeling like Martin, & I could do this song, & dance all day, so I let Martin know, “I got places I need to be in 30 minutes, we need a resolution, & I didn’t want to jump through anymore hoops, to get where we know it was going to go. I had done the research on this issue with this phone, & that I was sure it was a defect, I was sure straighttalk knew about it, because tons of people are complaining about it inside their own official straighttalk support forums, & that no employee from straighttalk would answer on the forum why this is happening., which to me suggests.. DEFECT”. So Martin says.. Okay sir, I think what we’ll do for you is just send you a new phone” YES! Finally.. He went onto say, that a new phone would come inside a box from FedEx, & inside that box would be a envelope that I could place the defective phone in & send it back to them.. Are you Happy with that resolution Mr. Smith.” .. I replied “Yes”. Next Martin said, It will just take me a few moments to make sure we have your contact information correct.. Is that okay with Smith if we do that now.” I say “Yes, & that you” So, after going through all his questions regarding address, email, phone numbers (All of which they had). He puts me on hold for about 3 minutes, comes back to me, & says, “Mr Smith, do you have a printer?” I replied, “Yes.. Why”.. Well Mr Smith, I’m going to email you directions on how to send the phone to us, & after we get your phone, we’ll send out the new phone” Me..” Aaaww, so after going through all my contact info, & telling me, the box the new phone comes in will have a envelope I can use to send the defective phone back.. Your now telling me, you want me to be without a working phone, for anywhere from a week or two! In a sense Martin you lied to me., right? You asked at the end if I had a Printer at the end, & what If my answer had been no Martin?!” Martin says,.. “Well, I didn’t lie to you, that’s our Policy to get the broken phone back first.” Okay.. so you couldn’t have said that in the beginning.. Martin, I have a feeling you think we’re dumb.@$$e$ here in America.. You don’t think we’re stupid Martin, do you” So.. I ended the conversation before I blew my stack.. told Martin to send the email! I called my wife, & told her we were going to a contract cell phone provider. If Straighttalk had treated me fairly, I would have stayed with them.. even with their bad service in Southern Wisconsin. I don’t leave town, nor go to the North side that much. I could have lived with it. I just don’t like supporting a company that lies right to me, then tells me it wasn’t a lie, when I know it darn sure was. So if you have a problem with a straighttalk phone, & you go to inforce the replacement policy.. If they ask you, “If you have a Printer”.. Lie to them,& say NO

  58. i know unlimited is suppose to mean unlimited. but if you use so much that they call you to ask you to cut back or you’ll be cancelled from their service, maybe you have too much times on your hands streaming movies. seriously. people and their phones these days

    • I barely use any data and I got cut off totally. Why would you make a excuse for a shady company that manipulates there customers with words that are NOT true. It is not only NOT unlimited, it’s actually capped very low. Not to mention the customer service is atrocious and good luck talking to anyone. This is nothin more then a bait and switch and this company should be sued in order to make them operate honestly.

  59. my phone broke straight talk sent me a box to send it back to them i did now its been 3 month now straight talk lost my phone and now am the one out of a phone and the money

    • Nickey Ellison: If you read my experience above, that was my very hesitation for not wanting to send them my phone (Not to mention it received & made calls fine).. But, after my last experience with their.. Not so “Support”ive staff, & the fact that I was first told they’d send a new one with a envelope so I could send the defective one back, then changed their tune.. That was enough for me to know they are a rip off. The fact that they lost your phone, tells me,I was right.. they are lairs too. That’s exactly what would have to my phone, so they wouldn’t have to honor the insurance policy I paid for. I’m writing a letter to the Attorney General in my State. Hopefully.. others have complained also. Thats what we have to do as consumers when we’re scammed by these scumbags. Other-wise they get away with it unscathed. Once the State Attorney General gets enough complaints, they’ll pay attention. I’ve been contacted by 5 other people since placing my post/ review, who had the same experience. I’m also writing to Wal-Mart’s Corporate Office since they are the ones supporting this scam by selling this crap in their stores. We have to report them, or nothing will happen. I’m sorry you are out money & the phone.. Another good thing is I have found the fix I believe for the battery Indicator malfunctions…I load the phone to my son, & get it back tomorrow, & I’ll be trying it. If it works I’ll be posting the fix so everyone having the problem I was having, & still have if I use the phone,,can fix it without having to deal with the incompetence of Straighttalk

  60. The coverage map on the Straigh Talk brochure available in WalMart stores is labelled differently from the map on the web and is more accurate. The coverage maps in the brochure are labelled CDMA(Android) and GSM. The GSM network is used by phones which would otherwise use the AT&T or T-Mobile networks.

  61. I just want to say, I’ve had Straight Talk , and an iPhone 4S for the last 6 months now. I could not be happier. Sure, the speeds aren’t the greatest, but it’s better than Virgin Mobile by far, and I’m happy with the ability to bring to my own phone.

    I’m not a streamer, I like using apps(Facebook, Twitter) , taking photos and texting and talking. For me an actual contract carrier would be nonsensical for how I actually use my phone.

    This is a great deal, and I’m happy I have it.

  62. I read a lot on here before purchasing a straight talk plan. I choose to buy the SIM card and use it in an unlocked ATT iPhone 3GS. I’ve had it for over a month now and have had no issues with their service. I got the ATT SIM card, and it has service anywhere you would normally get service with ATT (I’ve compared it to my dad’s ATT phone). During my first month, I used over 3 GB of data with no problems. I stream videos, send picture text, and talk all I want, all without any problems. And I get all of this for only $45/month! Also, my sister is using Straight Talk on the Verizon network, and she has had no issues either.

    • I have Verizon currently, and I pay over $100 a month for unlimited calls, text and data. (I’m lucky enough to have the unlimited data because I had it before they stopped offering it… am I crazy to leave VW for ST when I have unlimited data already?) I have a Samsung Fascinate (SCH-1500) but would really like to cut my monthly bill in half and try ST. I’m satisfied with Verizon’s coverage in my area (Central Illinois) and I like my Samsung. I use it for Facebook, YouTube, Picture messaging, videos, LOTS of texting.

      I’m looking for a similiar phone to use on ST but all of these reviews say to not buy a phone from Walmart. Where do you go? Amazon? I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a new phone when my phone works with no problems.

      Any suggestions?

  63. Just a tip to save any of you the same trouble I had….When I first got straight talk it was great. About 2 months after I started having trouble with my phone not making calls or text messages and it would say I had insufficient funds yet I had paid 6 months worth. I would call the normal number a hundred times and they would fix it and promise me it would never happen again yet it always did happen at the worst possible times. I decided to make a corporate complaint right before turning my service off to a number not listed that I found on someone else’s review and the guy fixed it immediately and was not Indian and did not sound like a robot telling me the exact responses as the one before. Thankfully he fixed it and I have not had any other problems and straight talk is good as ever! So if you have any problems…do not call the # on the website, call 1800-876-5753 and they will actually fix it.

  64. Don’t believe unlimited data. They limit you to 20 minutes video at a time. They cut my data off. Straight talk lies and sucks

  65. I’ve been with ST for a couple of years now and, other than Customer Service (a lot of non-English reps), I’ve been satisfied.

    I WAS going to use my SIM card in my old Nokia E71 and put it in an Android phone but luckily came up on a Nexus 4G and just got it flashed to Straight Talk. So far so good (Google “Flashing a CDMA phone to Straight Talk” and you will find quite a few reputable companies. I used They can flash your phone remotely.)

    As far as the data issues, there is a reason why company like Verizon, H20, etc. who USED to offer similar Unlimited prepaid data plans don’t offer them anymore. You got 5-10% of the people messing it up for everyone else by abusing data. If you want to watch Youtube, get Wifi in your home or go to a public wifi hotspot and stop watching Youtube and Netflix 2-3 hours a day like you are on a desktop. From my research, most people can use 2-3 GB (AT &T and T-mobile towers) of data a month on ST and not get “the call”. It’s all about not abusing it.

  66. Ok, bottom line. If you are a casual data user this is the plan for you. If you need unlimited 4g for streaming video etc,pony up $35 more a month and get T-Mobile’s unlimited 4g.

  67. NOKIA LUMIA 900 – This forum seems to be full of knowlageable people. So, can anyone give me a current response on this one? I’ve been contemplating the Lumia 900, but I’ve read much through the months about how it was not fully functional on ST. There was supposedly an app in the Windows Media store that allowed you to set up the proper settings, but it was later pulled. Then, I read sometime later that the app was avaialbe again, but when I go search for it, using the exact name that was given, there are no results. So, anyone know the current, October 2012 status of adding ST service to the Lumia 900? At this point, I’m afraid to drop the money on that phone for fear that it won’t work fully. Thanks for your replies.

    • Lumia 900 status – I’ve been using ST since the first week that the 900 came out. I couldn’t get MMS working until the Network Setup (search in Marketplace for that exact name) app showed back up, but that happened about 2 months ago. So now I have MMS. Obviously no LTE speed, but download speed is still pretty good, usually around 4Mbps. And there is no tethering, but not an issue for me. For $45, there’s very little to complain about…

  68. I live in eastern north carolina and have an AT&T iPhone 4 and am thinking about going to ST. If I do will I still have picture messaging as well as good service? Also will I be able to use my apps such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube as much as I’d like to?

  69. straight talk iphone unlock bullshit. they dont follow thru and every person has to start over on your same problem. if not there phone dont do it. ive been on the phone all day and still no answer. this sucks

  70. WARNING=============>>>>>>RIPOFF—- RIPOFF—–RIPOFF
    If you are thinking on going with STRAIGHT TALK ” Be adviced that they say they don’t but they do restrict your data. I am an iPhone user and recently opened an account with straight talk, after 2 days of watching my university lecture they restricted my data to appx. 125 mb/s ( which really sucks).My speed tester on my iPhone wouldn’t even start sometimes. When I called customer service, they told me that they do have it posted on their website on the Terms and conditions section.. I check my usage Data and I had only used 600 mb of data. There are some reviews that say that they restrict at 2GB , but be advised that this is not true., I got restricted at 600 mb. For the same money I will go tosimple mobile.

  71. I have been with Tracfone for 12 years and currently have the LG800G. I want to upgrade to a true smartphone but don’t want a large bill with a contract phone company. I am trying to understand the coverage maps for Straight Talk. After reading all the above comments it seems to me that any of the android phones that Straight Talk offers run on the Sprint network is that true? The smartphones they show me for my zip code all say Android on them. To get a smartphone that runs on ATT I must already have a smartphone that I’m moving from another company (ATT) is that correct? I’m not impressed with the coverage that the Sprint network has–it seems to only follow the interstate system. My daughter has Virgin Mobile and she has the same problem with the Splrint network. I don’t know that much about the different phones so I would be hesitant to buy say a used iPhone or android phone from someone to put a SIM card into. I don’t think the Straight Talk customer service would bother me because I’m already used to Tracfone’s customer service which can be decent or lousy depending on who you get. Any helpful suggestions out there?

  72. Those contract phone companies suck, and for a lot of reasons. I have had straight talk for 2 years and have had no problems with getting a signal. I’ve been in the deep woods of the Bershires in Ma., in the White Mountains of N.H., in the Green Mountains of Vermont, on the Outer Cape in Ma..i could go on…always had a signal.!! …and no crappy , overpriced, overtaxed contract.! check it out…Im getting all this good service for 30. a month. You wont beat that, I promise! Ap from R.I.

  73. On the Bring Your Own Phone Device, its is definitely not unlimited and I dont know why this company is allowed to do t his false advertising without any lawsuits or government action. It is definitely not unlimited and it appears it depends on where you live and how many other ST users t here are since the terms say you can be cut off if you damage the network usage. Most people say 2gb is the limit but Ive seen people say theyve used 4g. ST will NEVER EVER tell you the limit or how that makes it unlimited. (well the parent company is based in Mexico so maybe they need a dictionary. THEY ARE VERY CLEAR THAT YOURE NOT ALLOWED TO STREAM ANY VIDEO OR MUSIC. NO NETFLIX, HULU, SPOTIFY, PANDORA ETC. They havent answered my questions on whether you can watch a 3 mb youtube video now and then or stream a couple of songs on your Google Music on your commute. Also realize they can cancel you at any time for any reason and not refund your money. The coverage map is confusing because on the BYOP plan you have to choose either ATT or Tmobile and their coverage maps are not the same. They do claim you can use 4G on those networks – or HSPA+ really – NO LTE. Finally, if you are going to try them out and buy a SIM and $45 card to try it out…HERES A PROMO CODE YOU CAN USE TO SAVE $10 – SIMSAVE…THEN SHIPPING IS FREE SO YOU GET THE SIM BASICALLY FREE SO YOURE NOT AT MUCH RISK (JUST SWITCH TO ANOTHER PREPAID AFTER A MONTH IF YOURE NOT SATISFIED- BUT MY TOTAL WAS ONLY $48 AND CHANGE AFTER TAXES.
    This seems best for people that dont stream a lot, are on wifi a lot, and just need about 1-1.5 gb at most. I think that will work for me as I usually dont stream or read all my websites that I check daily when Im on the go. I do that on my wifi at home…and often when I play games, I turn the data off – and that actually is a plus because it avoids the ads on all those free games. Im more worried on the porting – that it go smoothly and fast and that MMS and SMS will work – after APN settings change.

  74. I bought my straight talk android phone in July 2012, with verizon coverage. It is now 11-03-2012. In almost 4 months, I have had to call straight 8 times for cutting my phone off, (even though I paid them $45.00 plus tax always a week before my due date.) 2 weeks ago they told me that I had used too much data on my phone. (again, on an “unlimited data plan”.) I have had to set my voice mailbox up on 5 differant occations. Do not get sucked in to there trap, like I did. I am 48 years old, and I have never been treated like this before in my life. on a scale from 1-10 I would rate straight talk neg. -100

  75. OK, so I have contributed to this discussion before and I wanted to chime in with the bottomline on Straight Talk (SIM service) as I see it now after having had it for 4 months. “IT IS GREAT SERVICE AT A ROCK BOTTOM MONTHLY COST, AWESOME DOMESTIC COVERAGE FOR THOSE THAT USE LIMITED DATA” I think this service would work wondefully for MOST users. That said, they will MOST DEFINITELY cut you off, throttle your data, and/or call you with a recorded message (that is so scratchy that you may not be able to understand it… mentioning your data usage, blah, blah) IF OR WHEN rather you hit their “soft data cap” or do something to trigger the phone call, or not. They can pretty much do whatever they want if they deem that you are using their data network inappropriately. I never exceeded 1.9GB in any billing cycle and experienced the same issues as MANY people speak of. After the phone calls to customer service, resetting the phone to factory (at their request), and email correspondence, I have decided that I will be taking my business elsewhere and to a company that is more forthright with “soft data cap” details. I just can’t afford to fuss with that, and maybe that means that I am not most users in this regard. That’s fine. But how nice would it be to know the exact expecation and limitation? I too asked, with just a general response in return. So to close and in my humble opinion, I actually think the service is a good value at $45 + tax ($45.95 for me in CA) BUT it does come with some LIMITATIONS (THAT ARE INDEED ENFORCED) that just might NOT work for you.

  76. I tried to call them for *potential* use of an N4 on their network. The rep was very confused and earlier spewed canned answers for feature phones.

    She had to connect me to another department she said…. so she hung up on me.

    Straightalk, nein.

    • Hey Moew, I am don’t know anything about th N4 but I did just Google it. Prior to having the Galaxy S2 on ST, I had an unlocked Chinese phone (looked a lot like the Sony Arc S) that worked fine with the Straight Talk SIM. It was an Android device so configuration was easy. I don’t know how well a JAVA phone would work but would imagine that it would be OK (or be functional I mean, I don’t know about quality), assuming the phone is capable of running on the proper GSM frequencies for the SIM card that you are selecting. I used the AT&T based SIM and was able to get 3G speeds. So be careful and select your phone and Straight Talk SIM wisely because you don’t want to be disappointed if your new device only works at EDGE data speeds. The service was fine (as far as LIMITED data service goes, don’t get me started ;)…), BUT the phone… NOT SO MUCH. I ended up changing the phone in less than 60 days.

      • LOL… you likely meant the Nexus 4. Duh…sorry about that! That makes more sense. It looks like a nice phone, and the price looks fairly reasonable. I paid $400+ for my unlocked Galaxy 2 Skyrocket a few months ago. Good Luck!

  77. Straighttalk sucks big time for international calls. After buying the phone and the refill card, I couldn’t call Turkey. I spent hours with their customer service to fix the problem. They finally told me Turkey was not included in their international plan. I tried to get a refund from Walmart and Straighttalk to no avail. Now I am stuck with a 60 dollar card that is useless. BUYER BEWARE! THIS COMPANY IS A BIG SCAM!

    • Did you bother to look at the list of countries ST is partnered with before you purchased the card? Turkey is not on the list. If ST told you Turkey was included before your purchase, I can understand your frustration.

  78. So i suppose if i use between 25 and 30 Gb’s of data each month on VZW 4G lte- then this straight talk is straight bullshit and should just stick with VZW?

    • Yeah man, I wouldn’t even try that. I got cutoff at 1.8GB and had to make multiple phone calls to get it reinstated, and only to get throttled. Almost all the write-ups say that the Straight Talk soft cap is somewhere around 2GB (which they never confirmed in my multiple conversations with ST) so I was surprised that I experienced THAT and the recorded calls when I did. Whatever their subjective limitation is, it is definitely enforced. If you burn through that much data, you might want to spare yourself some frustration my friend and stick with VZW. I went back to an unlimited 4G plan on Metro with a Galaxy S3

      • People can say whatever they want to, but if you look the word UNLIMITED in the Websters dictionary, it says WITHOUT LIMITATIONS. I guess that straight talk and Websters dictionary disagree on the definition of what the word means. They cut me off after 3 GB, and when I called them they told me in a VERY sarcastic way That I had use all my data. UNLIMITED? GET REAL!!! I reported them to the BBB, and encourage everyone else that got scamed to do the same. Straight talk contacted me about this, and was UNBELIEVEABLEY RUDE AND SARCASTIC, in other words it PISSED them off.

  79. Are you still using Straight Talk and are you still satisfied with the service? I have the same phone and would like to drop AT&T. Did you buy the service from Walmart? I would appreciate any information you could share. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  80. I would not recommend ST to anyone. After multiple phone calls, hours on hold or waiting for call backs and conversations with service reps who did not know what they were doing and being hung up on, I gave up trying to activate my service. I told them since I could not activate my service I wanted a refund, but they refused to give me one. One guy said it was because I bought my service online, then another guy said it was just their policy not to give refunds. I will stick with ATT. I used to think they were bad, but ST is WAY worse. I really can’t afford to throw $65 in the trash, but that is what happened.

  81. i have an at&t iphone 4 on straight talk and i am able to do everything im not sure exactly what my download speed is but im able to stream without wifi i download apps within seconds and i have 3g almost everywhere and i frequently go between California,Nevada and Washington. I did have to edit apn settings which is easier to do with the iphone im assuming but just learn about your phone and how to change around some network settings and straight talk is a gift from god!

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  83. I am just about ready to take a hammer to this phone. I’ve spent more time trying to get a hold of straight talk customer service than I’ve spent actually using this phone in the past month. Problem du jour: My phone was deactivated even though I purchased a service plan prior to the end of my billing cycle – and no one at straight talk can seem to fix the problem. I am just about ready to dispute the charge with my credit card company and call it a day.

    • We did take a hammer to ours. I was so mad after I got off the phone with them the final time, it was a great way to take out a little frustration.

  84. I got my daughter a ST android for Christmas. 6 weeks later ST deactivated. They won’t give me an exact reason, I have to write in a request officially asking for that info. Ticks me off to no end. She swears that she didn’t watch youtube or listen to pandora or anything like that. I’m inclined to believe her. She has her own netbook and an iPod Touch and we have unlimited wi-fi. I will tell everyone I know about ST’s service.

  85. Terrible Service! I ordered phone and plan online and tried to transfer my number to their service. First they said, “Wait 15 minutes,” then told me to wait an hour, then 24 hours. I had to call many, many times and after two weeks and literally hours on the phone with them no one could get me phone to work. Every time they promised it would be working in 24 hours or sometimes 48 hours. They said they would call me back and never did. They transferred me to 4-6 people in each phone call and you have to explain the situation over to the next person AGAIN. After two weeks I finally said that I did not believe that it was going to work ever and wanted my money back. They told me that I had to pay for shipping and they would give me a refund in 30 days. Finally they agreed to pay for shipping, but they have cost me hours of time and frustration and hundreds of minutes on my old plan. Not once did anyone ever offer any compensation for my time and frustration. I will stay away from Straight Talk, TracPhone and any subsidiaries of TracPhone and warn others to be aware that they are terrible.

  86. Hello All,

    I am new to using cellphones for anything other than talking and have been searching the internet for answers. If anyone can provide some useful information or, in the alternative, point me to a site which would have such information, I would greatly appreciate it.

    1) I am a ST user ($45/month / unlimited). The handset is a SAMSUNG SGH-T528G.

    2) I have two older devices which seem to be pretty much locked in to their carriers:

    a) A SPRINT Verizon EDVO Ovation U720, and:

    b) A Verizon UM175 USB Modem.

    3) I understand that unlocking these devices is now legal, once known as ‘jailbreaking.’

    4) I would like to be able to use my notebook computer for internet browsing, light upload/down in an area not necessarily in a WiFI hotspot, but preferably using my ST connection (is this what is meant by ‘tethering?’)

    5) Is this sort of thing permitted by ST, and if not, do they have a dedicated wireless data service that these devices could be used on?

    6) Can these devices (the U720 and / or the UM175) be unlocked and used with ST?

    Many thanks for any useful information you can provide.


    • ADDENDUM to Luke’s post, dated 05/19/2013:

      I also have a Verizon MiFi 2200, Intelligent Hotspot device.

      From what I have been reading, StraightTalk seems like it is setting itself up for a Class Action for unfair and deceptive trade practices, by on the one hand offering ‘unlimited, data, voice and texting’ while on the other, immediately throttling or cancelling the service of those who try to actually USE the data beyond a limited amount (e.g. unlimited).

      While that gets sorted out, I may have to amend my questions to ask:

      Just what do you get when you purchase a Verizon Jetpack, no contract data plan? I would guess you would need a data plan on top of your voice/texting / (limited-unlimited data plan. From what I have seen, Verizon is offering a $50/month dataplan limited to a certain amount of data, and it seems there are even more limitations on top of that.

      Returning to my original questions, does StraightTalk offer a data plan and if so, are the Verizon USB Modem and MiFi intelligent Hotspot compatible with StraightTalks’ data plan (if any)?

      Verizon uses CDMA as far as I can tell.

      • My ST works fine until I cross a state line. I live in Va. and whenever I cross the NC or WVA state line, I lose all service. When I called about it , they said it was because my phone was activated in Va and they didn’t have roaming capabilities. To get it to work, I would have to register my phone in every state I was in and then I would lose my phone number and they would give me a new number. Does anyone have this problem?

        • I live in Northern Iowa and i have went to Nebraska South Dakota and Minnesota and i have yet to loose service for any extended period while in those other states

  87. I’ve had Straight Talk before, and yes, they WILL cut down your “4g” speeds if you exceed 2gb of data and NEVER restore it back up. I thought that they would reset my 4g as soon as the next period started, but no, they kept my speed at 100 kbps which is pretty much a “we don’t want your business”. So, yeah, do not exceed 2gb.

  88. One more thing. While I was on Straight Talk, my phone could never connect to the app servers. I suspect straight talk actively prevents that app to work, so people can’t figure out what the real download speeds are. Weird company.

  89. I’ve been a loyal straighttalk customer for years and even recommended them, until the first time I had to call their customer service. It literally took 3 calls wherein I had to be put on hold several times for the issue to be resolved. I assumed it was an isolated incident. I was wrong. I’ve had a few issues now and I can tell you that I have never once had an issue that it didn’t take multiple calls to resolve, and some were never resolved because their customer service representatives are so poorly trained and have so many issues answering simple basic question. I now tell everyone I know to AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! I’ve had them for years and I’m not even sticking with them. Any service is better than this one.

  90. i just recently got off the phone with their corporate office and they told me that there is no set data limit but if you use to much they can shut you off so with there being no set usage limit even tho they advertise unlimited data they could shut you off hypothetical but they could shut you off for using facebook one time in theory since there is no set limit on when your service can be terminated i plan on switching back to my old carrier cost me more but at least i know what i am getting

  91. If I use ST BYOD and activate my Version Samsung Fascinate which of the coverage maps will i be relying on? This is not a SIM phone. I travel often and need to be able to count on my phone for calling (using WIFI for web is fine). The plan sounds very nice but i have come to really rely on Verizon’s reliability when i need to make calls.

  92. Do NOT order your phone online from Straight Talk. They sent me a defective phone (LG Optimus Ultimate) that would not move beyond “security error” when I tried to turn it on. I wasn’t surprised because the phone seemed cheap right out of the box. After jumping through all the reboot hoops with tech support I decided to just return the phone. I was forced to pay for the postage myself, including the tracking that ST requires or no refund, to return the phone! So they sent me a defective phone, and because I didn’t want it replaced with another piece of crap phone, I got to spend $15 to send it back! Nice customer service!

    Oh – and it was like pulling teeth to get them to refund the service plan card (fingers crossed that they actually will). I have no use for it since I don’t have a ST phone – since the one they sent me was defective – but they insisted that they were absolutely non-refundable. Be very careful dealing with ST.

  93. straight talk has by far the WORST customer service of any company I have dealt with in my entire life.

    they are completely incompetent and under-trained. they have also lied to me to get me off the phone. promising one thing, only to be disappointed.

    i have called about this particular issue FOUR (4) times and just checked my account to see that, again, i have been lied to and will have to call AGAIN for the fifth time.

    my issue is straight talk royally screwed up my phone transfer. story short, i ended up buying a year long service plan + a 30 day service plan + they gave me a free month for the huge mess up on their part.

    that means my service plan, with all the time added up, should expire 3/4/15. of course, since NO ONE at STRAIGHT TALK has any idea of what they are doing (they barely speak/understand English) i’ll have to call in for the 5TH time.

    the last four times, i tell them they need to escalate the call to a real manager (they lie and say they are a manager — dont believe them!). they assure my the dates are changed. i call them liars. again, they assure me. i usually have to submit to their incompetence cause by then i am just so frustrated.

    a couple days after each call, i log back into my account only to see the dates changed back!

    i am done trying to get what i paid for.


  94. straight talk has by far the WORST customer service of any company I have dealt with in my entire life.

    they are completely incompetent and under-trained. they have also lied to me to get me off the phone. promising one thing, only to be disappointed.

    i have called about this particular issue FOUR (4) times and just checked my account to see that, again, i have been lied to and will have to call AGAIN for the fifth time.

    my issue is straight talk royally screwed up my phone transfer. story short, i ended up buying a year long service plan + a 30 day service plan + they gave me a free month for the huge mess up on their part.

    that means my service plan, with all the time added up, should expire 3/4/15. of course, since NO ONE at STRAIGHT TALK has any idea of what they are doing (they barely speak/understand English) i’ll have to call in for the 5TH time.

    the last four times, i tell them they need to escalate the call to a real manager (they lie and say they are a manager — dont believe them!). they assure my the dates are changed. i call them liars. again, they assure me. i usually have to submit to their incompetence cause by then i am just so frustrated.

    a couple days after each call, i log back into my account only to see the dates changed back!

    i am done trying to get what i paid for.

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  96. the best way i have founr to lose $45 per month is to but a streight talk phone.
    i do not down load vidios or stream them (i think thats what its called) i use my phone to check and send emails text my kids ( they do not make pone calls anymore ) and streight talk shut down my phone for excisive useage, so why are they allowed to advertise it as un linited when it is very linited ?
    and yes i am very un happy with the service ,customer service and the store where i bought it at (WALMART).
    as to all you A$$ holes who think you are the spelling police and the grammer patrol . quite frankly i do not think much of you either so you can kiss my a$$

  97. [email protected]

    I was told over the phone by straight Talk that they do not support any form of data streaming only lite web stuff… If you start streaming they will cut your plan, and will not give you your money back.

  98. Based on the way you just typed your “unhappy” paragraph, I would stop your “excessive” usage too!! If you live in an English speaking country, please learn how to use it properly!!

  99. Is it a nice @ss?… If it is,… I’ll kiss it!… ;)
    If it’s NOT,… I’ll be more than happy to kick it!!!… :)

    And, you should, seriously, consider taking a course in grammar,… or, at least, learn how to use “spell check”,… ESPECIALLY if you have kids!…

    You’re a horrible parent if you think you’re setting a good example for your kids!…
    I completely agree with the other posters that replied to your comment!…
    And, if you want to be taken seriously,… try to sound somewhat intelligent when you leave a comment!… :)

  100. My goodness, we’re you raised in the backwoods of Tennessee? You even know your spelling and grammar are bad and have the gall to tell everyone before you post it! How gouche! Great example for your offspring. (kids).

  101. Zxuser, your spelling isn’t all that great either (“we’re” should have been “were”, for example) And I live in Tennessee, have 2 college degrees, one of which is English. Don’t be “puttin’ us Tennesseans down”, k???

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