Grad Gift Guide: 5 iPhone Accessories for Graduates

With graduation just around the corner for most high school students, relatives and friends are most likely searching for graduation gifts.


Here is a list of some popular and useful accessories for the iPhone that are a sure hit for soon to be college students.

These accessories are perfect for students with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, which covers most students who own an iPhone. All of these accessories except the case will also work with older iPhones, like the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch, so if in doubt check out our other recommendations.

We even have you covered with a gift you can give on the way to the graduation party!


Zagg Sparq

A portable battery to keep your devices charged up all the time. 


The Zagg Sparq is a portable battery that can charge almost any smartphone or tablet. It includes two USB ports for your gadgets to charge from. There is an optimized port that is specifically made for iPhones so that it charges your phone at the same rate as a wall charger from the 0-60%.

The Zagg Sparq can fully recharge an iPhone four times and it also adds about 5-6 additional hours of video watching to the iPad. This is a perfect accessory for the college student who is up late studying who may of forgot their wall charger back in the dorm.

$47 @ Amazon


Keep the beats pumping while the brainwaves are working.


With all of that studying I’m sure that a new pair of headphones could definitely be of use. With some over ear headphones being expensive you can get a decent pair of earbuds for around $100.

If you wish to go with a Bluetooth pair, the Plantronics BackBeat Go headphones are a nice pair. Since they are bluetooth no wires are required which is always a nice especially for working out. Check them out on amazon here:

$99 @ Amazon


A good pair of wired headphones with an inline microphone and controls are the V-Moda Remix In Ear Headphones. These earbuds feature Noise Isolation, volume controls and a mic, as well as being offered in four different colors.

$40 @ Amazon

Element iPhone case

Show off your iPhone in style and also have a layer of protection. 


Even if you don’t use a case on a regular basis it is always nice to have one or another case that you can switch to for different occasions. One of my favorite cases comes from Element. The Element Formula 4 case is a nice case that has a good blend of usefulness and also design.

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With a removable bottom section the Formula 4 allows easy dock connection, a lightweight feel, but also strength with the carbon fiber backplate.

$50 @ Amazon

Screen Protector

Keep your iPhone grime free and protected.

Using a screen protector on your iPhone may seem unnecessary but it is very beneficial to keep scratches and oil off of your screen. Screen protectors range in price and some are hit or miss especially the off brand ones. I have gone through two screen protectors with my iPhone and from my experience Zagg Invisible Shield screen protectors are the best. With a lifetime warranty against scratches, military grade film, and advanced clarity films, Zagg is definitely the best.

$25 @ Amazon

iTunes giftcard

Who can say no to money that you can spend on apps, music and books. 

Besides physical accessories for your iPhone an iTunes giftcard is just as useful. Soon to be poor college students will not have the money to spend on music and games so your grad will very much appreciate this gift. Also graduates can buy books in the iBookstore with an iTunes giftcard in addition to spending their money on movies and games.

iTunes giftcards are priced at $15, $25, $50, and $100 online and in most stores. You can find these in many gas stations and online.

Hopefully these five items will help choosing a graduation gift a little less of a headache. What are some of your favorite iPhone accessories? Share them in the comments below.