HTC EVO 4G LTE Release Date Still Unclear

While the HTC EVO 4G LTE has been arriving on the doorsteps of customers who pre-ordered, the EVO 4G LTE’s release date still remains unclear.

While perusing the aisles at Best Buy, we stumbled across an apology from Best Buy, placed where accessories for the HTC EVO 4G LTE were supposed to be hanging.

On the placard, the company apologizes to interested parties saying that the retailer thought the phone would be coming on May 18th but that the phone was delayed and that the company still doesn’t know when the device is going to be launching.

This of course comes just a few days after the HTC EVO 4G LTE began arriving on the doorsteps of those who placed pre-orders at both Sprint and Best Buy.


Orders began to arrive on May 24th.

However, neither company has shared any information as to when the device and its accessories are expected to hit shelves with the delay now entering its 12th day.

The HTC EVO 4G LTE was originally supposed to hit shelves on May 18th but due to a patent dispute with Apple, the device was held at the U.S. board by Customs.

However, it soon cleared the International Trade Commission paving the way for the pre-orders to start shipping.


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Sprint then confirmed that the device would be arriving in the hands of those who pre-ordered on or around May 24th. Sprint kept its promise and also threw in free cases to those who pre-ordered as an apology for the delay.

So, hopefully, Sprint is able to share some official release date information soon and Best Buy is able to replace these placards with EVO 4G LTE accessories.

Has the delay steered you towards another phone? Or are you still waiting for the EVO 4G LTE?


  1. Joe says

    I’m not waiting for this phone anymore i’ve lost intrest…. i think im just going to wait for the s3.

    • Guyver says

      You’re not waiting for this phone anymore? you lost interest so you’re going to wait longer for the S3? really? really? lmao! that made no sense. Just a stupid comment

      • Krahe says

        You’ve already waited a long time for this phone? you don’t know when it’s ever going to come out so you’re going to wait indefinitly when you could get another one? really? really? lmao! that made no sense. Just a stupid reply

  2. jaran james says

    The sad part was that i was so hyped up to get this phone. I almost preorederd it. Wish i did now but now with the rumors of a GS3 release in june for the US i am going to sit back and see what happens. My OGEVO is working exceptionally well for now. This also gives me time to see when the supposed lte network from sprint will get off the ground. And see comments on how good that is. Because if the network sucks it dont matter what one you have. I will jump ship to Verizon in a heartbeat and i been with sprint for probably over 15 yrs

    • Guyver says

      sorry. the S3 is not coming out in June. May 31st over seas. No release date for the U.S. estimated date is by December

  3. Nick Spears says

    I will keep waiting, my old EVO is about junk I got the very first week it came out over 2 years ago. I have been wanting to get my hands on this new one every since I heard of it, and at this point there is no other phone on the market that I would like to have. What I think sucks about the situation is that I pre ordered mine in a sprint store but apparently they are only honoring the online pre orders at this point.

  4. James says

    I ordered from a 3rd party site(ie…3738728). I did third party cause they pay me to get services from them. I still want the phone and will wait for it. I just hope they do online orders than in store because I think its good for business. I will continue to look out for the SG3 as well cause I want that one too.

  5. CJ says

    The sad part about this whole mess is that Sprint is now dropping the ball on in store customers. Some people just dont like to order over the Internet. With the S3 coming in weeks I might just wait now

  6. Tim says

    I’m going to wait for another phone to come out. HTC has made themselves look incompetent. They are pretending like this mess isn’t even happening. You can’t find any mention of it on their website. All updates (which have been few) has come from Sprint, not HTC. They new Apple had filed an injunction but still waited till the last minute to ship their phones. Now, it’s been a week since Customs approved their phones to pass and they still can’t even give a release date. The way they have handled this situation has made me lose all respect for HTC. I will not be purchasing this phone or any other product from them.

  7. Bash says

    I was told by a sprint rep not to pre-order online as there would be a couple days delay for shipping and he would have it ready for me as soon as its release so I gave him my name and number. Now a couple weeks after the bungled release another sprint rep at same store said they would have in store in about a month. I will most likely go with the S3 then.

  8. wininn says


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