50 Amazing iPhone 4S Cases

Finding the perfect iPhone 4S case is tough, but these 50 amazing iPhone 4S cases and iPhone 4 cases simplify finding an amazing iPhone 4S case.


Broken down by case type we’ve tracked down our favorite iPhone 4S cases for all types of users. From iPhone 4S wallet cases to minimalist cases and heavy duty protective cases these are the best you can find.

Be sure to check out our Top 10 iPhone Cases for the cases you’ll find on our iPhones.

Most of these iPhone cases will work with the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4, but be sure to double check if you have an iPhone 4.


50 Amazing iPhone 4S Cases

iPhone 4S Cases
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Minimalist iPhone 4S cases

When you need protection without a bulky case.

Incipio feather Ultralight

1mm thin iPhone protection.

Incipio Feather Ultralight iPhone 4S case

Incipio Feather Ultralight iPhone 4S case.

The Incipio Feather Ultralight offers protection in over two-dozen colors without adding bulk to your iPhone. The matte finish helps avoid fingerprints and offers a soft touch. The case is thin enough that it is compatible with some iPhone docks on the market.

$16 @ Amazon


Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum

A thin, brushed aluminum iPhone 4S case.

Case Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4s case

Case Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4s case.

Case-Mate says this case uses aircraft-grade aluminum for the brushed aluminum back, all we know is it looks great. Check out the various colors for a thin and beautiful iPhone 4S case.

$19 @ Amazon – $40 @ Case-Mate (Colors)

Griffin Elan Form Graphite iPhone 4S Case

Affordable, thin, stylish iPhone 4S case.


Griffin Elan Form Graphite iPhone 4S Case

Griffin Elan Form Graphite iPhone 4S case.

This was the first iPhone 4S case I bought and I still use it on occasion thanks to the thin design, easy access to buttons and nice looks. The lip protects the screen when placed face down on a table and the textured back is a nice touch.

$17 @ Amazon

ZeroChroma Teatro-S

Amazing iPhone 4S case with a kickstand.


ZeroChroma Teatro S iPhone 4S case with kickstand

ZeroChroma Teatro S iPhone 4S case with kickstand.

The ZeroChroma Teatro-S iPhone 4S case delivers a rotating kickstand to the iPhone 4S without adding much bulk. The kickstand is perfect for FaceTime and Google Hangouts, holding the phone in place for a group photo and watching movies. Check out our ZeroChroma iPhone 4S case review.

$39 @ Amazon

SF Bags Suede Jacket

Simple suede sleeve for the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S feels great without a case, but sometimes you need just a bit of protection. For those occasions check out the affordable and amazing iPhone Sued Jackets from SF Bags. These sleeves come in black, Cheetah and Zebra finishes and include an option for a pocket or to fit over the iPhone 4S bumper case.

$10-$16 @ SF Bags

iPhone 4S Wallet Cases

Leave your George Constanza wallet or purse at home with one of these iPhone 4S wallet cases.

Speck CandyShell Card

Carry three cards in this hard plastic iPhone case.

Speck CandyShell Card iPhone 4S wallet case.

Speck CandyShell Card iPhone 4S wallet case.

The Speck CandyShell Card case is a great way to carry up to three credit cards or ID cards with the iPhone. Available in a number of colors, this case adds some bulk, but users love it.

$25 @ Amazon

Sena WalletSlim iPhone 4S Case

Leather wallet case without the bulky flip cover.

Sena WalletSlim iPhone 4S Case

Sena WalletSlim Leather iPhone 4S wallet case.

The Sena WalletSlim for the iPhone 4S is a great leather iPhone 4S case that doubles as a wallet with two card slots. A snap top keeps the iPhone 4S and your cards in the case. There is ample room to use the camera. Tuck a few bills behind the phone if you need to carry cash. Available in an array of colors.

$44 @ Sena

Piel Frama Leather iPhone Wallet Case

Great quality leather iPhone wallet case with a flip cover.

Piel Frama iPhone 4s wallet case

Piel Frama iPhone 4s wallet case.

Piel Frama is one of the bes- known names in leather iPhone cases, and the flip leather iPhone4S wallet case doesn’t disappoint. The case includes room for two cards and some cash as well as an optional belt clip.

$92 @ Piel Frama

Case-Mate Pop! ID iPhone 4S Wallet Case

Colorful, plastic iPhone 4S wallet case.

Case-Mate Pop! ID iPhone 4S Wallet Case

Case-Mate Pop! ID iPhone 4S Wallet case.

Case-Mate delivers a durable and colorful iPhone 4S wallet case with the Pop! ID. This case holds two cards but there’s no place for bills. The case includes colorful rubber grips on the sides.

$20 @ Amazon

Incipio Stowaway iPhone 4S Credit Card Case

Hard shell iPhone 4S case with a hidden credit card compartment and kickstand.

Incipio Stowaway Credit Card iPhone 4S case

Incipio Stowaway Credit Card iPhone 4S case.

The Stowaway iPhone 4S wallet case hides your credit cards and cash inside the case, so it is less of a target. The door doubles as a kickstand. This case comes in a variety of colors and is priced right.

$19 @ Amazon

Budget iPhone 4S Cases

Affordable iPhone 4S cases that won’t disappoint. 

Speck CandyShell iPhone 4S Case

Simple plastic iPhone 4S case for less than $10.

CandyShell IPhone 4S case

Speck CandyShell iPhone 4S case.

Don’t be fooled by the price, the Speck CandyShell iPhone 4S case offers protection and catches the eye thanks to a glossy finish that comes in a variety of colors and combinations. 2-in-1 construction adds to the overall protection without adding bulk.

$9 at Amazon

iPhone 4S Bumper Case

Simple protection for less than a latte.

iPhone 4S bumper cases

Cheap iPhone 4S bumper cases.

Amazon is full of iPhone 4S bumper cases that provide a small band of protection for the front and back of the iPhone 4S. Skip the $30 official Apple iPhone 4S bumper and pick up one of these silicon iPhone 4S bumper cases for around $2.

$2 and up @ Amazon

Belkin Essential iPhone 4S Case

Colorful protection for around $14.


Belkin Essentials Cheap iPhone 4S Case

Belkin Essentials Cheap iPhone 4S Case

There’s no need to spend a lot for a colorful iPhone 4S case that will keep your phone safe. Amazon offers a variety of Belkin Essential iPhone 4S cases that fit the bill. These cases are affordable, but they still offer good scratch and impact protection.

$14 @ Amazon

Amazon Basics iPhone 4S Case

Simple case with screen protector for less than $10.

Amazon Basics IPhone 4S Case

The Amazon Basics brand offers affordable accessories for many gadgets, and the Amazon Basics iPhone 4S case and screen protector is no different. For less than $10 you get a TPU plastic case and a screen protector for the iPhone 4S.

$9 @ Amazon

High End iPhone 4S Cases

These cases aren’t cheap, but they are worth the price.

Element Vapor Comp Custom

Custom colored iPhone 4S case with an amazing finish.

Element Custom iPhone 4S Comp Case

Custom Element Cases Comp case for the iPhone 4S.


Element Cases offers a custom Element Comp case solution that lets users create their own colorful high-end iPhone 4S case. The Element Comp iPhone 4S case offers great protection and your choice of many color and finish options. This is one of the nicest looking iPhone cases I’ve seen.

$99 and Up @ Element

Mas Design iPhone 4S Backs

Beautiful replacement iPhone 4S backs.

Mas Design iPhone 4S replacement Back

Mas Design iPhone 4S replacement backs.

The Mas Design iPhone 4S backs look wonderful, but not everyone is ready to spend $81 on a back plate AND open up the iPhone 4S to install it. This will most likely void your warranty, so keep that in mind. Still, if you can stomach the price and loss of warranty these look great.

$81 and Up @ Mas Design

ColorWare iPhone 4S

Uniquely colored iPhone 4S.

Colorware custom iPhone 4S

Choose your iPhone 4S colors with ColorWare for iPhone 4S.

If by chance you haven’t already purchased your iPhone 4S, or you are willing to buy a new iPhone 4S you can choose the colors of almost every part of your iPhone. This is a pricey option, but the results are stunning.

$1,050 and up @ Colorware

Fitness iPhone 4S Cases

Cases for running, working out and biking with the iPhone 4S.


Simple Armband for the iPhone 4S that holds tight.

Tuneband iPhone 4S case

The Tuneband iPhone 4S case is great for running and working out.

The Tuneband Armband for the iPhone 4S offers an easy on, easy off workout solution for the iPhone 4S. I pop my iPhone out of its case and slide it into this case when I go for a run or mow the lawn. This case offers easy access to the display and comes with a screen protector. Available in a variety of colors

$19.99 @ Amazon  

Belkin FastFit Armband

Attractive iPhone 4S armband with headphone cord holder.

Belkit FastFit

The Belkin FastFit Armband is designed for easy one-handed on and off operation and promises a tight fit on the arm. The case includes a small holder for the excess headphone cords so they won’t interfere with running.

$20 @ Amazon

InCase Sports Armband Deluxe

Armband case with a removable case for everyday use.

inCase sports armband deluxe

The InCase Sports Armband Deluxe is a favorite iPhone 4S case for working out or running, and it comes complete with a removable case with a belt clip so it can pull double duty. Reviews say this case fits large arms better than other iPhone 4S armband cases.

$45 @ Apple


Attaches iPhone 4S to handlebars.

ibike bicycle mount for iPhone 4S

The iBike mounting system puts the iPhone $S within reach while cycling thanks to a handlebar mount compatible with almost any bike. The case includes a bracket to keep the iPhone in the case and protect it against damage in a crash. The system allows for full touch screen access while mounted.

$50 @ Apple

Biologic iPhone 4S Bike Mount

Highly rated Bike Mount for the iPhone 4S

The BioLogic iPhone 4S Bike Mount comes highly recommended and incudes a protective screen cover to keep the iPhone 4S safe without blocking control of the iPhone while it’s mounted.

$50 @ Biologic

iPhone 4S Battery Cases

When the iPhone 4S battery doesn’t last long enough, grab one of these iPhone 4S battery cases.

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Mophie Juice Pack Air

Sleek, and capable of charging the iPhone anywhere.

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4S

The Mophie Juice Pack Air is one of the most popular iPhone 4S battery cases, and it’s always in my bag for long trips. This case attaches to the iPhone 4S providing protection and the ability to top off the iPhone 4S battery from about 50% based on use.

$58 @ Amazon

Mophie Juice Pack Pro Rugged

Rugged battery backup for the iPhone 4S.

Mophie Juice pack pro rugged battery case for iPhone 4s

The Mophie Juice Pack Pro delivers 150% extra battery power inside a rugged iPhone 4S case that protects against, rain, dust, vibration and shock as well as drops. This case will go anywhere and keep the iPhone powered for the inevitable call for a ride home.

$130 @ Mophie

Kensington BungeeAir Secure Battery Case

iPhone 4S battery case with security system.

The Kensington BungeeAir Power is my favorite iPhone 4S battery case thanks to the design and feel. It is nicer looking than the Mophie case, plus it comes with an app that can remind you if you leave the phone behind or help locate your keys.

Third Rail iPhone 4S Slim Battery Case

Battery backup without the bulge when not in use.


The Third Rail Slim Battery Case is a slim iPhone 4S case with a spot for a clip on battery pack. When battery power is needed, clip the battery on, when it’s not remove it for a slim iPhone 4S that remains protected. The battery pack can also charge other devices over Micro USB.

$80 @ Amazon

Mili Power Spring

Huge iPhone backup battery in a one part case.

Mili Power Spring iPhone 4S battery Case

Unlike many of these cases, the Mili Power Spring has a one part design so there’s no need to worry about losing the top of the case. The 2000 mAh battery is also larger than most of the iPhone 4S battery cases.

$58 @ Amazon

Custom iPhone 4S Cases

When the iPhone 4S needs a personal touch. 

Gelaskin HardSkin iPhone 4S Case

Custom photos on an iPhone 4S case.

Gelaskins Hardcase for iPhone 4S

Gelaskin is best known for the company’s stick on skins, but the new HardSkin offers drop protection without giving up the ability to personalize the look of the case. The HardSkin cases look fantastic and are affordable for a custom case.

$35 a @ Gelaskins

GetUnCommon iPhone 4S Cases

Custom iPhone cases with easy text additions.

GetUncommon Custom iPHone 4S cases

GetUncommon isn’t as well known as Gelaskins, but they offer great looking cases with an easy to use text tool for adding text to personal photos before turning them into a custom iPhone 4S case.

$35 @ GetUncommon

Rugged & Durable iPhone 4S Cases

When protection is as important as connectivity.

Case-Mate Tank

Durable iPhone 4S case with rollback screen protection.

Case-Mate Tank iPhone 4S case

The Case-Mate Tank delivers great iPhone 4S protection including a roll over screen protector to keep debris from damaging the iPhone 4S display when dropped.

$35 @ Amazon

OtterBox Defender

The name in rugged iPhone 4S cases.

The OtterBox Defender is the go to iPhone 4S case for users that demand protection without blocking ports and use of the iPhone. Available in a wide array of colors, the OtterBox Defender is one of our favorite iPhone 4S cases.

$23 @ Amazon

LifeProof iPhone 4S Case

Waterproof iPhone 4S case that’s ready for life.

The LifeProof iPhone 4S case is rated IP 68 against water and dust, and is capable of handling a dive into 6.6 feet of water! The call volume is dampened according to some users, but that’s the price of a waterproof case.

$79.99 at LifeProof.com

G-Form X-Protect iPhone 4S Case

Heavy duty iPhone 4S case with bold colors.

The G-Form X-Protect is made of secret G-Form materials that harden under impact to absorb the drops and shocks many iPhones are subjected to. Bright bold colors make this an iPhone 4S case that can’t be missed.

$40 @ G-Form

OtterBox Armor

Waterproof iPhone 4S case from OtterBox.

The OtterBox Armor case delivers a new level of protection including a waterproof rating and crush proof rating. The OtterBox Armor isn’t available until July, but it’s too cool to leave off this list.

Order in July

Musubo Retro iPhone 4s Case

A retro looking iPhone 4S case with protection.

Musubo Retro

The Musubo Retro iPhone 4s case’s exterior isn’t just for looks. This hard plastic exterior provides enhanced protection from drops and bangs. Check out our review.

$25 @ Amazon

Beautiful iPhone 4S Cases

When form takes over for function, choose one of these beautiful iPhone 4S cases.

iD America Gasket

Amazing brushed aluminum case for gearheads and style lovers.

id America Gasket Case

So long as protection isn’t important the car gasket inspired iD American Gasket case for the iPhone 4S is a great choice. The finish looks stunning in person and it adds practically no bulk to the iPhone 4S, but no protection either.

$25 @ Amazon

TwelveSouth Book Book

Fake book cover for iPhone 4S with wallet slots.

The Book Book case covers the iPhone 4S in a leather bound book that holds credit cards and a bit of cash. This case looks wonderful, but blocks the iPhone 4S camera and adds bulk to the iPhone.

$60 @ Amazon

Pad & Quill Little Black Book

A wood and leather case for the iPhone 4S.

Pad & Quill iPHone 4S caseThe smallest Pad & Quill iPhone 4S case, the Little Black Book includes a spot for credit cards and an Italian bonded leather cover. The camera is not blocked on this case, which is a big plus.

$45 @ PQ

Speck FabShell Luxe

Beautiful leather hard iPhone 4S case.

iPhone 4s leather case

The Speck FabShell Luxe is a beautiful leather hard case that offers a beautiful look and the protection of a hard case. This case feels great and it doesn’t wrap close to the edges of the iPhone 4S display like many leather cases.

$50 @ Speck

Fun & Crazy iPhone 4S Cases

iPhone 4S cases perfect for a joke or party.

Opena Case

iPhone 4S bottle opener case

Add a bottle opener to the back of the iPhone for emergency parties and access to beer without barriers. Available in black and white.

$40 @ Opena

Box iPhone Case

A minimalist iPhone 4S case shaped like a box.

incase Box case

The Box case for the iPhone 4S isn’t for everyone, but I’m sure someone will love the hard edges and boxy look this case adds to the iPhone 4S.

$30 @ InCase

Photography iPhone Cases

Do more with the iPhone 4S camera thanks to these great photography cases.


Tripod mount and kickstand for the iPhone 4S.

Glif iPhone 4S photography case

This small iPhone 4S attachment isn’t a case on it’s own, but it handles the duties of a case. The glif attaches to a tripod and holds the iPhone up in portrait or landscape modes for taking photos.

$20 @ Amazon

Joby Tripod

Joby iPhone 4S camera tripod case

The Joby Tripod adds a tripod mount and a Joby tripod to help shutterbugs snag the perfect shot. This combo is great for small trips, but can be paired with a monopod or a tripod for a less portable solution.

$33 @ Amazon

XShot iPhone 4S Case

Retracting monopod that angles to keep everyone in the photo.

xShot iPhone 4s case

The XShot iPhone 4S case allows users to take easy self portraits while on vacation and acts as a tripod attachment for any standard tripod. I love the XShot, and the front facing camera is a great way to use it.

$35 @ XShot

Kogeto Dot

Take interactive 360 degree video with the iPhone 4S.

Kogeto DotThe Kogeto Dot takes an amazing 360 degree video of surroundings with the free Looker app. Share the videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

$48 @ Amazon


A small kickstand that connects to your keychain.


The tiltPod is a small iPhone attachment that allows users to mount the iPhone on a desk or other flat surface for FaceTime calls, photos and watching movies.

$14.95 @ Amazon


3-in-1 lens for the iPhone 4S.

Olloclip iPhone 4S lens kit

The Olloclip is a small iPhone attachment that adds three lenses to the iPhone 4S. It may not be a case, but users will love the features. The Olloclip includes a fisheye lens, wide-angle lens and a macro lens in a small package.

$55 @ Amazon

Skins and Screen Protectors

Stick on protection for the iPhone 4s.


Colorful iPhone 4S skins.

Gelaskin iPhone 4S skin

Gelaskins offers custom designed iPhone 4S skins as well as prints and designs from amazing artists and licensed skins with characters from popular comics. There’s truly something for everyone here.

$15 @ Gelaskins


Carbon Fiber skin for the iPhone 4S.

The BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber iPhone 4S skin wraps the iPhone 4S in a beautiful Carbon Fiber textured film that looks great on the phone and offers strong protection from scratches.

$20 @ BodyGuardz


Glass screen protector for the iPhone 4S.

Glas-t screen protector

The GLAS.t iPhone 4S screen protector is not just a piece of plastic protects the iPhone 4S display. It’s a real piece of chemically strengthened glass. This means the screen still feels like the iPhone 4S’ glass display, and it even provides protection from drops.

$28 @ Amazon