AT&T Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available Once Again

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update is available once again.

The update is now available through Samsung Kies, a few days after AT&T pulled the update because it wasn’t finished testing the software. Fortunately, it looks like everything is good to go and the Ice Cream Sandwich software can now be pulled from Kies.

Late last week, Galaxy S II owners on AT&T were able to pull the update. However, shortly afterward, the update mysteriously vanished leaving many device owners wondering what had happened to Android 4.0.

AT&T clarified the situation saying that it was just testing the update and that the software would return to Samsung Kies soon. Turns out, the carrier wasn’t lying and Ice Cream Sandwich did, in fact, return soon.


Keep in mind, Samsung Kies is the only way to get the software. AT&T and Samsung are not rolling this update out Over-the-Air which means it will need to be manually installed using Kies.

The process is a simple one which means that those who wish to install the AT&T Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update should be able to get it up and running in no time at all.

Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II should not only bring the features coming with Android 4.0 itself – features like Face Unlock and the new UI, but it should also bring numerous enhancements and bug fixes along with it as well.

Overall, the update should make the Galaxy S II a better device so those who are still on Android 2.3 Gingerbread should definitely consider installing the new software.

Enjoy, folks.


  1. I installed the new Android 4 on my AT&T Galaxy S2 and the voice dialing over bluetooth quit working. The phone will not wake up when trying to make a call using using my bluetooth ear piece. I contacted AT&T and after running me through a master reset, they said it was problem with the phone and referred me to their warranty department. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Yes, i have the same problem…mine stopped working as well..i have to wake the phone up for the voice command to start….inconvenient…

    • Is that the only problem you guys ran into . did you need to back the phone up on kies first to not lose all you songs?

  2. After updating my galaxy s 2 with the ice cream sandwich my phone has been a,ting up.. Even when i am text messaging it freezes, when i am using applications they foreclose at random moments.. I can’t do screen capture, all problems i didn’t have before the update.. Any one else having these problems??

    • yea celina I have the same issues… some of the apps that I had previously and worked flawlessly now do not work at all or are very intermittent. My alarm does not sound when in silent mode, which before it did. My tones had all reset and lost most of them EVEN after backing them up. All of my 300+ contacts were placed in a different area, making it difficult to get to and many other problems. I dislike the new update and am even considering doing a master reset until the bugs are worked out. That just means more work for me and honestly I dont feel the need to do all of this crap again. UPDATE FAIL!!!!

      • I have the same problem as well. The apps which I use the most freeze up suddenly. The battery drains up quickly. Lock screen takes a while to load after hitting the power button. I did not have these problems on Ginger Bread, the OS was so smooth then.

        • I would recommend a full backup of the phone, but it won’t wipe the internal sd data. Backup the contacts and external sd (better take it out)

          I downgraded my phone to Gingerbread 2.3.4 recently and the system is back to its normal state. No freezing up or hiccups.

          IF MASTER RESET DOES NOT WORK AS YOU INTENDED (Master reset would not downgrade your OS), try
          (Google this) “How to Unroot AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-i777]”.
          This website does not let me post the links!!

          Risky one, has a factory image OS. Take this step with caution, if you are not a MOD or custom OS freak!!

          I don’t know if the AT&T guys can downgrade it for you.

    • Yes many bugs. I loose notifacation sound for no reason so I miss text messages. After restart it works again, I have got three phones from warranty still same trouble, I using galaxy s two. Ice cream ruined my phone

  3. fone is also running slower and when i go to the homepage it frezzes for a few seconds..lots of little bugs..really dissapointed..i loved my old fone but i dont like the update!

  4. I’m having TONS of problems with ics that I didn’t have before. I went from LOVING this phone to wanting to shoot it. Here’s my list:
    -Phone 20x times slower than before. Lags everywhere!
    -Camera takes up to a minute to open.
    -Hesitations when flipping through album
    -Text word suggestion field shows up when it feels like it
    -Charging is paused and all together stopped a lot of times due to high voltage
    -Swype accuracy has been cut in half and then some.It takes FOREVER to Swype the simplest thing
    -Lock screen freezes..EVERYTHING freezes!
    I’m sure I’ll find more. They really have outdone have themselves.

  5. I have had ics on my skyrocket for less than a week and am going crazy. It is slower, it freezes. Apps are not working well. Much more bad to say. Email is even having lots of issues. So far, this update is an utter failure. Fortunately my phone is plugged in right now because it also eats battery now and I probably couldn’t type this if it wasn’t plugged.

  6. ICS is crap. I can not dial normally any more on my Galaxy S2. AND IT’S A PHONE, DAMMIT!!
    It may take from 2 to 30 seconds from choosing dial until the phone actually starts dialling.


  8. Ok everyone our screen capture does work you have to press home & lock Key simultaneously but hold it for like 3 seconds just letting u guys know..

    • (Google this) “How to Unroot AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-i777]“.
      This website does not let me post the links!!

      Risky one, has a factory image OS. Take this step with caution, if you are not a MOD or custom OS freak!!

      I don’t know if the AT&T guys can downgrade it for you.

  9. If peole are smart they’ll run away from the AT&T Galaxy S2 ICS as fast as possible.

    I just installed this PoS on my Galaxy S II and it immediately broke my phone’s wifi hotspot capabilities. It also now random goes into airplane mode.

    This release is a complete joke.

  10. I did the update..the biggest problem i had was I couldn’t connect to wifi. AT&T ended up replacing the phone because it was their update. With that said I’ll stick with gingerbread

  11. I have lots of issues with my phone after the update it just brought none but problems now it takes about 2 to 3 seconds if I want to go to the phone screen or anything else. the internet is just crap super slow (sluggish). If I open youtube forget it takes forever and when finally I’m able to watch a video after it finishes it wont go back or reply, just a green screen , I have to get out completely and get in again. This is for every video that I want to watch. The internet is useless, when you actually need it doesn’t work. Other issues are force close of applications and turning off by itself. This new Ice Cream Sandwich just f…. up my phone. I think they do this kind of stuff on purpose to get you to buy the new version. I don’t know what else. But I’m already fed up with and sadly for SAMSUNG they just lost a customer. When it is time to upgrade I’m going to get new iPhone 5 period.

  12. I must be the luckiest person with the Galaxy SII, because after I updated the phone got slightly faster, Bluetooth is fine, YouTube is flawless, internet is perfect, and I can still take screen shots, it’s been almost 3 weeks since I updated and I haven’t had a single problem listed here or on any other site. It could have been the fact that I had to force kies to update my phone to ics because I kept getting a thing saying my phone is not able to receive updates through kies, so I figured out how to force the update. I did just get my gs2 a week before updating, maybe they have fixed the issues with the newer s2’s, not sure though.

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