5 Reasons the iPhone 5 Will Use a Smaller Dock Connector

The iPhone 5 won’t just sport a new look when it is released this fall, according to a variety of sources it will also have a smaller dock connector.

The new smaller iPhone 5 dock connector may be sized similar to a Micro USB port, but the latest rumors suggests that this new iPhone 5 dock connector will be anything but normal.

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The new iPhone 5 dock connector uses 19-pins instead of 30-pins and looks smaller and thinner. This new dock connector will pave the way for control of our iPhones and advances in iPhone size, features and durability.

5 Reasons the iPhone 5 Will Use a Smaller Dock Connector

The smaller iPHone 5 dock connector may look like this.
The smaller iPhone 5 dock connector may look like this.

Robert Scoble shares details on the new Micro Dock connector for the iPhone 5, found in Jason D. O’Grady’s rant on Apple’s desire to control the iPhone accessory ecosystem. Scoble outlines five reasons Apple wants to move to a smaller, smarter iPhone 5 dock connector. The source of these reasons is an engineer, “working in the phone world.”


Smarter iPhone 5 Cables

The biggest reason Apple will love a new iPhone 5 dock connector is the possibility to include chips in each end of iPhone 5 cables which verify if a device is licensed. If a charger or iPhone accessory is not licensed from Apple, the cable could refuse to work.

smart iPhone cable iFixit
The iPhone 5 dock connector could have chips inside like the Thunderbolt cable.

On one hand, the smarter cable could prevent hazards of using poorly built accessories, but on the other hand it could easily annoy and frustrate users looking for cheap cables and accessories.

Thinner iPhone 5

Just as we saw with the Magsafe 2 connection on the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Apple changes ports to allow for smaller devices.

Rumors suggest Apple is trying to deliver an iPhone 5 under 7.99mm thin, which requires re-thinking and re-engineering the iPhone and its many parts.


Water Proofing

According to Scoble and his engineer source, the new Phone 5 dock connector will make water damage less of a possibility on the iPhone 5 and future Apple devices.

It’s not clear how this Apple will accomplish this, but it stands to reason a smaller recessed port is less likely to suffer from a splash or a spill than the current 30-pin dock connector. Apple has reportedly talked to HzO, a company that waterproofs gadgets as shown in the video above.

Magnetic Connection

Perhaps the best news, especially for users who have trouble plugging the iPhone in at night is the possibility for a magnetic connection on the iPhone 5 dock connector.

iPhone 5 Magsafe
The iPhone 5 dock connector could use MagSafe technologies.

Apple has various patents on a MagSafe connection for the iPhone and iPad, and if done right it could eliminate the need to flip and try to plug cables in at night or while driving.

Better Microphones

Siri needs to ‘hear’ users to provide accurate actions and answers, and with a renewed focus on call quality coming in the form of HD Voice, Apple could choose to place better microphones.

dual array microphones
The new iPhone may have an advanced microphone array like the new MacBook Pro.

Scoble suggest that this new array of microphones could deliver better sound quality in noisy environments. Apple includes dual array microphones on the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Stay tuned fo the latest iPhone 5 news and rumors.


  1. Reason #6 it will use a smaller dock connector, so you can’t use any of your old shit and have to buy new shit.

  2. More then likely apple or a third party will make an adapter to be able to use your “old shit” so not really a concern

    • I doubt it. None of my 1st gen ipod touch accessories are compatible with the iphone 4, yet have the exact same dock connector. Apple will rape you for all you’re worth. Trust me, you’ll have to buy ALL the new shits.

      • The new dock connector has been a long time coming. I’m annoyed that I won’t be able to use my old accessories (some of them not that old) but the iPhone dock connector has had a decent lifespan. Before I had an iPhone I always bought Samsung phones and every single new phone I got required a new charger and usb cable. The same goes for every Sony Mp3 player I bought. In this respect, Apple is better than many companies. And if that’s what’s required to bring new functionality, etc, then so be it. In fact, most accessories don’t come directly from Apple anyway.

      • are you kidding me? your complaining because your 1st gen ipod from 2007 dosent work with an iphone 4 from 2010? not to mention that one is a phone and one is an mp3 player what other manufacturer uses the same accessories for a phone and an mp3 player which are 2 different devices and that were made 3 years apart? the answer… almost 0! Id say that the fact that apple has used the same pin and plug for 11 years yeah 11 years!! and that worked with countless gens and versions of ipods, multi gens of iphones and multi gens of ipads unheard of anywhere is an amazing thing so yeah they have saved the consumer plenty. and if now after 11 years if they have to change the design by making the pin smaller to save some room for other badass things like the nfc chip or a bigger screen or bigger battery and processor then you should stop bitchin, and just be happy and buy an adapter which no doubt they or a 3rd party will put out, or dont buy the new phone! no one is forcing you.

        • Do you not realize how many companies use the mini usb charger port for ALL their products? far from 0. apple has always been about being different and once again they have found a way to stay different and make plenty of money at the same time. If apple has a heart then they should gladly send out adapter cables with their new phones so all of the stands and docks i have will work with my new phone. i dont mind a cable running from the 40pin to the new connector but i do mind not being able to use ANY of my stuff when i sell my iphone 4S.

          and his ipod being 3 years old shouldnt mean it useless. my android phone is horribly old and i can use a brand new droid charger without any issues. apple always has to change or tweak something so that you have to buy new stuff.

          and if they do the chip thing i think i am honestly done with apple. not being able to buy a power cable from the convenient store for $10 that i need for an hour when i left mine at home is bullshit

          i wouldnt own this phone if it wasnt for jailbreaking to be honest.

    • ive been trying to tell ppl this, cause theyre flippin out over having to replace everything, but there will most definitely be an adapter that plugs into the new 19 pin on the phone and on the other side will be the old set up. so ppl need to calm down! lol

      • the few things that people are worrying about are totally justified.

        1. how expensive is this cable going to be?
        2. will this be APPLE ONLY or will they allow other companies to make this adapter?
        3. *THIS IS THE MAIN THING FOR ME* will the iPhone 5 (or any devices using the new connector)come with this adapter cable in the box or will apple make you pay more money on top of what you just paid just so you can hook your new phone up to your $500 bose ipod dock….

        i love my phone but absolutely despise the company that manufactured it.

      • and also, a lot of docked products are designed to look good as well as function good. if my entire living room is wire free and beautifully organized i dont want some long white cable hanging by the dock, i want to be able to put my phone in the nice slot thats made for it so it can look nice and neat.

        apple has always been about making things look good but i feel like they shot themselves in the foot here. i know they need to upgrade and technology changes but with apple and all their self attained endless knowledge i figured they would of come up with a wireless charger or something…wireless everything…chips in the brain…come on apple, control our bodys!!!

  3. Apple would be crazy to replace their well-adopted 30-pin dock connector with something else and not include a stable OEM adapter to transition everyone into the new standard. This changes everything for everyone who uses an Apple device, so you can only hope they won’t be stupid about it. My car has a built-in 30-pin connector, so without an adapter, either from Apple or from a 3rd party, I’m not buying an iPhone 5, and most existing iPhone users won’t. No adapter would mean nothing but problems for a long time.

    • Like i said apple or a 3rd party will defin put out an adapter, apple has adapters for everything! and theyre not doing this just to make everyody buy new accessories especially since most accessories are made and sold by 3rd parties, but if for some crazy no one made an adapter i seriously doubt that will stop the majority of ppl from buying the new phone just because of that i know its not gonna stop me

      • ya they will make an adapter, but apple will charge you an arm for it just as they do with ever accessory they make

        • it better come in the box with the phone. i know apple can be heartless, but they need to AT LEAST include the adapter with the $1000 phone you just bought…

  4. I will buy the $1000 iPhone5 with no worries at all. I am sure it will come with the connector in the box and adapters will be no worry.

  5. In my opinion, like other have clearly pointed out, Apple has used the same connector for over a decade is impressively respectable. No connector change will stop me and my family from upgrading!

    Funny enough, no matter how awesome of a company you are, there will always be haters and negative ones to whine and complain.

    • the whole world is that way, my friend. for everything that you love with all your heart, there is someone out there that hates all of those same things with their heart…

  6. I wish I could afford one. My nan won’t be verry happy because she just bought a new dock for her new iPhone when she gets it and if the thing is smaller shell crack it

  7. People are not going to flip out regarding the change. The new phones will come with a cable and charger that work with the new iPhone AND the older cables/docks/etc WILL STILL WORK with the older equipment.

    The only issue is you cannot hook your phone up to an old accessory. 10 YEARS. That is how long the 30-pin socket has been around. Name a another company that has used the same charger/cables for that long. It is not like Apple is changing things up every year.

    Get over it and stop looking for something to complain about.

    • “The only issue is you cannot hook your phone up to an old accessory. 10 YEARS. That is how long the 30-pin socket has been around.”

      10 years mean nothing from this point of view as long as old 30 pins connectors are still in use and no one knows what’s gonna be in 2 months. I have plenty of docks, nightstand radio clocks and adapters using the 30 pins connector type. And some of the expensive ones are less than 1 year old (so they are practically new, not 10 years old). I won’t throw all those away just to have an iPhone 5. For what I need the iPhone 4s would be more than enough for the fact that I could still use my NEW 30 pins connector devices. A good company cares about all their customers. Because they don’t want to lose any of them. If you really must change the existing 30 pin connector with a new smaller one at least announce this well before you do the change. It is a minimal respect not to keep it as a surprise. There will be people who would throw away the old stuff to buy new 19 pins connector devices but I presume no third party will start manufacturing new devices before knowing for sure what the iPhone 5 connector would look like so it will take some time to be able to get those devices. Hopefully Apple has in mind a 100% compatible adapter to provide with the new iPhone 5 dock if required (even for a price it would be an acceptable alternative to the one throwing away all your old stuff).It would have made sense for Apple to design this adapter before starting to work on a possible new 19 pins connector. Enithing else would be I think kicking their left foot with the right foot.

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