Radiolab iPhone and Android App Invites Users To Participate

The popular radio show and podcast Radiolab now has its own dedicated app for iPhone and Android.


The new app brings every show Radiolab every recorded to the mobile platforms, giving users an easy way to find each one. Users can choose to stream episodes or download them for later use. They can also star episodes so they have a list of their favorite shows for future listening.

We expect the listening part of the app from any app for a podcast or radio show. What isn’t expected is the beautiful design of the Radiolab app. The app has several sections that users navigate through using swipes instead of having a boring menu bar at the bottom. Transitioning through sections shows some brief animations and moves a slider on the right side of the app.


Users that don’t want to swipe through the app can still open a drawer on the side to easily jump between sections.


Another interesting feature of the app is the ability to participate in the show. Radiolab needs listeners to record the credits of each show, and the app gives users an easy way to do that. Recordings made through the app might be chosen for use on the radio show. Even if the recordings aren’t chosen users can upload their recordings to Soundcloud for their friends to hear and imagine the words coming on before the show.

At the top of the Radiolab app there’s also links to stories on the Radiolab blog which users can read from within the app.

The animated flourishes in the app might be unnecessary, but it adds a bit of character to the app that fits the theme of the show. At $2.99 it’s a bit expensive for users who haven’t heard the show before, but for avid Radiolab users it’s well worth the few dollars.