Spotify App Comes to BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry users finally have an easy way to experience Spotify on their platform of choice. Spotify’s app for BlackBerry is finally available through the platform’s App World.

Spotify was already available on the BlackBerry platform, but now users can download it right from App World. In the past users had to download the app through the web browser instead. Now anybody with a BlackBerry 5 or later device can go into the App World and download the music streaming app.


Unfortunately, the BlackBerry Spotify doesn’t have all of the features of the iOS version of the app. That means it doesn’t have the new radio feature. Because the radio feature it nowhere in the app BlackBerry users still need to pay for Spotify for the service to work. A Spotify Premium subscription costs $9.99 per month, though Spotify does offer 48 hour free trials for first-time app users.

Some might find it surprising that Spotify spends the time creating apps for BlackBerry, but the service also has apps for other platforms like Windows Phone, WebOS, and even Symbian. Spotify doesn’t want to appeal only to iOS and Android users, Spotify’s goal is to become the ubiquitous music streaming platform. Releasing apps on every platform helps the company reach that goal.


However, we’d like to see the company bring at least the iOS and Android versions of the apps to feature parity. The Android version recently received a massive facelift, but the iOS version remains the only mobile version with the radio feature. We understand that creating similar apps on every platform imaginable is tough, but we can still wish for feature parity between at least two of the six apps, right?