Video Shows What Devices Nokia Could Have Created

Last year, Nokia decided to commit itself to Windows Phone over Symbian and MeeGo. Today we see what the company’s future devices may have looked like if it didn’t make the switch.


According to IntoMobile the Nokia concept video comes from a Finnish copywriter who works for Luxus, a firm that lists Nokia as a client. The video shows a trio of concept devices from Nokia that all connect using a Nokia “Air” service that links to the cloud. The devices include a tablet that resembles the Sony Tablet S, a standard-sized smartphone, and an adjustable size smartphone with a flexible display.

The flexible display makes it painfully obvious that this is just a concept video and nothing more.

The service in the video certainly looks interesting, however. Nokia Air syncs apps and content between devices, but all of it lives in the cloud. Users don’t need to download or install apps and updates, it’s all handled by the cloud. Notifications are also synced across devices, and pop up in the notification bar at the top of the home screen.


The UI on the phones, whether it be MeeGo or Symbian, also looks interesting. It’s all very simple and elegant, yet it provides a good amount of information. It certainly shows a bit more information than Windows Phone 7 does, at least. We wish Nokia would go through with producing at least one of the devices in the video so we can use the UI.


If Nokia did have UI designs like this ready for Symbian or MeeGo we almost wish the company decided to switch to Android instead. Google’s platform lets manufacturers toy around with the UI, and this seems like an interesting skin for the platform.