How to Enable Passbook in iOS 6 Beta

iOS 6 is available to iPhone and iPad users in beta form but one of the software’s new features, Passbook, still is lacking functionality. However, those that want to look at how it will work can now do so using a clever little workaround.


When Apple announced iOS 6 back at WWDC 2012, it also announced over 200 new features that would be coming with the software when it arrives for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users sometime this fall, presumably around the time Apple launches the new iPhone 5.

One of those new features is an app called Passbook which allows iOS users to store everything from boarding passes, to movie tickets, to retail coupons, to loyalty cards all in one place. The feature is also said to be receiving support from an NFC chip that might be built within the iPhone 5 and may end up being one of the new iPhone’s unique features.

The Passbook app in iOS 6 can be enabled using a clever method.

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Those on iOS 6 beta won’t be able to use Passbook with NFC but after a few steps, they’ll at least be able to see what Apple has in store for iPhone and iPad users. Many users have been complaining about limited functionality with Passbook, specifically, they weren’t able to put passes into the actual application. This new workaround method allows users to create iOS 6 Passbook passes that are compatible with the application.


Here, according to Redmond Pie, is how you enabled Passbook on iOS 6 beta.

How to Enable Passbook on iOS 6 Beta

The video below will give interested users a look at how Passbook will function when it arrives this fall.

For those interested, here is how to get it up and running.


1. Go to with a device that is running iOS 6.

2. Once here, there are several templates to choose from. Choose the desired template and users will be taken to a screen where to input relevant information.

3. Enter all relevant information, press ‘Create’ and the site will create a .pkpass file that works with the Passbook app.

4. Enjoy the new, working Passbook application in iOS 6 beta.