HTC EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolls Out, But Not to Sprint Users

The HTC EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich update has rolled out but Sprint users unfortunately aren’t so lucky.

Users of the GSM model of the HTC EVO 3D are reporting that they have received Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich today in all of its glory. This means that those touting the device are now the proud owners of all that Android 4.0 has to offer. From Face Unlock, to the user interface overhaul, to a better Browser app, Ice Cream Sandwich brings a lot to the table.

We also imagine that there are some bug fixes and enhancements on board as well.

And while this is great news for those who own the GSM version of the device, those who own Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D are likely to be disappointed. Don’t be though, as this is a sign that a roll out for Sprint’s EVO 3D update could be closer than it ever has been.

The HTC EVO 3D has just received Ice Cream Sandwich

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HTC has said that the update would roll out in either June or July and it appears to be right on schedule. So, those who own the Sprint model need to stay patient and look for July as the probable release month.

The HTC EVO 3D was released last year as Sprint’s true successor to the popular HTC EVO 4G. While the 3D feature was seen as gimmicky, it garnered good reviews from critics and only stands to become better once Android Ice Cream Sandwich and all of its features arrive.

It was recently replaced by the HTC EVO 4G LTE which was released earlier this month for Sprint’s new 4G LTE network. The EVO 3D only runs on Sprint’s 4G WiMax network. Sprint will not be releasing any more WiMax smartphones, only those that run 4G LTE.




    How is it that the VM 3D already has ICS it but Sprint customers do not?

    Is it just greed? You know people want to be running the latest and greatest so why not make them buy a new phone to do so.

    You just want to sell a bunch of new LTE (Sprint Network Vision) phones w/ICS to poor saps who don’t even know there is practically NO LTE network infrastructure in place! And I almost forgot they get the privilege of paying an extra $10.00 a month for the use of the practically non-existent network.

    In the mean time you have customers that have been with you for many years getting ready to jump ship for business practices like this.
    Just go to any Android forum and read some of the posts regarding Sprints EVO 3D & waiting for the ICS OTA. Your really ticking off your customers and from what I can tell you can ill-afford losing yet more of your customer base.

    Release the update already, I know you have it! Don’t ask how but I do.

    My last post (Network & Coverage) was about not being able to make or receive any calls and having no data connection for over a week!

    I know this will probably never get read by any Sprint employee with any clout but at least I got to vent to my fellow frustrated 3D owners.
    Now excuse me while I go stand by the railing of this ship.

    Do the right thing Sprint, push the EVO 3D ICS OTA!

  2. WHY in the world would u guys think Sprint would ‘be forthright’ and treat it’s custos with ‘respect’? How old r u guys? Not what we want 2 hear? I know….but this is where we are, signing contracts (slaves) & going 2 work everyday (drones). Now who has a legit course of action, other than basic whining????

    • You ask us how old we are and yet your spelling and grammar in your comment would be laughable to even a 3rd grader. Try to make yourself seem at least somewhat intelligent before you try to look better than everyone else.

  3. Again Sprint customers are getting crappy support.Sorry should have spelled that with an S . Just have read that the rest of the world is getting icecream sandwich today,what’s up with that crap, sprint EVO 3d still waiting !!!!

  4. Have been hoping that the June 16 release
    date for ICS on the evo3d CDMA was firm. Obviously not…still waiting.
    Jellybean is already being made available. Why can’t Sprint allow us to have
    ICS. The LTE network isn’t even close to being ready so give us ICS for our evo3ds.

  5. I talked to customers service and the guy said that they had it to push but was quickly withdrawn,and they released a statement to the customer service people stating it could come out Q3 or Q4,of course all of this is based on one phone call,so we will see if they make the July mark,if not then,then I think it would be Q4,which is really ridiculous,and it shows SPRINT’S lack of drive to better serve there customers,which will drive there activations down and make customers jump ship to other companies,and if I were a business person,I would want to be the first one to push a new version and make people happy,because when people are happy with you they tend to tell others about your company,and how wonderful it is,and how much they care about every person,but that would be crazy,to actually have a big company care….that’s shenanigans

  6. I just got off the phone with Sprint support.They called HTC and the word is July for Sprint customer update.If this doesn’t happen I am done with them.

  7. Sprint is going to debut there new 4g lte network on
    July 15 th. The EVO 3d won’t see ice cream until the end of July if we are lucky.
    All of there energy is going to that instead of ice cream sandwich.

  8. What is up with Sprint. This whole ordeal is outrageous. We’re customers and we should be getting the best care possible. How dare they hold back the update we’ve been.waiting for since the announcement of ICS. And what’s with all this focus in 4G. 4G coverage is so limited. I can only get it when I leave my county, and if I move a coupled feet, I lose 4G coverage. It’s terrible. It’s a lot easier to put out the update then try to fix what’s terrible broken.

  9. I honestly don’t believe we’ll see an update 4 the 3VO. The EOL list, the VM EVO V already having ICS, & the arrival of the EVO LTE make me even uneasier……..especially when no one from Sprint has neither a release date, nor a reasonable explanation. I see why Verizon(phones, service) is heavily favored over Sprint.

    • i just finished chatting with a sprint rep. here the transcript.

      Chat Reason: I would like to know if Sprint will be releasing the ICS update for the HTC Evo 3d phones anytime soon
      Rep.: All agents are currently busy, please hold while we estimate your wait time.
      REP.: Thank you for contacting Sprint.
      REP.: Let’s move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will enable you to view other Web pages while we chat.

      Simply click the white Yes button below now.
      REP.: Moving this chat window helps ensure our chat remains active even if you move to a different page on the website. Please click on the white Yes button below now.
      REP.: Thanks for moving the chat window.
      REP.: Hello Antonio.How are today?
      Customer: ok and yourself
      REP.: I am also good.Thank you.
      REP.: I would like to share with you that the Android Ice cream Sandwich update is not yet decided to be launched for the HTC EVO.
      Customer: o wow
      REP.: As the software is recently launching with the new or latest launched phones, the launch is in process as Sprint is getting great responses fro its launch and customers are waiting for the update to be available with them.
      REP.: You can keep checking the dates of launch on website for your phone.
      REP.: Once the update is available, you will sent a notification on your phone also for the same and after that you will be able to update your device.
      Customer: ok cool i been hoping everyday so far but i guess its worth the wait
      REP.: I understand your concern for th update.As we need to make sure that the software once provided will be provided with full features and no errors so that once you update the device, there will be no problem to use it.
      Customer: ok thanks
      REP.: So, it is for our customers benefit that we first make sure that the update is successful and only then it will be launched.
      REP.: You’re welcome.

  10. Guys!!!
    Stop Torturing Yourselves!!!

    The only reason that we have a date at all is because people keep calling and bothering the crap out of sprint. They had to come up with something to tell us so that their responses will be in sync.

    Act like adults and frickin wait!

    If you have an evo 3d then count yourself as lucky because it’s really a nice phone and there’s lots of stuff that we don’t want malfunctioning with a premature release.

    If you need more functionality then do what I did and follow the instructions on the htc site to unlock the phone… The instructions work.

    I’m not taking up for sprint but when I consider that we’ve still got legitimate unlimited data plans and free mobile to mobile then I can wait until they get the bugs out of ics so that it works with sense.

    No matter how much you whine here and call pretending to be mature you’re still not gonna get ics until they release it!


  11. Tired of bein lied to by Sprint. First it was the price of the unlimited everything plan. $69.99 ended up being $79.99 even though they promised there were no hidden fees. Of course I expected lies on pricing, but then I find out that my 4G phone is useless because there is no 4G service here. And now, waiting and waiting for an upgrade that’s been promised but Sprint has failed to deliver, despite their jacked up prices. Reception with 3G is spotty at best. I still LOVE my EVO 3D but Sprint is a terrible company. When my contract is up I will be switching carriers, never again will I use Sprint for any service because frankly, Sprint sucks when it comes to service. The wait on the ICS sealed the deal.

  12. Hi, I updated my 3D EVO Android 4 but my phone has SD card problem. I can see inside SD card with ASTRO but phone can’t see. For that I cant use camera and music players. How can I fix it?

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