Sprint Galaxy S III 32GB Pre-Orders Shipping Today

Sprint will start shipping out the 32GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S III starting today.


In a post on its website, Sprint confirmed the good news saying that all pre-orders for the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S III will ship today which means they should start arriving on doorsteps of antsy customers as soon as tomorrow.

Those who pre-ordered the device will want to head to sprint.com/myorder in order to check on the status of their 32GB Galaxy S III.

The good news comes shortly after Sprint announced a delayed release date for the Samsung Galaxy S III due to inventory constraints on Samsung’s end. The manufacturer has seen quite a bit of interest in the new Galaxy S III and the overwhelming demand has led to shortages that have pushed back Galaxy S III launches in the United States and in Canada.

The Sprint Galaxy S III 32GB ships today.


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The Sprint Galaxy S III was originally supposed to launch on June 21st but the carrier confirmed the delay a day before the release. The carrier did not provide a specific release date for the in-store availability of the Galaxy S III but Wirefly, an online retailer, has told us that it expects the device in stock on June 28th and right now, that’s as good of a date as any.

Sprint did promise to start shipping out the 32GB Galaxy S III models to customers this week and fortunately, it kept its promise.

This is the second black eye for a 4G LTE Sprint smartphone in recent weeks with the HTC EVO 4G LTE launch date getting delayed because of a patent issue that HTC had with Apple.


The HTC EVO 4G LTE was originally supposed to debut May 17th but instead ended up launching on June 2nd.